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    'RZL reacted to Ubuska in [UT4] DM-Chamber   
    Here's breakdown of the map in terms of art pass - final collision and blockout stage. Pretty interesting stuff I think
    [ 1 ] Art pass - Final Collision - Blockout

    [ 2 ] Art pass - Final Collision - Blockout

    [ 3 ] Art pass - Final Collision - Blockout

    [ 4 ] Art pass - Final Collision - Blockout

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    'RZL reacted to JakoMako51 in The Door Challenge - 2018 - Submission Thread   
    Name: Jacopo Colangelo
    Website: https://jacopocolangelo.artstation.com/
    Story: You are a test subject trapped inside "HexLabs Inc." Testing Facility. To get the last door open you have to solve different puzzles. Will you manage to escape?
    Engine: UE4
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/196GZp6NHYD1A9VheNYEDvOlJTtI216t- or https://mega.nz/#!mhpRiLKR!_teTmtvZ16pgxLFlOvCNzMHHNAXz7H52b7-K4Vz7Ey4

    Video link: 
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    'RZL reacted to Klems in The Door Challenge - 2018 - Submission Thread   
    Name: Clément Baticle
    Website: http://klemss.baticle.com/
    Story: As you wake up one morning from uneasy dreams, you find yourself measuring less than 10 inches. The door handle is out of reach. How will you get out of your room?
    Engine: Source SDK
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QtcfWlO-Is8Vy03MSt2x0Zfm9y01gGRu

    Video link: 
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    'RZL reacted to Branko Lozo in [ CS 1.6 ] Lozo Maps by: LZO   
    Hi everyone!
    I'd like to introduce myself.
    I'am map maker ony for CS 1.6 from 2005 to 2012.
    I have 5 big popular maps:.
    de_fact de_kgb_map de_kgb_2012 de_avangard de_barcelona + de_mini_mill (smaller edit of de_clan1_mill for 2vs2 or 3vs3) My maps are very popular on balkan's online servers. You can check my gamebanana profile or my facebook page.
    Feel free to comment my work! Thanks to everyone.
    Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/lozomaps
    Gamebanana: https://gamebanana.com/members/1277040

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    'RZL reacted to Quotingmc in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I have been working recently on my entry into the /r/csmapmakers wingman contest based around the Monaco street circuit. Credits to @Terri for the F1 car and @Yanzl for various assets.

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    'RZL reacted to Beck in Rebellion - Multiple roles available!   
    Still looking for a level designer or two here at Rebellion. Juniors, experienced or whatever, if you fancy it let me know!
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    'RZL reacted to Rump3L in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    After a hiatus of over a year, Riverdust being reworked bit by bit according to the gathered feedback. Map name will change aswell. Update in my post with radar image and eventually a new WS link for playtesting purposes coming soon..

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    'RZL reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue   
    Here's the concept for the statue:

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    'RZL reacted to [HP] in Overwatch   
    Control point map out on PTR today, set in Busan, Korea!
    Each 3 points feature a different distinct theme: City, Temple and MEKA Base. The design of each point should feel very different with varying environment hazards and vertical elements. Go check it out!



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    'RZL reacted to [HP] in Cyberpunk 2077   
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    'RZL got a reaction from That50'sGuy in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I think this is what blackdoggo means:
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    'RZL reacted to vfig in The Door Challenge - 2018 - Submission Thread   
    Name: Andy Durdin
    Website: http://backslashn.com
    Story: A nuclear missile's headed your way. A nuclear bunker is right behind you. But its door is shut. You have two minutes to find a way inside.
    Engine: Source SDK
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w42Dni15kSgP0HzI1KqOFV72CWExzw17 or door2_vfig.zip

    Video link:
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    'RZL got a reaction from +Rusty+ in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I think this is what blackdoggo means:
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    'RZL reacted to Radu in [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza   
    I was trying out the new mp5 and figured I should post something from the last build

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    'RZL reacted to untor in [CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]   
    Waterfall Residence
    Set in Canada, this facility is under attack by Anarchists seeking to destroy a residence that has rare cultural values.
    -Half-open sky
    -Improved performance on different machines
    -Improvement in the gameplay
    -Better balance than before
    -Visual improvements.
    Thanks to everyone who helped improve the map.

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    'RZL got a reaction from blackdog in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I think this is what blackdoggo means:
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    'RZL got a reaction from zombi in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I think this is what blackdoggo means:
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    'RZL reacted to grapen in The Door Challenge - 2018 - Submission Thread   
    Name: Fredric Grapensparr
    Website: http://www.grapensparr.com/
    Story: You stumble upon a shrine hidden among the rocks. Use your curiosity to get inside.
    Engine: UE4
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1omOcgAM0KBjmBZPTqeg6gERtfMPL9SxW/

    Video link:
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    'RZL reacted to zombi in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Wish I can finish this one (walk simulator in CSGO)

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    'RZL reacted to yebu in [CS:GO] Scarab   
    I just released a map on steam workshop, and would appreciate feedback.
    Workshop link with more screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1483111472

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    'RZL reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue   
    Decided the rocks were a tad too smooth and stylized so I reworked them:


    *here's without the normal:

    Didn't get into too much detail cause I wanted to keep the shapes consistent and thought it would be more difficult to notice the repetition with simpler geometry.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    'RZL reacted to General Vivi in The Door Challenge - 2018 - Submission Thread   
    Name: Jason "General Vivi" Mojica
    Website: www.generalvivi.com
    Story: You are a captured robot that has the special ability to stretch your arms infinitely. Escape your prison!
    Engine:  UE4
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vGhB1WckfTkRyO90f1Ak-cLa8fY1PmtT/view?usp=sharing

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    'RZL reacted to ChrisXswe in Armed Heist - A small studio project   
    Hello guys at the forum,

    Today is a big day for me, the Studio I'm working at (Sozap) are relasing their game globally (this is my first commercial release as well, it's quite special to me), so I just wanted to share this with you guys on the forum and I would love to hear from you what you think of the game that I've worked on since January (I've done Mission design and Level design, I've also helped out with various changes on mechanics and menues).

    We're only eleven people at the studio and two of them aren't even working with the game (Marketing and CEO), so we're only nine Developers working on the game, especally we're a small studio working on a too big project, but we will continue to work on the game even further by bringing more content (New weapons, armors, locations, missions and skins, also a quite asked co-op mode) and hopefully we will also expand the studio with more artists and programmers before the year ends.

    The game is currently only release on iPad and iPhone, the game is Free-to-play.
    So what is Armed Heist?
    Armed Heist is a third person cover-based shooter that lets players take part of a legendary crime spree. Clash with law enforcement and dangerous thugs while
    robbing banks and other valuable locations, all to increase your reputation as the most infamous criminal in the city.
    With over 10+ different locations in the city and with multiple jobs for each, no session will ever be the same for maximum replayability.
    Dive deep into the massive customization system with over 40+ weapons, each with their own modifications and skins, that'll make the weapons truly unique for you.
    Armed Heist on App Store

    Love to hear what you guys think of the game

    / Best Regards
    Christofer Schenström


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    'RZL reacted to seir in Mapcore Job Census   
    I no longer work for CD Projekt RED, could you remove me from the list? I currently hold my own micro-company
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    'RZL reacted to Squad in What movie is this?   
    Blackdog beat you to it
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