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    SirK reacted to The Horse Strangler in [CSGO] Content release: de_junction   
    Thought I'd make a new thread since the other one is super buried and has broken links. I've gone and (finally) updated the content release for junction with all of the latest art in _r2 of the workshop release.
    I'm also attaching a separate content release here that contains all the max files. I'd totally link the art src files, but they're all for the old version of quixel suite and are super huge in filesize (besides who uses photoshop anymore anyways!)
    p.s the max scenes are for max 2013 (I think??) So they'll work in newer versions of max, but will absolutely not load in older versions.
    DISCLAIMER: This content is provided as is and was designed with pbr type reflectivity and values in mind. If you decided to use the content in your map, please credit the usage and drop me a note on steam or discord -Thanks!
    BEEG Shots of some of the new assets in the latest map:

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    SirK reacted to Ringel in [CSGO] cs_wetland   
    Steam Workshop: cs_wetland
    What is cs_wetland? -> A fun to play lovely atmospheric delightful hostage rescue foggylicious csgo map with a new kind of gameplay!
    You like to jump down bridges and cliffs? Then this map is for you!
    You want something innovative and new. Try cs_wetland!

    The disadvantage of this "new" fog gameplay: Your screenshots doesn't show much and it looks like you can't see far enough.

    I started this map two weeks ago (28.12.2019) almost from scratch.  Nine days of development and two lazy no work sundays. So not even 100 hours of work, but very close!  All I had was a fog test map of mine with one prop, three walls, a T and CT spawn, the env_fog_controller and a custom made skytexture (just one color). And the setting from a very short dream.
    A fog map was something I really wanted to do for a long time. And now it was the time.
    One great advantage of this fog map is the visability. You only see 722 units far but the playermodels stand out well. My next fog map - if I make one - will be with a higher distance for better sniper gameplay. But for this map 722 units is fine.
    More advantages: You are able to do very long paths without the need to block the vision for the player. It allows you to create a new kind of gameplay.
    And you don't have to think that much about the performance. Because of the "Far Z Clip Plane" provided by the env_fog_controller. Anything beyond the clip plane will not be rendered. No need to set prop fade out and create "hint and skip"s. Great!
    It was a short new experience.
    Reference images:
    I tried to use reference images and kind of failed.
    I started to search for wooden walkways in wetland like those two.
    number one   and two
    -> Was useful.
    And I wanted to create a modern house and I found this:
    clicky click click
    -> It has somethin in common with my house placed inside the rock next to the T-spawn. But ingame you can hardly see it.
    I also wanted to do a modern wooden house. After looking at a few images on google I gave up and made my very own house. None of the images I looked at had something in common with it.
    -> The search for reference images was over. Everything else from cs_wetland was made without any other reference.All I need is beeing patient. Ideas will pop up whenether I stop to think of how to do things. They are like gifts. You can't force them you got to wait for them and then accept them.
    While developing cs_tori I waisted time by try to force new ideas. It does not work. This time I took a short break or worked on something I knew how to do instead of trying hard. And it worked very well. I mean I developed the whole map in nine days of work.
    Developing maps is more than a simple hobby for me. I don't do it for pleasure.  I use it to express myself. It just happens naturally. Automatically and subconcious. I did not knew that until a few days ago. And it seams like using reference images don't fit into what I want to express. All of my maps have something personal and they also say something about myself. Well they said something about me and my circumstances at the time I created them.
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    SirK reacted to Edude in Classified   
    There is still so much work to do, but things are starting to take shape. This first art pass will still take a long time to finish but I'm enjoying the results so far! I will focus on detailing the entire map as quickly as I can to have something concrete for the deadline. If I manage to finish everything (detailing, optimization, general polishing) I start a second art pass with more refinement.

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    SirK reacted to Kurtis Harmer in De_Bath (WIP)   
    I forgot to sign in and I forgot to drop the overview.
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    SirK reacted to untor in Swamp   
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    SirK reacted to poLemin in Feast   
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    SirK reacted to Squad in Mustang (formerly Everest)   
    I haven't been very active in this topic so far, that will probably change in the coming weeks 
    Recently @grapen remade the skybox.

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    SirK reacted to neptune in Cappadocia   
    Turkish Bath. One of the hostage areas.

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    SirK reacted to Quotingmc in cs_ivory   
    It has been quite a while since I have posted an update so here is some information on where I have been. A bunch of real-world factors from starting a new job to losing part of my vision resulted in my progress stalling but I am happy to report I am back to working on Ivory.
    I am still trying to develop a visual style I am happy with and getting the lighting right which is proving a challenge as I am new to making night maps. This was another one of my goals with this project in pushing myself to try something outside my comfort zone; I just hope I haven't bitten off more than I can thew. I am aware working alone means I have an extra layer of difficulty compared to some of the other entries but I believe I can still produce a fun and well designed final product. Hopefully, I can have a version ready for the deadline, finishing at all will be an achievement I can be proud of but a top 10 spot would be even more amazing!
    Finally thank you to everyone who has asked me about Ivory and shown an interest in Ivory, either here or in private messages. Your support really helps me find the motivation to continue working.

