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    'RZL reacted to Simon in [WIP] de_havana   
    I am working on an Cuba inspired map.
    This map will have a cosy atmosphere with warm colors and a feeling of relaxation.
    Hopefully I will pull this off 
    WORKSHOP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801440937
    Pls give feedback


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    'RZL reacted to Rump3L in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Free time chillout sessions, wip wingman 

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    'RZL reacted to spa in [WIP] de_rampart   
    Rampart takes place in the Pacific in an abandoned bunker installation from WW2.
    have a rough untested layout and some mockup props. I mainly try to make the two bombsites thematically stand out: One is a derelict research lab where super soldier experimentation took place (a large vat with a skeleton soldier) and the other is a haubitzer canon.
    I also try to work in alot of circular and organic shapes to get away from the typical straight lines that a grid based workflow can lead to.

    Another quirk on the level that i would love some feedback on is the breakable door/gate on the B site. I know these things can be controversial but i want to give it a try and if it doesn't work out i might try something else.

    One of my main motivations for this map is to create as many new materials as possible with substance and really make it look gritty, aged and worn out.
    I hope I have time to complete this one, but i think its pretty scaleable in terms of the amount of polish required.
    Feedback and comments are welcome!
    Workshop Link
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    'RZL reacted to El Moroes in Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game   
    Hey guys, let me present you our new baby  

    Hope you'll enjoy this teaser !

    “DEATHLOOP” transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two extraordinary assassins.
    Explore stunning environments and meticulously designed levels in an immersive gameplay experience that lets you approach every situation any way you like.
    Hunt down targets all over the island in an effort to put an end to the cycle once and for all, and remember, if at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.
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    'RZL reacted to PaulH in E3 2019   
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    'RZL reacted to poLemin in Feast   
    Throwing my hat into the ring as well!
    I'm doing a solo run again and will create a level loosely based on the city of Tbilisi, Georgia. First steps will be gathering reference pictures and drawing a layout idea on paper. More progress will follow

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    'RZL reacted to FMPONE in Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019   
    Mapcore is now holding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapping Contest for original 5v5 bomb defusal maps AND hostage-rescue maps, powered by FACEIT!
    Mapcore's Veteran Judges will be joined by CS:GO Guest Experts on CS maps, such as
    Pimp, Moses, The WarOwl, LAUNDERS, adreN, DDK, James Bardolph, and Anders Blume!
    How to Enter the Exotic Places Mapping Contest
    Post a "Work In Progress" thread in Mapcore’s Official Event Forum!
    When you're ready, update your WIP thread with a link to your playable map's Steam Workshop page.
    Your thread + playable map constitutes your entry to this contest!
    Submission Deadline
    Your playable map must be entered by February 1, 2020 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time (EST). 
    Judging Procedure
    Mapcore Judges
    Puddy -- @puddpuddpudd
    TopHattWaffle -- @TopHattWaffle
    Guest Experts
    Pimp -- @Pimp_CSGO
    adreN -- @adreN_Hoag
    Anders Blume -- @OnFireAnders
    James Bardolph -- @jamesbardolph
    Daniel "DDK" Kapadia -- @ddkesports
    Jason "Moses" O'Toole -- @OnFireMoses
    WarOwl -- @TheWarOwl
    Launders -- @launders
    Mapcore will announce Contest Finalists on February 10, 2020
    To determine 10 Finalist maps, Mapcore Judges will rate Contest maps according to the following 100 point criteria, with any ties broken by our Guest Experts: 
    25 points: Fun Factor (how well-designed is the map)
    25 points: Originality + Relevance to the "Exotic Places" Theme (Exotic meaning it's normal definition as well as "locations seen infrequently in CS:GO")
    25 points: Visual Presentation (how aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated is the map)
    25 points: Overall Polish (bug-free maps; maps with Soundscapes; maps which run smoothly; other determinations relating to quality)
    Finalist mappers will then have one month to make changes based on community feedback.
    Top 4 Contest maps and the Grand Prize Winner will be declared on March 16, 2020
    After March 10, 2020 Mapcore Judges and Guest Experts will rate every finalist map according to the same 100 point criteria above (Fun Factor, Originality/Thematic Presentation, Visuals, Overall Polish), with any ties broken by Guest Judge Anders Blume.
    Mapcore will then declare the Top 4 Contest maps and our Grand Prize Winner!

