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    SirK reacted to Ringel in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    My "newest" map is almost done. All it takes is another playtest which happens this friday, a very few minor visual improvements and a bit of optimisation like such shown below.

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    SirK reacted to MadsenFK in [CS:GO Wingman] Luxury, Terracotta & Delta   
    Luxury is a Wingman map situated in a modern house complex near Los Angeles, California
    The residents of the contemporary-style house had held a house party the night before and woke up
    to the sight of dangerous ammunition crates near the pool. They called 911 and left the residence without hesitation.

    Most assets and materials used on the map is by Yanzl
    Quoting helped with playtests as well as ideas for the map
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    SirK reacted to Vaya in CS_Apollo   
    -Updated and improved prop fade distance on many outside props
    -updated textures on sign asset to make it more accurate
    -improved clipping across map (thanks seth)
    -hid gap in skybox
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    SirK reacted to Ringel in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I am working on a new version of cs_tori. Current build here: cs_bird

    I reduces the VVIS compile time from almost 5h to under 5 minutes by placing Visclusters at all outer parts of the map.
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    SirK reacted to TheOnionChef in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Updated the map with better lighting and more detail. Slight changes in timings as well, but only by moving the CT spawn a little bit.

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    SirK reacted to michal3210 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    some screenshots from my latest project, on which im working on in free time! It still needs some improvements, but it looks good in current state I think





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    SirK reacted to FMPONE in [CS:GO] Exotic Places Contest TOP 4 WINNERS   
    I think the time has come, Tyrinni is banned for constantly flooding threads with long, boring, pedantic arguments. May this be a second celebratory moment for our community.
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    SirK reacted to Yanzl in Basalt   
    We've just released a big update, check it out on the workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984383383
    We've added fresh grass, weathering on buildings and a bunch of other visual and gameplay tweaks.
    Thanks to everyone that provided us feedback and to everyone organizing this contest!

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    SirK reacted to Ringel in Norte | 3 Bombsites Map   
    New Update: WHO DARES WINS
    "Who dares wins" is the slogan of the SAS. With this update I implemented my custom SAS Skin.

    Gameplaychanges were made at Bombsite B

    at Alley

    at Banana

    and Dirt Road.

    Visuall improvements were made all around the map.
    Steam Workshop Link: Norte | 3 Bombsites
    Project started: 9th of January 2020 ; Days worked on this project: 37

    Edit: Again an update. Changenotes:

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    SirK reacted to Squidski in de_gongji assets   
    Hey all, since we didn't get top 10 in the contest, probably gonna call it quits for this map for now. So we're gonna release all the assets.
    I've included a txt file with this stuff, however in short:
    1. Use these assets at your own risk (some are bad and were made early on when I/we were still learning)
    2. When using, give credit to the de_gongji team
    3. Please don't use this stuff for commercial purposes. If you would like to, then contact me directly.
    I hope you guys can make some cool stuff!

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    SirK reacted to Ringel in Norte | 3 Bombsites Map   
    That is a good question. My old goal vanished away 2018. I wanted to become an indi developer who works with a small team on athmosperic games or how I would call them "playable experiences" as level and gamedesigner. Games not just made for entertainment. Every game should have something that could make the player wonder or think about something. But in a subtle or even hidden way and not didactic. Edit: Oh, and I wanted to achieve this by building a portfolio.
    Now I just want to create innovative maps with new ideas for csgo. But it depends on the success of this map wheter I continue to create more maps for csgo or not.
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    SirK reacted to Bevster in Mocha   
    Why you have to do me like that guys 😂. Most defeating feeling is waiting for the compile and the moderation approval to finish as you're powerless to change anything until it's over. This was an inevitability with the crunch the map required. The map has been updated now and all the major bugs fixed. It still won't let me load it through the workshop saying it's failing to find a dedicated server, must be a caching issue because I think it happened before and the BSP works fine for me, so should work fine soon enough.
    Just in case the workshop keeps acting up (works fine now), here's the same BSP as on the workshop right now: de_mocha.bsp
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    SirK reacted to Joachim in Costiera   
    Hi all! This is my entry, a map set in a town on the coast of Italy.
    I made the layout in June last year, then I shelved it for months. I picked it back up in November, and finally decided on the theme mid-December after stumbling upon some pictures from Vernazza and Atrani. 
    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1977692107

