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    SirK reacted to Radu in [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza   
    Although it was originally supposed to take a month or two, this map ended up being delayed over and over... So what's been happening this time? Well, I got caught up with some contract work, life and just trying to get my foot in the door. I applied for a level design position at my local Ubisoft about a month ago; it went pretty good, did the test, had an interview, but no cigar. And my GPU died a few hours after I completed the test. Despite being turned down for the ld position, I took an offer for a QA/QC role. I got a new GPU in the meantime and things have started to clear up again. With that being said, I'm ready to get back on track. Right now I'm aiming to release this by end of January. I prepared a mood board to help with the final art touches. I haven't ever done a mood board before, but I might end up adding this to my workflow from now on.

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    SirK reacted to Setin in [CSGO] aim_temple   
    Hey all! Been awhile since I've been active here. Wanted to show off this quick 2v2 map I made. ~20-24 hrs work. Any critiques or suggestions welcome! 
    Basically wanted to design a cool 2v2 map where you could use more game sense and isn't just straight up, bland aim practice.

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    SirK reacted to T-Rexer in Eternity   
    High above the world in a lost mountain, a dormant volcano begins spewing out a mysterious liquid. Arcas Industries immediately claims ownership, but what are their nefarious intentions? And more importantly, can two lone terrorists stop them?

    This map was made for the 2018 r/CSMapmakers Wingman Competition.

    Workshop Link:

    Art and Design:

    Layout and Design:


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    SirK reacted to Sklär in [CS:GO] Plaza   
    Wanted to make a thread for the map I've been blocking out for a while. I really want some critical feedback, I wanted to make the sites a little on the unconventional side and I want to hear all the suggestions.
    I've changed the layout of the map a million times, still not quite satisfied with T-spawn and the areas leading to the sites but overall I think I'm satisfied enough to start texturing and modeling.
    I haven't quite got the timings down yet, and without much playtime I don't know if the sites are any good yet, but hopefully I'll get it playtested soon.
    I know because of the design there's some issues with weird angles, cracks in cover and some areas that might possibly be exploited with a mega-boost. I'm trying to get those taken care of one by one, in this stage I'm just mostly concerned with the effectiveness and fun of the layout.
    I know the extra scenery, windows, etc. can be distracting and hurt visibility, I'm trying to find ways to decorate each one to keep visibility super high, and I'm not putting a window or door directly along any path or corner you'd need to see along, the're mostly along the sides of larger areas and will have curtains, blinds, advertisements, etc. that will contrast. I'm also trying to optimize the map so having many building interiors isn't a problem.
    I'll be posting some concept art sometime.
    I wanted to create an urban map, but add a little more flair then alot that I've seen, I don't want dank streets and concrete buildings. The map takes place in a shopping plaza near the busy downtown. The plaza main front has a variety of shops and services, like a barber shop, a pizzeria, a bookstore, a small clothing store, an Italian restaurant, one of those single-screening movie theaters, a noodle/sushi stall, a flower shop, and much more. As you travel to the other side of the plaza you'll see more corporate buildings. An office building with an attached inventory warehouse is near the exit of the plaza, and B site sits under a looming building with many windows. (honestly haven't figured out what kind of building I want it to be, it has a front entrance driveway like a hotel but it doesn't look or feel like a hotel) Alternately, walking behind the plaza (or through the indoor portion near the theater) you'll find a cheap motel with large neon signs for those staying in the area that want a convenient yet not too comfortable place to stay. Behind all the businesses sits A site in a small parking lot for the surrounding shops and warehouses. Most of the walkways in this map will be laid brick, but near the motel and B site you'll run into asphalt road and a tonal shift between the separate parts of the map.
    The terrorist organization was transporting their latest hazardous cargo over a few state lines, they had business with someone at the *nondescript corporate building* and decided to stay the night in the area, parking one of their vans behind the motel. That same night they were visited by some informed and equipped officers of the law and their dangerous cargo was apprehended. The plaza has been closed early and the area is gated off while the mess is sorted out. However, these anarchists aren't going to take this sitting down, they have to push their way in past the armored agents and destroy the evidence.
    Workshop Link <-------------
    T site (the squares on the ground) from which you can go left or right

    Left from the T spawn, in front of the Theater headed to A site

    The long lead-up to A. You can exit to the right instead to not be visible to an AWP player and either go through the alley or jump up to the fire escape from around the corner

    The end of A-long from on top of the fire escape

    Looking down A-long from A site

    Glimpse at A site

    Looking up mid towards A site

    Barber shop at mid that connects to the alley

    The top of mid, behind the noodle/sushi stand is A site, and to the right is a staircase to B site

    The staircase that leads to B site

    The warehouse leading to B site

    The inside of the office you walk through  to get from warehouse to B site

    The opening of the tunnel to B site

    B site from the left side

    B site from the sniper nest inside the building at B

    The overview for now

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    SirK reacted to ElectroSheep in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    Well I see this red building is flaming the crowds !
    For now I'm pushing a bit the visual on A site / CT spawn, still haven't done the bomb site detailling.

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    SirK reacted to OrnateBaboon in [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark   
    Blackdog - yeah, using cs_concert assets for the instruments.
    Some more vehicles, and a bit of a top down of the area. I included some WIP pics of the 3d sky, and the door that RZL mentioned.
    Skybex is currently optimising the trees, and working on more vehicles.