    Contest Prizes
    Top 4 Contest Maps receive:
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    A Spotlight on Mapcore (linking to each epic WIP thread)
    A Monetary Prize ($7,500 for First place; $4,500 for Second place; $2,000 for Third place; $1,000 for Fourth place)
    Map added to Mapcore’s FACEIT HUB platform for 4 months!
    Special Valve prizes! (CS:GO/Valve merchandise, courtesy of Valve Software)
    Contest Rules
    Entry into this Contest is free of charge for all. Your entry must be a playable map for the PC version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Remakes (maps of the same name and design of an existing map released for public download), sequels (e.g. de_dust3), and spiritual successors (new name for an old design layout) can NOT be entered. Maps that were under creation prior to the announcement of this Contest can be entered, as long as a complete map version (layout and any non-greybox art) was not released for public download. Map entries must be submitted to the CS:GO Steam Workshop AND our Mapcore Contest sub-forum before the deadline. Map authors are free to share their map on any other websites or services they wish, however the map must remain free to download. Multiple map entries are permitted, however each entry will be judged for its own particular quality. Map entries created by teams are permitted, however entrants will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded prior to prize claim and dispatch. Mapcore encourages entrants NOT to update your Workshop map after the deadline. Entries will not be disqualified if updated, but entrants assume the risk of introducing bugs/glitches into their work. Judges will not be asked to overlook such bugs/glitches, so we recommend "finalizing" a polished version of your project before the deadline in order to “put your best foot forward”. Mapcore forum rules must be obeyed. All custom textures, models, etc. must be embedded into the map's .bsp file (FREE TUTORIAL AND TOOL). Assets must also comply with Steam Workshop guidelines. Map authors must be able to accept cash payments. Winners of hardware or physical products will be required to provide a valid shipping address. Judges, Experts, and individuals associated with organizing this contest CANNOT enter, nor provide material assistance to map entrants. If a Finalist entry is disqualified due to violation of ANY of these rules, all applicable winnings will be directed to the next highest-rated map. Void where prohibited.   
    Contest Eligibility
    1. Participant eligibility: This Contest is open to any individual, or teams of individuals, provided they comply with the following:
    Participants must not be an Employee or Official Staff Member of the “Organizer” (Mapcore) or “Sponsors” (FACEIT). Participants must not have taken part in the judging, or official announcement of this Contest. Participants must not be a direct relative, spouse, or direct employee of any of the above. If a Contest Judge has previously published a CS:GO level with a participant, that Judge will be fully disqualified from scoring any entry by that person. In place of the disqualified Judge's score, the entire panel of Guest Judges will be asked to rate the entry, and their rating will then be averaged. 2. Legal Age: This Contest is open to any individuals who meet the above “participant eligibility” criteria. In the event that a participant who has not reached the legal age in his/her state wins one or more prizes, he/she must provide contact details for the legal guardian who will claim the prize(s).
    Prize Disclaimer
    FACEIT will be providing Prize revenue. Mapcore assumes no responsibility.
    And to our INCREDIBLE Sponsor:

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    'RZL reacted to michal3210 in [CS:GO] dz_junglety (Danger Zone)   
    Started working on map undergrounds, caves with some new assets 





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    'RZL reacted to Lizard in Mapcore Job Census   
    In 2 months I will start my first industry job as a Junior Level Designer at Techland 😎
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    'RZL reacted to Vilham in Mapcore Job Census   
    So I had my last week at Splash Damage and my last week for now as a lead, start as a level designer at Arkane next week. Time to get immersed.
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    'RZL reacted to grapen in Mapcore Job Census   
    I’ve ditched the junior part, I’m a plain old Level Designer now. 🤓
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    'RZL reacted to Klems in Mapcore Job Census   
    Today I started my dream job as a graphics programmer for Arkane Studios \o/
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    'RZL reacted to blackdog in Watchmen - The Serie (HBO/DC)   
    Also an explainer
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    'RZL reacted to mr.P in [decompiled] dz_blacksite | dz_sirocco   
    trying it out myself while re-purposing my battle island map

    how it looks in hammer

    how it looks in game (without details)

    added some details (but still need to work on the masks)

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    'RZL reacted to Roald in [FC5] Moonshine   
    So I made this map to try out a new map editor, work with another game/gamemode and expand my portfolio and thought it would be cool to share it with you guys.
    Its a stealth mode where you are imprisoned in a Vietnam camp in the jungle. You have to find your way out of the camp (solo or coop) and while doing so eliminating three targets and get to the extraction point

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    'RZL reacted to T-Rexer in [decompiled] dz_blacksite | dz_sirocco   
    Blacksite Danger Zone map decompiled:
    Hammer will not run very smooth with this map!
    Sirocco Danger Zone map decompiled:
    Prop scaling on the oil pipes is wrong!
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    'RZL reacted to Roald in de_tracks   
    While on the search for a enviorment artist for Resistance I have came up with a new concept de_tracks.
    Basicly I wanted to create something mechanic. My first idea was to make parts of the layout change when you enable a trigger, but scrapped that idea pretty quickly. But it was no waste, since it brought me these tracks that can be repositioned easyly and bring some cool dynamic to the map and connects parts on a interesting way. I started with this idea on midle and just worked my ways trough the bombsites and spawns in one go and got this concept + itteration in only two days. Its not been tested with actual humans and I am planning on doing that any time soon. I am not sure about the exact theme, but the basics are there. Enjoy!

    Some usefull nades: https://imgur.com/a/L8uH3Gp
    midle (from CT window)

    midle (from below window)

    Midle from T entrances

    A site

    CT spawn

    B site (from T main path)

    Trying out something new. This is the T connector from B -> A and since its a very small map I was thinking of removing it but then considered using these sliding doors which make sound and also block a long seightline

    Thanks for Terri for making my life a litle easier with the auto radar!