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    SirK reacted to General Vivi in Graveyard   
    this map is sooo coool. 
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    SirK reacted to csWaldo in de_grotto [WIP]   
    A little more space would be appreciated 😛
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    SirK reacted to mr.P in Graveyard   
    another wip from the starboard side, minor adjustments trying to blend the ground and rock together,
    the size of some of the palm trees suggest they were seeds 3-4 years ago, add additional 1-2 years for my fictional event at Suez Canal, I'm going to base the hull decay on 6 years fictional wear and tear  

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    SirK reacted to Vaya in CS_Apollo   

    updated! let me know what you think
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    SirK reacted to Roald in Anubis   
    Well... we have playtested this map 15 times. Mid was always too complicated because of.. reasons. The balance have shifted alot, but was at the end CT sided and now with the new timings with T having abit more of a advantage on mid bridge and canal it feels right. Not sure if there is a real mid, guess there is a kind of double mid, or perhaps two routes to each site, with some more dynamic features, but guess calling it mid sounds most logic, atleast thats how we defined it during the playtests. 
    The map is abit different from standard, though its easy to learn and I think it needs time and some teamwork (especially as T) to master it. Mid might looks simple, but it has some dynamic features and especially CTs got quick rotation options to always backup their teammates. I guess you should play a few matches on it to find out and learn and master the map  Controlling mid on this map is taking a huge advantage over your opponent for both teams, so its quite important. CT own abit more of control on the map, but this can be shifted easyly, Though with the quick CT rotations it remains risky for T's and grenades are advised.

    For an example T's splitting to B, but not owning the bridge/canal means CT can rotate from there easyly and getting behind them. T's splitting mid/A is a risk of losing the advantage of 5 vs 2, but when succeeding they get lots of control arround A and can even decide to smoke off A and go B/CT while taking a risk though. So as a T do you decide to split up or go full force trough the main path and remain control from there. I guess I provide a 'simple' layout where the player can try out different playstyles and tactics, I guess thats what you want when creating a CS:GO map.
    Not sure if this clearifies things up for you or not, guess you should experience it. You might be right, more playtests should be done to know for sure. I guess a map always has room for improvement so.. though this mid is the core of the map and everything is based arround that from the start.
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    SirK reacted to JimWood in Mutiny   
    Thought I'd show the progress to B Site:

    Here's a before/after image slider:

    Before/After - B
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    SirK reacted to El_Exodus in [CS:GO] dz_junglety (Danger Zone)   
    Some of my impressions from playing the map a dozen or so times during the last week:
    Collision on many models is very poor. Rocks are the biggest offender here. And the crane. Tried shooting through it and although there being a huge gap, bullets were blocked. Frustrating Performance: Despite being on a high end system, I still get stuttery mouse movement when being around the center of the map. I've seen you used limited render distance of models a lot already, but that still doesn't do the job very well. (Sometimes objects disappear too early btw. Shot a guy who thought he's behind cover) I guess you need to look into combining props to reduce drawcalls. Freedom of movement feels quite limited at times. The little fences blend well with the background and block me all of the sudden when I'm focused on other things. 
    Some areas are not easy to get out of since there are limted options. When you play blacksite for example, all areas on the map are designed in a way, that you can jump from point A to B which gives you TONS of possibilities to change your position. Doesn't feel the way on your map. Water is too deep in gameplay areas Dark rocks don't really fit the visuals. They need to be brighter to fit the environment more
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    SirK reacted to Vaya in Turbulence   
    Layout playtested many times. We're now pretty happy with it and I'm doing starjumps while the other 2 art.

    Critical visibility  tests now fucked over by valve's new custom model system 🙄
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    SirK reacted to spa in Rampart   
    Update on progress on the T spawn area: the entrance to the fortress:

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    SirK reacted to untor in Swamp   

    Recently, there have been quite a few different publications, but no new spaces have been shown. I was focused on modeling and texturing filling objects, specifically vegetation. This is important, since vegetation plays an important role on this map.

    What about the gameplay. I try to stick to the original layout. In my opinion, it is quite successful, and now I am only working on the space.
    On the screenshots, you can see the updated T side, mid and spawn T. The screenshots do not show the final result, but they allow you to understand in which direction I'm moving.

    What's left:
    - Middle, CT side, and hangar (connector between bombsites)
    - Optimization (now in some places there is a drope fps at bombsite A)
    - The background
    - Final refinement of timings
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    SirK reacted to mtchromatic in de_keg   
    >mfw forklift

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    SirK reacted to Frone in [WIP] de_apelsin   
    At first glance radar may be looks complicated, but it's not

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    SirK reacted to Vaya in Turbulence   

    updated link and radar
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    SirK reacted to MadsenFK in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Recent progress on a wingman map, DE_MOROCCO

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    SirK reacted to poLemin in Feast   
    After the MapCore playtest it was clear that a bunch of changes needed to happen. Mid seemed to be a big problem because of misjudged timing. In addition a lot of the one-way drops that can be overcome with skill jumps seemed to disruptive to the flow. Furthermore people complained about A-Site a lot, so I gave it a complete overhaul. Time is running low, and I am worried about finishing this project in time. However I will try my best and keep going. Workshop update is still pending on approval, but here is some progress:

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    SirK reacted to JimWood in Mutiny   
    Ahoy! Mutiny is a defusal map created by TanookiSuit3, Huvaligen and myself.
    Pirates have swarmed the island to find and retrieve some long lost treasure.
    The map is situated in an old pirate town, with a huge tomb close by.
    Here's some links to before/after image sliders for T Spawn:
    Before/After - T Spawn
    Before/After - T to Mid

    Some more images:
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