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  1. The demo and log files are available now.
  2. That's enough, we'll have another look at it soon.
  3. Try to delete your light_env and add a new one with the same settings. That might solve your problem.
  4. This problem was solved by removing the light_environment and adding a new light_environment with the exact same settings. Looks like the entity was somehow corrupted. Funky stuff.
  5. You can fill the form again right away, or you can just post the link to the thread in here and I'll update your submission.
  6. No, it's fine, I updated your submission.
  7. Yepp, looks good to go, but the date is already full now. Wanna playtest on the 28th instead?
  8. Just checked it, there is still custom content missing, the radar is the same as well. Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/YwPzs37.jpg
  9. PSA: I made some little changes to the playtest settings to comply with the matchmaking timers and to improve the playtest experience. Roundtime is now 1:55 (2:00 before)Bombtimer is now 0:40 (0:45 before)Warmuptime is now 5:00 (7:00 before)Amount of restarts is now 3 (4 before)Holiday Freezecam Effect should be deactivated now'RZL is now permanently in God Mode to balance the teams (in his favor)
  10. I just tried it, it crashed for me as well. Try to compile your map and pack it again. Take special care of your packing as there is a higher chance that's the cause. It most likely works for you because you also have the original files in your csgo directory.
  11. I just walked through your map. There were some issues i had with it, you can find them under "Status 1" on the schedule. These issues should be fairly easy to fix, so please take care of them and then we can playtest your map. If you got any further questions or input please send me a PM here on MapCore.
  12. Hey, sorry, I didn't get around to checking it yet. I'll try to get it done this evening.
  13. Yeah, it's still up to date, just so I can get reminded by it. Your files are uploaded now.
  14. This might not be the correct answer but you have to change the priority of all the spawns, as spawn priority 1 is lower than the default priority 0 (highest priority). Negative numbers might work as well but haven't tried that out yet.
  15. Yeah, it's fine, we can playtest that. Just use the submission form and we'll get things sorted.
  16. Can I have Insurgency? Love ya, Jack <3
  17. yeah, it's still in my autoexec.cfg and it's still pretty useful as it also mutes what the other team writes. It also automatically mutes half of the players in DM and casual, which is nice. Oh shit, didn't even notice that! That's pretty cray cray
  18. Suddenly I ranked up. Feels good. I want to thank Puddy's mum for being a constant inspiration, without her I wouldn't have made it.
  19. PSA: Changes in the playtest config and schedule Just two things I want to announce: The playtest config has changed slightly. A team gets $2400 instead of $1400 for losing a round. For each consecutive lost round the amount increases by 300$ (max. $3000 for losing a round).Tuesday gets removed from the schedule indefinitely, leaving Thursday and Sunday as the only days to submit a map for a playtest. This has been done for the following reasons:to get more playtest days filled with two maps instead of oneto give people more time to unwind in between the playteststo give people more time to give and receive feedback on MapCoreIf the demand for playtests rises again, then I'll consider adding Tuesday to the schedule again. Hit me up if you got any feedback. Cheers!
  20. Must've forgotten about it, I'll upload it later this evening.
  21. 'RZL


    A deadline is a deadline, you have to hold off from updating your submission until the finalists are announced if you don't want to risk your map being disqualified.
  22. @Jim, @Symix, @y-man, @esspho: your logfiles and demos are up now.
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