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    'RZL reacted to That50'sGuy in [Source] Flag models   
    Ahoy comrades!!!
    A while ago, @blackdog requested I make wall flags, and I plan to make a lot of them.
    As for right now, I figured I'd give y'all a taste by making a few iconic wall flags (USA, Canada, Japan, UK, and USSR)
    They all come with a detail texture overlay on them to make them look much nicer!
    Download link: http://tiny.cc/WallFlags_Sample
    Happy mapping!!!

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    'RZL reacted to ElectroSheep in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    Well I'm a bit in a trouble finding some time right now with a lot of stuff happening to me but made a new house lately

    Next step is to rework the A site / CT spawn / graveyard.
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    'RZL got a reaction from OrnateBaboon in Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting   
    Yeah, I'd like to participate as well, so it would be great if we could find veteran industry professionals who are interested in judging this. I'm sure there is plenty who would be willing to do so.
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    'RZL got a reaction from Lizard in Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting   
    Yeah, I'd like to participate as well, so it would be great if we could find veteran industry professionals who are interested in judging this. I'm sure there is plenty who would be willing to do so.
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    'RZL got a reaction from Vaya in Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting   
    Yeah, I'd like to participate as well, so it would be great if we could find veteran industry professionals who are interested in judging this. I'm sure there is plenty who would be willing to do so.
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    'RZL reacted to MikeGon in Montréal, Canada - Eidos Montréal is looking for a Level Artist, unannounced project   
    Check it out if you're interested:
    (English at the bottom of the page)
    Cheers, Have a nice day!
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    'RZL reacted to blackdog in Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting   
    The problem with “modern engines” is that you are not level designing but creating a game completely. Yes sure, you can create a theme like The Door, but is not something you can find funding because is not to be added to an actual commercial game.
    The UT contest did have a lot of participation.
    On the topic of having professionals, in a forum where most people are themselves professionals, I quite struggle to see we can’t get some of that talent to judge. Sure people wanting to participate or that are stuff working for studios could drop an email inviting the seniors to judge?
    If is CSGO would it make sense and be possible to at least try and invite a couple pro players? Seagares has been collaborating with Faceit and there are people like N0thing that have always tried to help aspiring pro players, with many of these ex champions/stars now focusing on streaming guess they could find the time?
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    'RZL reacted to The Horse Strangler in Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting   
    I agree with poLemin and Grapen. Contest should be shorter this time around, HARD final deadline, and fresh maps. I think this helps to provide a solid lesson in reigning in scope and ambition. It requires designers do more planning early on on paper or docs, which I think is a healthy workflow we should promote via those rules.
    Secondly on judges, I also agree they shouldn't be allowed to enter. I know we had a discussion yesterday about who constitutes as staff/judges. I think that's a tricky subject to narrow down, but I do think staff should be allowed to enter if they aren't judging. I realize that staff members could have good relationships with possible panel members, but I think we should assume that the critique and feedback would be fair to all.
    Lastly I believe the judge panel should be made up of industry artists and designers. I think this is ideal over including personalities or "popular" members of the csgo community for several reasons, tho the major three that come to mind:
    Feedback from industry designers can provide both major motivation and critique to a layout. Even if people lose, it's still a big win to get that kind of attention on your work. Industry designers will be able to articulate why a layout works, or doesn't work. Why this art is too busy, or too empty, etc. They'll be able to provide feedback in ways that can continue to help improve the entries beyond the contest duration. By this I specifically mean how impact the feedback is, and not so much actually continuing to give feedback after (that's their discretion) Obvious one is that aspiring artists and designers ultimately want to get into the industry and while feedback doesn't specifically constitute confirmation on that path, it put's entrants on a path that takes them there. This will help to allow mapcore to reach out to a wider professional community. It also allows industry members to keep an eye on promising talent that ultimately they may have interest in hiring. This is partially why polycount, RTVFX and so on are bringing big numbers to their contests. There's some other bits I will post later that are on my mind, but I want to see more public responses first on how others feel.
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    'RZL reacted to ┌HP┘ in Doom Level Progress Diagram   



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    'RZL reacted to Serialmapper in [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)   
    non-playable area

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    'RZL reacted to Serialmapper in [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)   
    Thank you guys!
    I changed the "riverbed" texture with another one that enhances the properties of the water and doesn't look so synthetic like the previous one.

