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  1. Logfiles and demo are up now. @P1g3oN, for you as well.
  2. PSA: Workshop submissions are allowed from now on! Just drop the link to the workshop page of your map in the "Download" field of the Submission Form, fill out the rest like usual and you're good to go.
  3. You can see the amount of thought put into this. Fantastic stuff again! And great job on those gifs and images, gotta love 'em.
  4. That is true, but in this case it is not ready for a playtest, because the mapcore thread is poorly maintained and the workshop link had only one tiny preview image at the time of submission. Besides, he asked for a 10-man playtest, which we don't offer and chose an invalid date. Now he's even being rude on his mapcore thread... The map has been declined before and judging from the new screenshots it doesn't look like it improved. @Bozocow, please update your mapcore thread, gather some feedback and don't be rude before submitting another time.
  5. Not like this anymore. Please read the first post of this thread.
  6. Just now, I used the download link you provided for your submission.
  7. nope http://imgur.com/a/NP0Rm (some examples)
  8. @swst.turn, @GenoCide, the feedback files are on the drive now.
  9. The blue bricks look pretty huge, I'd suggest to scale them down a notch, to be more on par with the bricks in this picture: Anyway, it looks pretty promising so far.
  10. Just a sidenote, the radar files were packed the last two times. I didn't download them from the drive. @Iceberg No need to share the radar files separately. About custom textures, most of the textures were packed the second playtest but you might have missed some in the middle of the map, there were some black areas. That being said, I'd suggest to go back to greyboxing most of the map as it looks to be too early to bother about texturing the areas correctly.
  11. Just a quick FYI for everyone who's making maps with squeaky doors: No need to change the speed of the doors for playtests anymore, Valve fixed the issue with the last CS:GO update! You can read about the update here: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2015/07/12182/
  12. Fantastic article plubo, some real in-depth stuff. Can't wait for the second part!
  13. Damn, that second video kept me on the edge of the seat. Nice comeback!
  14. @Dosentti's and your recordings and log files are up on the drive now.
  15. No worries, I totally forgot to add your map for yesterdays playtest. We'll playtest your map on sunday.
  16. Because there were no issues with the map. Status 2 is an optional second status, which makes sure that everything with the is fine. For you the check wasn't necessary since you had quite a few playtests with us already without problems. We also playtested your map already but you didn't show up.
  17. They are on the drive now. Link is in the first post of this thread.
  18. The map doesn't crash anymore, but there are some black textures on the map. Looks like there are still some textures that you forgot to pack. Edit: Judging from your screenshots, it has to be the plain green and blue textures that are missing.
  19. Your map does not have a suffix and my game crashes when I try to load your map. You can update your map up to an hour before the playtest begins, but the sooner the better and your spot will only be reserved for you if you submit a playable version first.
  20. Hey, sorry for checking it so late. It is okay in general, but there are some black textures, could you make sure to pack everything correctly and send me the file again?
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