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    SirK reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
    Can't keep secrets. Working on Tangerine remake, any layout changes are welcome!
    What I'm already working on:
    - Smoothing corners
    - Deleted alternate way to B site from CT spawn. (The annoying one)
    - Risky B and safe B ways
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    SirK reacted to untor in [Wingman] Station   
    Hey Mapcore!

    I and Roald are doing this map better!
    It takes more time to do the map because we develope it scrupulously, detail by detail.
    Here are some isides for you: you can see some visual changes. We want to convey the atmosphere of the modern Japanese city and use the elements of areas of Ghetto for the lower part of the map as a contrast.

    New screens
    Thank you! 
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    SirK reacted to Puddy in [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!   
    hey folks!
    now that the map has been out for a while and has been playable on faceit, we are looking for any and all feedback and concerns you might have
    quality of life improvements are coming but there is also some looking into more meaningful changes
    wild ideas and suggestions are welcome
    all da best,
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    SirK reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue   
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    SirK reacted to cruptor in [CS:GO] de_sawmill (WIP)   
    I started this map a long time ago and stopped working on it for quiet some time.
    It's in a state where it needs more serious testing to be more competitive overall.
    There is some progress i wanted to show you guys (a bit too much progress at specific areas).
    Workshop:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1540396532
    A lot of low quality models will be replaced in the future like trains etc.
    CT Spawn

    A Site

    Crates ( T Spawn Area)

    Barn(couldnt keep myself from detailing)



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    SirK reacted to 'RZL in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    Yeah, there was no working radar and signage pointing to the bombsites, which wasn't very great for Shawn to navigate in (Sorry!). The unique layout only amplified the confusion i feel.
    About the layout itself: it did not change much since the stream. I think it is good in it's own way as the players have to play it a bit differently compared to more traditional map layouts. Differently because the primary engagements are more focused outside the bombsites rather than inside.
    Will everyone love this map? Probably not, but I feel it is still a great map that brings something new to the table and I'm sure there will be people who enjoy it as much as I do.
    That being said, I gotta agree that the red brick is drawing a bit too much attention to itself 
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    SirK reacted to ElectroSheep in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    Hello guys
    Well I wanted to wait a bit longer to have more to show but as it's progressing very slowly, here are some shots from almost finished areas. I spent last month to update the art with better texture work and detail, and also optimisation (if combine props works...) hope you will like it.
    Before :

    Now :

    Before :

    Now :

    Before :

    Now : (woops a nodraw wall)

    And some other stuff

    I will be able to show more soon !
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    SirK reacted to csWaldo in [CSGO] Victoria   
    Just uploaded the playtest ready version to the workshop. Here is a before /after of the layout. We made small changes to the cover and paths, mostly around A and B site. I think the bombsite's layouts are mostly finished. Hopefully the coming 5v5 test will confirm that. There's also a bunch more concept art in the level now, so here are some impressions from it.

    Hope to see some of you at the playtest
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    SirK reacted to untor in de_mine.vmm (dev name)   
    new screenshots
    gameplay ready for test

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    SirK reacted to zombi in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    SirK reacted to untor in de_mine.vmm (dev name)   
    Hi mapcore

    I continue to work on this project. Slightly corrected the previous race in the direction of sand cliffs.

    Has slightly redesigned the layout

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    SirK reacted to Branko Lozo in [ CS 1.6 ] Lozo Maps by: LZO   
    Hi everyone!
    I'd like to introduce myself.
    I'am map maker ony for CS 1.6 from 2005 to 2012.
    I have 5 big popular maps:.
    de_fact de_kgb_map de_kgb_2012 de_avangard de_barcelona + de_mini_mill (smaller edit of de_clan1_mill for 2vs2 or 3vs3) My maps are very popular on balkan's online servers. You can check my gamebanana profile or my facebook page.
    Feel free to comment my work! Thanks to everyone.
    Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/lozomaps
    Gamebanana: https://gamebanana.com/members/1277040

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    SirK reacted to Quotingmc in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I have been working recently on my entry into the /r/csmapmakers wingman contest based around the Monaco street circuit. Credits to @Terri for the F1 car and @Yanzl for various assets.

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    SirK reacted to Radu in [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza   
    Started to do the first art pass recently. Probably won't post for a while, until that first coat of paint dries.

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    SirK reacted to Radu in [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza   
    I was trying out the new mp5 and figured I should post something from the last build

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    SirK reacted to ics in [TF2] Stranded (Payload)   
    Steam TF2 workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1481954279
    RED base was stranded, but re-activated on top of the mountain. Push the payload cart and destroy their rocket silo before they launch the rocket!

    Stranded is a payload map, a result of nearly 8 months of hard work on my own pace. From Finland with love for the players of TF2.

    The work continues and map fine tuning has just started. Please take a look and report any bugs you find. Thanks!

    Map by ICS, www.ics-base.net

    Live server to play on: (Finland)

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    SirK reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue   
    Meanwhile, here's a stack of BigAssConcreteBags :

    Why so big you ask? Because it's Big Ass Statue, thus it needs big amounts of concrete.
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    SirK reacted to untor in [CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]   
    Waterfall Residence
    Set in Canada, this facility is under attack by Anarchists seeking to destroy a residence that has rare cultural values.
    -Half-open sky
    -Improved performance on different machines
    -Improvement in the gameplay
    -Better balance than before
    -Visual improvements.
    Thanks to everyone who helped improve the map.

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    SirK reacted to zombi in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Wish I can finish this one (walk simulator in CSGO)

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