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    SirK reacted to Quotingmc in cs_ivory   
    I am happy to announce Ivory now has a publicly available release candidate which can be downloaded from the workshop:
    We will continue to make final adjustments in the coming days; good luck to everyone submitting an entry to the contest!
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    SirK reacted to Quotingmc in cs_ivory   
    @Quadratic and I are in full-on crunch mode pushing to get Ivory in the best possible state before the deadline and I am very pleased with what has been achieved thus far. Here are a few of the last screenshots before the final release!

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    SirK reacted to Lizard in Chlorine   
    Hello everyone! For the last few months me and @Thewhaleman have been working on our contest map called Chlorine. This defusal map is set in a recently closed and abandoned aztec themed waterpark. The map includes areas that support a variety of strategies and play styles to accommodate every type of player.
    My goal with this map was to create a dynamic gameplay space that allows players to execute a variety of different strategies.
    Chlorine features two bombsite that are distinct from each other in terms of gameplay style as well as visual direction. Bombsite A is located in the outside area of the waterpark, thus is more open and allows for more complex strategies. Bombsite B features more straight forward approach, being located inside a temple that almost acts as a movie set imitating a night settings with a starry sky.
    Overview of the map:











    Workshop link
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    SirK reacted to mr.P in Graveyard   
    Updated the layout, the overview image does not show traversable covers

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    SirK reacted to Zanek184 in Hideout [WIP]   
    Link to the workshop version!

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    SirK reacted to untor in Swamp   
    Welcome to the outskirts of Louisiana!
    A bomb defusal map set in a swamp where the wood industry once glowed with enthusiasm and joy but then was forgotten by man. The sound of machines and humans silenced just as quickly as the water rose, the greenery grew and the animals took over.
    However, passing boats have recently heard the sound of man again and large shipments of goods appear to be coming to the old sawmill.
    Housing near the swamp has been in contact with the police... what looked like a routine mission became a struggle to survive, they were not equipped and ready for a fight against terrorists and the forces of nature.


    Screens under spoiler
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    SirK reacted to untor in Swamp   
    Every night - compiling
    Every day - found some issues and bugs
    Soon we can play - every night and every day! 
    New radar and some new screens from spawns and bombsite B! 

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    SirK reacted to Ringel in [CSGO] ENCLOSURE (Zoo aim map)   
    I looked at your map ingame. It looks good. A few things I noticed:
    - The custom water texture is not shown. You need to pack the custom content into your bsp file. You can use vide for that.
    - The tall rocks next to the gate are too pixelated. You should replace them or make them smaller and use more than one. The one rock inside the midle would be big enough and it looks not pixelated.
    - Your trees could have much better shadows. They are too dark. All you have to do is enable Ignore Surface Normal. It will then produce a better shadow.

    I don't play csgo anymore and I did not played aim maps. SO I cant tell you how it plays.
    That's it, happy mapping!
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    SirK reacted to ZooL in [CS:GO] PlayerModelChecker - a VScript tool to check visibility on your maps   
    I've made a script to easily swap playermodels through the list of all the current models available in the game.
    Simply add bots, exec the cfg and you're all set!

