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  1. Same thing happens to me when I'm scrolling and the galleries update. Otherwise it's an attractive site, IMO!
  2. There isn't a 'standard' resolution, it depends on factors like how big the objects are in relation to the player/scene, scale of the UV shells, etc. If this is a 'cover' height object that players get close to 1k might be reasonable, but you could also experiment with smaller color/diffuse textures and combine them with a detail texture to add the appearance of fine-scale details.
  3. Josh Lynch also has some good tutorials (a couple of which are free) https://gumroad.com/artofjoshlynch
  4. Masked blending mode is for "cutout" style masking - either the material is completely opaque or completely transparent, but never anything "in-between". Maybe separate the glass part into its own mesh/material?
  5. It sounds like the .fgd file might be missing or isn't set in Hammer. In Hammer, go to Tools - Options, and look at the "Game Data Files" box. If it's empty, press the "Add" button to the right, then find and select the "csgo.fgd" file in the "Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin" directory. Restart Hammer and open your map and your entities should be back
  6. Yeah, I have seen so many amazing results and most of these are without relying on any of the more `advanced` features like fx-maps or function graphs. @Steppenwolf and @PogoP, your materials look fantastic. Would you be interested in sharing interesting excerpts from the graphs (creating a specific pattern, how you handle height control of certain elements, etc)? I can't imagine I would be the only one interested in this, but maybe it's a bit cheeky to ask
  7. Yeah, that's what I was getting at in the end - for some applications this system may not be practical (for animating a crowd of many characters, etc), but it is very possible that it could be used in a game where this mechanic factors into the actual gameplay (a Spore-like game, as mentioned). Creating some odd creatures and then watching the learning process as they try to walk around the game world could be quite entertaining
  8. I think there is a key difference in that the existing "procedural animation" systems (such as Euphoria) presumably deal with reactions to a set of inputs or rules, whereas the demonstration in the first video seems to be focused on finding an optimal movement solution over many iterations. Dealing with the calculations required for the first video might be impractical for games at the moment, but it could be useful in, say, an animation package, in order to rig and find interesting animations for various creatures. The results could be converted to a typical, keyframed animation, so that the
  9. Yeah, we couldn't quite figure out what an appropriate counter is to her ultimate besides not getting caught in it - which is difficult, given that it has almost no feedback or warning beforehand (unlike most of the other ults).
  10. Nope, that's the same folder I put them in. You shouldn't have to specify anything when compiling the map, either. I'm not sure why they don't appear for you.
  11. Foliage looks super saturated in the last shot. But that's lookin pretty spiffy!
  12. Check out the example at the bottom of this page. It's useful on props like trees and plants because the models usually use a lot of single-sided polys with double-sided materials.
  13. Tried it out and it works fine here: Make sure all of the files are in the correct folder I guess? I'm not sure what else could be going wrong.
  14. DXT should be ok if you don't mind some compression artifacts. Maybe post the files so one of us can have a look, if you're still having trouble. Nothing looks out of place in the VMT.
  15. Yeah, gotta agree, the material definition in general is spot on!
  16. momentary_rot_button and func_movelinear are still present in the CSGO SDK. Use the 'Position' output from the momentary_rot_button to set the position of the door.
  17. The cars seem really small and throw off my perception of scale in the scene. I think some details also get lost in their surroundings (the lettering over the stairs for instance) - check the concept again, even the trims and elements like that have lighter tones.
  18. The looped gifs when you hover over the images are a great touch, love it. Make sure that the content/body of each page has the correct information which you wish to convey. I think all but one of the pages I visited had at least one paragraph or section which looks like it belongs on the page for your CS:GO level. I'm guessing you're using one page as a 'template' and then copying/modifying it when you add a new project to your portfolio? Nothing wrong with this, but if you haven't written the content for each different project and the pages are not complete, then make them inaccessible u
  19. spence

    [CS:GO] de_slate

    Yeah, this is the first thing that stands out to me as well, the geometry and shapes look great, but a little more color (aside from gray/blue/white) would work wonders.
  20. Give a shout if you're gonna be around (same goes for anyone else who might be going) - I'll be around all day Thursday and in the area until Saturday
  21. Anyone going on the Thursday?
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