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    'RZL got a reaction from MikeGon in [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)   
    Looks great, just make sure to turn off self-shadowing and shadow casting off on the foliage, that way they won't cast weird shadows and the colors will be more vibrant.
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    'RZL reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue   
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    'RZL reacted to Serialmapper in [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)   
    I replaced the initial water texture with a texture made by @Yanzl, also i replaced those "dust" palms with pines, also made by him, and oleanders.

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    'RZL reacted to Yanzl in Yanzl's Source Emporium   
    I didn't make any Photoshop specific things, but here's the process for making a color correction file in Photoshop:
    1. Download this image (this is the off.raw color correction LUT you can find in materials/correction, converted to png)

    2. Open a screenshot of your map in Photoshop.
    3. Drag the above LUT onto the Photoshop file. Don't change the scale. Move it to a corner. It should look something like this:

    4. Either apply the color correction adjustments you want using adjustment layers or flatten the image and use the regular color correction tools. 

    5. When you're happy with the result, crop the image to the LUT size - 1024 x 32 px. 

    6. Save the file as .raw with the following settings and move it into materials/correction. 

    7. You can now reference that file in Hammer and color correction should work. Don't forget to pack it when uploading to workshop.
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    'RZL reacted to Vilham in Red Dead Redemption 2   
    similar technique i would think
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    'RZL reacted to zombi in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    UE4 is very powerful but I'm noob. This is my simple scene.

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    'RZL reacted to esspho in [cs:go] de_cleanup - wingman   
    A small update:

    I've tried to implement the latest feedback and cut the small room behind the bombsite. I also removed one entrance to the bombsite and enlarged the plant area a little bit.

    To make the outside part more interesting i added some cover along the ramp.

    I also added some placeholder props here and there.

    Here are some slides which show the main changes:
    hallway 1
    hallway 2
    Workshop version a6:
    I'm always thankfull for any feedback.
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    'RZL reacted to blackdog in The Steam Sale Thread   
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    'RZL reacted to Serialmapper in [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)   
    I wasn't quite pleased with the HR lily decals so i finally made my first low poly lilies and lily flowers using HR textures

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    'RZL reacted to Byron in [CSGO] de_mineshaft   
    Hey guys. This is a demolition map I made. My goal wasn't to make a competitively viable map, but rather a fun and unique map, with many ways to play it. The terrorists spawn at the top of a cliff, and the CT's at the bottom. The site itself is located just below the cliff, with high walls surrounding it. The walls are filled with things to jump on, meaning that the Terrorists can do a bit of parkour for a shortcut. This makes the map play extremely vertically, and makes for a very unique game. However, behind the walls of the cliff are a series of caves, that play more typically. Fight your way to the bottom for a covered route to site, or take a turn along the way to peak a window with direct view onto site. The map looks complex at first (which isn't helped by the 3 levelled radar), but becomes intuitive the more you play it. The map is currently in greybox, so I'm looking for gameplay feedback. The level was not designed for competitive play, but to be more fun, but also balanced. There are plenty of angles, boosts and jumps that may be considered OP in your average de_ map. I think it makes the level unique, and every round plays out very differently (unless your playing with bots, who rush one of two routes each time as they can't perform complex jumps).
    This is also my first map I've ever made, besides a bad layout I made in 2015. This project alone has taken me a bit over a two months, however a lot of this was learning the editor from videos from TopHattWaffle and 3kliksphilip (who initially inspired me to map). Inspiration of this map came to me when I was thinking about drawings my friends and I did when we were 8 or so. We would draw a big cliff, with things poking out, with stick figures shooting each other from different angles. I thought it would make for an interesting map.
    Radar (Confusing af):





    Lower Tunnel

    Upper Tunnel

    CT Side

    T Side

    Crane Load

    CT Spawn (Bad deco)

    T Spawn



    Upper Tunnel


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    'RZL reacted to text_fish in Gaming Motivation Survey   
    Spoiler Alert: This survey is basically just about smartphone/tablet gaming.
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    'RZL reacted to El Moroes in Random Photo Thread   
    So the pictures are coming...slowly
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    'RZL reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue   
    Ooops... I leaked a screenshot. 
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    'RZL reacted to hoistenize in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    i learned to model in a few months, and i think its allowed me more creative freedom than ive ever had
    screenshot from de_sydney, a wingman man made my T-R3x3r and i
    im in charge of the art, and honestly i have taken a while to get the map to the point that it is at (8 months so far), but i am speeding up steadily

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