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    [CS:GO] Map Bug Tracker

    I can't see any workshop maps on that site. Did nobody submit his map yet, did none of them get approved yet, or am I just blind?
  2. 'RZL


    I don't know exactly what it is, but something feels off about this map. It feels kinda bleak, maybe it's the sunlight?
  3. @Skybex and I work on a map called cs_concert set in an amphitheater. We've recently added a wall of fame and still need a good amount of pics. If you want a chance to be part of it just PM me some of your pics extravaganza. The current wall of fame with lots of placeholder pics that wait to be replaced: PS: It would be best if you looked like a musician (with some sort of instrument), group photos are also welcome.
  4. Some really promising maps in there, looking forward to the final results!
  5. 'RZL


    I like the direction you guys are going, looks really promising! Keep at it!
  6. 'RZL

    The random model thread!

    (her eyes are weird)
  7. Hey, I moved your request to thursday. Still have to verify if your map is ready for playtesting though. Also, please create a MapCore thread first, and gather some feedback on there. To everyone: Sorry, the demos are broken as of now and I know no solution to it. Please hit me up if you got an idea on how to fix them and we'll try to work it out. Cheers
  8. Alright, thanks for clipping the stairs. I accidentally changed the date to the wrong day. The playtest will be on Sunday, the 17th of April and not on Saturday the 16th.
  9. Hey, sorry for the delay. The files are uploaded now. You can find the link in the first post of this thread.
  10. After long and exhausting research and analysis, I managed to update the workshop links. It was hard work, and I really want you to appreciate my extremely fast response to your request. Cheers!
  11. the feedback files from the playtest are uploaded now. You can find the link to the files in the first post of this thread.
  12. We're on the server now, where are you at? Edit: Nvm, you showed up
  13. Yes, you can do that, but it's always nicer to have the mapper take part in the playtest, as it also motivates the playtesters to give more feedback. There is also no guarantee that the replay works. I'd suggest to postpone your submission until Sunday.
  14. Sorry, but we won't playtest a map that is the same it was the last time. Please keep working on your map until you submit again. You can simplify your map quite a bit for example, as the flow of it was pretty unintuitive. There was also headpeek cover at some locations which you should remove imo.
  15. Man, you just gave me inspiration for my next project. Thanks!
  16. Sorry about the corrupted file, seems to happen sometimes unfortunately. I know of no way to solve this problem :/ And yeah, I noticed the terribly large filesize and >90% of it would be an empty server, because the recording didn't seem to stop after everyone left. I'll try to prevent this from happening again, maybe it also reduces the chances of corruption.
  17. You understood that your map might get declined and accepted the feedback you got from the playtest administration by checking the box next to the statement below. Instead of asking me for further or more specific feedback via PM, all you did was defend your map. There was not a single question in your first message. That's why I saw no reason to give you any further feedback or reasons. I don't have to justify why other maps got accepted and yours didn't. No need to go down that road.
  18. Sure, I changed your date. Thanks for following the optional request.
  19. 'RZL

    de_decay (WIP)

    The shadows are way too bright, you barely even see them.
  20. PSA: NEW SERVER Since we've had some problems with our server provider, we decided to change the provider. The new server is hosted by Fragnet in Stockholm, Sweden. Make sure to add it to your favorites in CS:GO for easy access. New IP: Correction: The server is located in Frankfurt, Germany.
  21. There is a new tab on the top where you're able to see the most recent content, that should be what you're looking for:
  22. Haha, alright man, I fixed it in your submission. EDIT: Also, you should be able to create a MapCore thread for your map now. Which I highly recommend!
  23. Thanks for bringing it up! The port must have changed by accident. It's back to 27015 now.
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