    You can easily add and remove models you don't want to test by editing a file. Doesn't require to be added in the map, a simple command will load it and will take care of everything. You can't load it more than once per map, and it can be used between rounds, see it as a Singleton.  Carefully precache each model one by one, it doesn't generate more than one entity at once. Don't worry about your edicts.                     Issues: 
    The initial precache takes a bit of time... About a few seconds... I don't see how to make it faster for now. If an update comes out, you'll have to add the models that get added. You can't do it if you're not the server. Use it locally.  
                        Installation and usage:
    Unzip the file inside your csgo folder. Load your map Type in the console: exec PlayerModelChecker Once it's done precaching, you can place bots wherever you want to check playermodel visibility with bot_place or pmc_place Use pmc_next and pmc_prev to load playermodels from the list  
    If you want to add or remove playermodels, edit "scripts/vscripts/zool/PlayerModelChecker/PlayerModelList.nut"
                                                                                     >> DOWNLOAD <<
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    SirK reacted to The Horse Strangler in [CSGO] Content release: de_junction   
    Thought I'd make a new thread since the other one is super buried and has broken links. I've gone and (finally) updated the content release for junction with all of the latest art in _r2 of the workshop release.
    I'm also attaching a separate content release here that contains all the max files. I'd totally link the art src files, but they're all for the old version of quixel suite and are super huge in filesize (besides who uses photoshop anymore anyways!)
    p.s the max scenes are for max 2013 (I think??) So they'll work in newer versions of max, but will absolutely not load in older versions.
    DISCLAIMER: This content is provided as is and was designed with pbr type reflectivity and values in mind. If you decided to use the content in your map, please credit the usage and drop me a note on steam or discord -Thanks!
    BEEG Shots of some of the new assets in the latest map:

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    SirK reacted to Ringel in [CSGO] cs_wetland   
    Steam Workshop: cs_wetland
    What is cs_wetland? -> A fun to play lovely atmospheric delightful hostage rescue foggylicious csgo map with a new kind of gameplay!
    You like to jump down bridges and cliffs? Then this map is for you!
    You want something innovative and new. Try cs_wetland!

    The disadvantage of this "new" fog gameplay: Your screenshots doesn't show much and it looks like you can't see far enough.

    I started this map two weeks ago (28.12.2019) almost from scratch.  Nine days of development and two lazy no work sundays. So not even 100 hours of work, but very close!  All I had was a fog test map of mine with one prop, three walls, a T and CT spawn, the env_fog_controller and a custom made skytexture (just one color). And the setting from a very short dream.
    A fog map was something I really wanted to do for a long time. And now it was the time.
    One great advantage of this fog map is the visability. You only see 722 units far but the playermodels stand out well. My next fog map - if I make one - will be with a higher distance for better sniper gameplay. But for this map 722 units is fine.
    More advantages: You are able to do very long paths without the need to block the vision for the player. It allows you to create a new kind of gameplay.
    And you don't have to think that much about the performance. Because of the "Far Z Clip Plane" provided by the env_fog_controller. Anything beyond the clip plane will not be rendered. No need to set prop fade out and create "hint and skip"s. Great!
    It was a short new experience.
    Reference images:
    I tried to use reference images and kind of failed.
    I started to search for wooden walkways in wetland like those two.
    number one   and two
    -> Was useful.
    And I wanted to create a modern house and I found this:
    clicky click click
    -> It has somethin in common with my house placed inside the rock next to the T-spawn. But ingame you can hardly see it.
    I also wanted to do a modern wooden house. After looking at a few images on google I gave up and made my very own house. None of the images I looked at had something in common with it.
    -> The search for reference images was over. Everything else from cs_wetland was made without any other reference.All I need is beeing patient. Ideas will pop up whenether I stop to think of how to do things. They are like gifts. You can't force them you got to wait for them and then accept them.
    While developing cs_tori I waisted time by try to force new ideas. It does not work. This time I took a short break or worked on something I knew how to do instead of trying hard. And it worked very well. I mean I developed the whole map in nine days of work.
    Developing maps is more than a simple hobby for me. I don't do it for pleasure.  I use it to express myself. It just happens naturally. Automatically and subconcious. I did not knew that until a few days ago. And it seams like using reference images don't fit into what I want to express. All of my maps have something personal and they also say something about myself. Well they said something about me and my circumstances at the time I created them.
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    SirK reacted to Edude in Classified   
    There is still so much work to do, but things are starting to take shape. This first art pass will still take a long time to finish but I'm enjoying the results so far! I will focus on detailing the entire map as quickly as I can to have something concrete for the deadline. If I manage to finish everything (detailing, optimization, general polishing) I start a second art pass with more refinement.

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