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  1. BanJaxe

    de_minaret WIP

    Hey, thanks to everyone who gave lots of great feedback in this thread. I've just posted the beta in a new thread over in releases section so I guess we can continue there if you have any more comments. Change log: Beta 1 - Reworked outside B T-side - Removed one cover spot from A site - Added 3D skybox - Improved visuals in many places - Improved player readability in a few key spots - Raised skybox over entire map - Improved player clipping - Many minor fixes/changes
  2. BanJaxe

    CSGO de_minaret

    Workshop Link I've finally got around to releasing the beta! I'm open to any feedback or suggestions on the gameplay or visuals, so let me know.
  3. I had this a few weeks ago. Mysteriously started working again 2 days later. Unfortunately it seems all you can do is wait for it to fix itself.
  4. Could you playtest on the next one? I'm around most days so any time should be fine. I still consider it alpha but really the layout is 95% final by this stage. It is very playable in it's current state, mostly just the visuals and some small balance tweaks are that are unfinished. The only major thing I'm still considering is whether or not CTs need a faster rotation into the back of B.
  5. BanJaxe

    de_minaret WIP

    I finally released alpha 8 onto the workshop. Alpha 8 - Opened up back of B and extended the high ground. - Adjusted bombsite cover in B - Simplifed short A stairs and added cover - Minor fixes I had some feedback telling me bombsite B had a few issues. Most importantly Ts had a hard time getting into the site, CTs could too easily cover the entrance from many angles. Also the site felt very tight/cramped in general. This update hopefully addresses this. It's now more open and Ts have more options after entering the site. There's more cover and they can stay on the high ground longer until it's safe to drop down. It's also harder for CTs to cover the T entrance from the low ground now so Ts should have an easier time taking B.
  6. Well it magically just started working again. I've no idea what I did to fix it.
  7. Unfortunately that didn't help, I'm still getting the error using the CSGO map publisher. Not having any other steam problems as far as I know. I'm suspicious it broke at the same time they released the new SDK so I'm not sure what's going on.
  8. Aha, I did see that and thought it might be related. I'm downloading it now so I'll post again with the results. Thanks a lot.
  9. I'm trying to update on the workshop but it keeps failing for some unknown reason. Every time I try it seems to upload like normal for a minute or two and then I get the message "Failed to update file! Please try again later". Well it's been like that for almost 24 hours now. I've tried searching around but it looks like no-one else is having this problem. So is anyone else getting this or had this before? Also if anyone knows who I could email at Valve about it that would be useful too. Thanks. edit: I just tried to publish it as a new item and that also failed. "Failed to publish file."
  10. BanJaxe

    de_minaret WIP

    Alpha 7 on the workshop. Smaller update to adjust cover in a few important places. Alpha 7 - Adjusted cover and props in B - Added cover in CT Spawn to A connector - Removed cover outside A gap - Removed one cover box on mid forklift - Minor texture fixes Current layout:
  11. BanJaxe

    de_minaret WIP

    Yep, it's updated on the workshop. It does share a little similarity with Dust 2 bombsite B in that the entrances are similar (one gap in wall, one front, one side), however the internal layout is very different. Also the entrance sides are reversed compared to dust 2, with CT having the side entrance instead of the Ts.
  12. BanJaxe

    de_minaret WIP

    Alpha 6 released! Changelog: - Redesigned bombsite A - Redesigned short A and overpass - Extended underpass and added more cover - Adjusted props along Long A - Widened T entrance to B - Added second cover box on B highground - Moved both spawns back (Encounter points still the same) - Randomised player spawns - Many minor changes and fixes After a lot of play testing, the most common issue people had with the map was bombsite A. It needed to be reworked. The pit was too awkward to play in and around so... it's gone! Took me two weeks because bombsite A had to be completely rebuilt, along with the major changes to short A and the overpass/underpass area. New bombsite A: Outside new A (Long Side): Outside new A (CT side): New Underpass: New Overpass: Overview:
  13. BanJaxe

    de_minaret WIP

    Thanks a lot! I'm stuck on redesigning bombsite A at the moment but I'll keep trying. Hopefully I'll find a solution and release alpha 6 at the weekend.
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