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  1. I've picked up some freelance work recently so this project has been put on hold. I will be back once Christmas is over .
  2. I may aswell start my own thread too and start documenting my progress. Appreciate all and any feedback. Most of this is experimenting right now, such as the arches which i'm still learning how to do in the most proficient way so expect to see a few variations. Layout: This is what i have so far with the layout, rather than planning the layout before hand i jumped straight into hammer and experimented a little first until i got a better idea of what i felt worked well, from here i'm now going back to the drawing board and adapting and improving. I'm currently working on bomb site
  3. Z3LCIAH


    I'm keeping up with it, i quite like it actually but it's not on the same level as an AMC drama.
  4. Looks pretty cool, anyone with trypophobia will be freaked out!
  5. Ah I haven't played a mini game server in a long time. One thing I really dislike about MG maps is they're often very minimalistic and crudely done. If you spend the time detailing and polishing you'd have a mg map that stands out. Good luck with your project!
  6. Watched Four Lions last night, RUBBER DINGHY RAPPIDS BRO!
  7. Dun dun dunnnnnnn! Looks like you've had a head start tomdon, I like it!
  8. I've sunk alot of hours into NFS Rivals and i thought the handling was pretty good. Undercover and The Run has alot of issues though. As for newest Most Wanted i really didn't understand the concept at all, All the exotic cars are just littered around the streets that you can hop into at any time, it lacked a sense of reward. Forza has always been reliable, aswell as Grid.
  9. Still playing Destiny, Still shouting at Destiny.
  10. +1 for NFS Underground 3, by far the best series they've done. NFS Rivals is really good too, so i'd love to see Underground with a similar set up. - Legacy of Kain (with it's 10 cancelled sequels) - C-12 Final Resistance - Shadow Man - State of Emergency - Hogs of War I'd like to see a Hellraiser game too, maybe.
  11. Z3LCIAH


    Nicely Done!, reminds me a little of Shadow Complex.
  12. Level Design World Of Level Design level-design.org - Knowledge Base Interlopers.net Guiding The Player's Eye Level Design Inspiration Machine (Tumblr gallery) Composition in Level Design (Gamasutra version) Game Design pixelprospector.com (Big List of Game Design Articles) The Designers Notebook (Lots of articles by Ernest W. Adams) Gamedev.net User Interface Design gameui.tumblr.com hudsandguis.com Developer Diaries Game Trailers - Dev Diaries
  13. Working on my first CSGO map, based in Bruges, Belgium. Just playing around and experimenting so far, nothing fancy yet.
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