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  1. Found out I had two light_environments in the map, thats probably causing the lighting bug.
  2. Im using expert and final compile settings. What is this "appearance" you are talking about? Also HDR is set to -1 -1 -1 1. Couple of compiles back I hadnt got any lighting errors but this happened now randomly, I hardly even edited anything in the map... Also setting compile settings to normal and unchecking HDR didnt fix the problem.
  3. So I get this weird lighting bug on my map. anyone know how to fix it ?
  4. I am modeling a tree in blender and want to get double sided planes, does anyone know how to do that? nvm. found out you have to add nocull 1 to vmt file.
  5. I will, thanks for informing me. Made some progress already.
  6. Working on an aim map again. This time to actually finish it.
  7. The problem I have is that I have two props close to each other and the other one is causing some lighting problems to another one. I tried to use info_lighting to set the origin of other prop to another place but it still acts as if it were on its original place. Any help or does it just not work the way I think it does?
  8. Sorry I don't have the files anymore. I remember using color correction though to get that lighting so you might give it a try.

    The random model thread!

    Second attempt at car modeling.
  10. KOLARI

    The random model thread!

    I am using blender. What does relax modifier do? Edit. Actually some pinches you have marked are supposed to be shapes of the car.
  11. KOLARI

    The random model thread!

    Can you point places which need need work / are pinching, I see some obvious ones but not that many.
  12. KOLARI

    The random model thread!

    First time car modeling. Some bumps there but cant bother with it anymore.
  13. Some unfinished shite. Last one actually finished but that is the only picture of the map and I dont think I have the files anywhere anymore. Also alot more unfinished stuff somewhere laying around
  14. Sorry for doublepost but I guess this feature is not on Vista Home premium? Would be happy to recover models and textures I had made.
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