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  1. Hey, the log files and recordings for you and @Vilham are on the drive now.
  2. Well, there you have the problem. Sorry about it, happens all the time. Jokes aside: It looks like there's been an update which updated the demo engine since the last playtest and it made the older version unplayable, which is pretty unfortunate. No idea if there's a way to work around this problem :<
  3. Recordings and Demos have now been added for you and @NihiL.
  4. No problemo, I've already updated Nihil's submission.
  5. No problem, thanks for letting us know. A recompile is recommended. A suffix is needed, because if you want to playtest your map again and submit the map with the same file name people will get conflicting map files when trying to join the server.
  6. ​The recording and the logfiles are on the drive now.
  7. 'RZL


    yeah, mirage2 can totally wait we need this article!
  8. yes, tomorrow didn't work because I was sick on that day
  9. Todays playtest gets postponed until tomorrow as the server didn't get updated since the last csgo update. Nothing we can do about it. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.
  10. 'RZL

    [Ignore This]

    I moved the thread to the 3D section.
  11. You might want to add the following article to your post: https://www.mapcore.org/articles/general/do-you-really-want-feedback-r23/ It's a great article about recieving feedback and how to get the best out of it. The included pictures don't work anymore unfortunately but they were mostly eye candy anyway.
  12. The recording and the logfiles are on the drive now, happy evaluation!
  13. ​Alright, I updated your playtest submission. No need to file a new submission if you just want to update the mapfile btw.
  14. First of all, great changes overall! The new design looks very fresh and up-to-date! Here some further feedback: You cannot edit posts with the WYSIWYG editor turned offThe gap between paragraphs appears to be too bigThe old quotation boxes around quotes have dissappeared, resulting in some weird looking postsSpoiler tags don't work anymoreSignatures don't show up anymoreYou cannot see who liked posts/comments, which is very important for stalking reasons!
  15. Playtest Schedule PSA: I won't post any playtest schedules anymore like I used to. Everything can now be found on the Google spreadsheet right here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tIZfmw4l86IYG5U81qe5sOEcDDln71rHSRB2e0a2xY8&authuser=0 Color Legend: Grey: Old submissionsGreen: Accepted SubmissionsYellow: Accepted submissions, which fulfill all basic conditions, however "Status 1" and/or "Status 2" have optional requests for changes for the playtest. Red: Invalid submissions, which are not fulfilling all basic conditions, "Status 1" and/or "Status 2" show what conditions aren't met. The submitter still has the chance meet the conditions, the submission is invalid until then.Black: Denied submissions. The map is not ready for playtesting and/or does not need to be playtested on MapCore. "Status 1" and/or "Status 2" show more details.White: Open submissions, considered as valid until inspection. Spot in the schedule can be considered as reserved.Let me know if you got some feedback about this change. Cheers!
  16. Hey, you have to pack everything (radar, custom materials/ models, etc) into the .bsp file via pakrat. and then just link us to the file. Your current submission does not have a radar included by the way, so please provide a new download link where everything is correctly packed and I'll update the link in your submission.
  17. the demos are there, i just didnt shorten the demo names. Just sort the files after date, and then you should be able to see some demos that start with "auto-"
  18. Nope, there was no submission for today that fulfilled the conditions.
  19. Another Playtest is starting now! Come join us!
  20. PSA: We now have a new TeamSpeak server! Save it in your favorites and join us if you want to hang out or want to play some matches with us. TeamSpeak Address: se-voice2.fragnet.net:10174
  21. PSA: We now have a new TeamSpeak server! Save it in your favorites and join us for future playtests. TeamSpeak Address: se-voice2.fragnet.net:10174
  22. Playtest Schedule Playtest 07.05.15 Muffin's DE_Cetza Finchy's DE_Greece Playtest 10.05.15 Borgking's DE_Carrier Dosentti's DE_Farm Playtest 12.05.15 [OPEN] [OPEN] Playtest 14.05.15 Guni's DE_Keep [OPEN] Playtest 17.05.15 [OPEN] Snorix' DE_Santomare Playtest 19.05.15 Triple-M's DE_Venezia [OPEN] Playtest 21.05.15 [OPEN] [OPEN] Playtest 24.05.15 [OPEN] [OPEN] Playtest 26.05.15 [OPEN] [OPEN] Playtest 28.05.15 [OPEN] [OPEN] Playtest 31.05.15 [OPEN] [OPEN] Submissions can be considered accepted if they appear in the schedule, this can take up to 24 hours.
  23. Another Playtest is starting now! Come join us!
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