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    'RZL reacted to zombi in [CS:GO] de_tunnel   
    yay more changes
    New mid(again), big changes on A site and small tweaks on B.
    Ready to download - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1327056446
    Have a nice day
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    'RZL reacted to zombi in [CS:GO] de_tunnel   
    Slowly adding stuff
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    'RZL reacted to [HP] in Overwatch   
    Ok, I'll bite.
    In the first image from the castle map, you would put collapsed rubble and an unreachable path. But that path exists for two reasons, it's there to give you a side route / flank route in case you're being spawn camped and it also serves to show you a little bit of the backdrop. OW maps are very small, so any opportunity to show a backdrop is a golden opportunity because it makes the environment look bigger than it is, it makes it look expansive and vistas are usually a lot better to look at than a pile of rubble.
    Second image, again I think looking down a beautiful vista of a techy city is a lot more interesting than starring at a toll booth or whatever blocker you decide to use like cars, etc. Furthermore, to do what you're pitching it would require to make an invisible collision, which we want to minimize as much as possible. You're all about realism, don't you think a invisible collision is unrealistic?

    Third image, adding a side path to the right with rocks covering the way. It's unpractical to add a fork on the road and then turn it into a dead-end. The good thing about doing a continuous road is that it serves as a line for players to follow, you always know that the road leads to where you wanna go, therefor it helps leading players so they don't get lost. If you start adding random roads that lead nowhere, the readability of the map suffers, it starts looking busy and players don't know where to go.
    And again, looking at a expansive big canyon vista is WAY more interesting than a few rocks blocking a dead end road which would make the map look claustrophobic.
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    'RZL reacted to [HP] in Overwatch   
    ahah, shit man, your tone's a bit a harsh, but hey I get it, those are good points. 
    Basically, the answer to a lot of those points actually boils down to one word, authenticity. Not to be confused with realism or accuracy, those are usually boring, if you want realism you go outside.
    Think about it, If we went for realism, Hollywood map would have been WAY different, if you ever visited Hollywood Blvd you'd know what I mean, we would have people dressed in shitty batman suits just standing on the sidewalks and you'd have shit everywhere. Instead, the map was built through the idealized lens of what Hollywood is, pretend you're a innocent child, close your eyes and try and idealize what Hollywood is, you'll see a beautiful sunny day, with green palm-trees, red carpet, hotels with art deco architecture, filming sets brimming with life and color. That's the kind of art we want to make and put out into the world.
    Let's think Route 66, you close your eyes and imagine Wild West Canyons, old gas stations, old tarmack, bikers, hot sun. This becomes even more interesting when you add extra layers of interest, a hideout cave for a gang hiding in the canyons. Subthemes within a main theme that mixes with each other to create a idealized fantasy.

    As for the architectural style of the different maps, indeed as time passes in big cities you start to have predominately generic and futuristic looking buildings that might look good on each own but have no soul whatsoever. The counter argument for that, specially from an artist standpoint, is that cities are actually creating legislation and laws to retain the style of the exterior facades. I was born and raised in Porto, there's very specific laws that you cannot change the facade of a building, and if you want retouch or fix portions of it, you need a city permit to do it, these legislation exist to respect and retain the heritage of the architectural style of the place, which is way better than seeing glass/modern buildings everywhere.
    The Overwatch world's goal is to be authentically abstract and ideational, it makes people dream and it shows an aspirational world, you get my point, the theme is king and it needs to find a certain harmony with all of the pieces at play, and there's a lot of them, sometimes some of the believability needs to be consciously sacrificed so to let more important elements shine!
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    'RZL reacted to Minos in Overwatch   
    I like to think that Overwatch maps are abstract virtual spaces (though I do my best to imagine they are a real place to make them feel as believable as I can). If we would just make "realistic" maps (sacrificing gameplay so the roads can go where it "makes sense") these maps would have the worst gameplay ever   Gameplay comes first, the map art is just a "skin" on top to make you feel like you are in a real place, but it's obviously not a real place, it's all smoke and mirrors and lots of little techniques to convey spatial awareness and navigation. It's all an illusion, so we can cram as many ideas as possible in a small place. For example, "in reality" the farm in Junkertown would be miles away from the city itself. But who would like to play that? Here's some food for thought:
    Some of your feedback is very valid though and we will keep it in mind 
    Btw, I completely forgot to post this here, but I gave a talk on Digital Dragons last year about how we blockout our maps and the power of keeping things simple, by using Junkertown as an example
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    'RZL reacted to [HP] in Overwatch   
    New map is out boyz and gurlz
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    'RZL reacted to El Moroes in Random Photo Thread   
    hello, my last one  

    Yeah, lot of "birds"  😛 
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    'RZL reacted to will2k in Random Photo Thread   
    8 days, 2 consecutive blizzards, snowfall, torrential rain, 95-100 km/h heavy winds, freezing-ass temperatures, lightning/thunder storms...
    Finally, it all stopped yesterday, and sunshine is back which makes for some nice sunset shots

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