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  1. Here a bit of feedback: 1. The trees look a bit too repetitive and do not look very good from the angle you're looking (from below). 2. You seem to use the fence model a lot and it looks pretty wrong in front of the wall. I would get rid of that stuff there. 3. I would change the texture for the storm drain area to something that looks more like concrete, this one gives me too much of an italy vibe, especially since it looks similar to your map de_coast. Same goes to the floor trims. 4. The double double door entrance looks really wrong. I would definitely remove one of them (and replace them with a window you might be to jump through?). If it is two entrances to different parts of the interior (with a wall between) then I would replace the doors with single doors instead so you have some space between the entrances. Also the balloons are too repetitive and too uniformly clustered. I would spread them out a bit more in some parts and move them closer in others to break things up. Gameplay wise the whole map is an absolute mess and no fun at all to run around in. Prove me otherwise by giving me access to actually be able to play it
  2. I think that movie does not quite fall into the girl's movie category
  3. I'm using chrome on android as well and it looks fine to me
  4. Correct, it's "Good Time". Robert Pattinson plays his role really well in it. Pretty good movie overall. Your turn now @Radu!
  5. yeah, I really enjoyed it as well, even though I've already been spoilered about the end... Anyway, I'm pretty confident that is the movie so I'm just going ahead with the next picture:
  6. 10 Cloverfield Lane?
  7. Today was my first day at Splash Damage as an Associate Level Designer. I broke into the industry, yay!
  8. It's great, really like the live updates to the 3D model and freedom of choice you get. Only two or three things stood out to me: The space between "Hide Option Cubes" and "Total" is too small (i.e. non-existent) and the display of dimensions in the summary isn't very sexy but I think that's one of the things that is still WIP. Also the Note underneath might be bit unfortunately worded. Maybe this is better: "Note: You may rotate the 3D furniture by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it around." While the site looks very clean and slick (which I like) I feel it has a bit too much dead space going on between the different segments, but I guess that's just how websites are built nowadays to be more mobile and tablet friendly. Anyway, great job overall!
  9. The mail address got hidden, could you maybe share it again but with a space in between, would love to play around with it for a bit? Would love to play around with it
  10. Thanks for the new copypasta! No, but seriously, you got some really solid advice from an industry professional there. You should really give it more thought instead of going into full defense mode about people trying to push you down. Many of us have been in the same shoes as you and learned to not bite more off than we can chew. Now we try to relay that experience to you so you can avoid wasting not only your precious time and effort but also of those who work with you,... but I guess that's something you have to learn on your own? Anyway, that's just my view. Of course you're free to ignore it and go about your day. Just remember that it never hurts to listen to feedback and review it. In the end it's all up to you and what you make of it. Happy new year to you as well!
  11. As far as I know only two maps were disqualified because of it. Both of them had missing models when I looked at them at the deadline, which was a certain exclusion criteria for me when judging, since they made the maps largely unplayable. So I don't think there is that much of an issue in this case as it may seem when reading this thread. Anyway, in hindsight I agree that the wording was a bit too ambiguous and could've been better,... certainly something to be improved upon in future competitions.
  12. 'RZL

    What I'm Working On

    Lol, you're right, in this case it would actually be good
  13. 'RZL

    What I'm Working On

    Pixel Camo was a massive failure, Multicamo is having its comeback.
  14. Please don't update your map until the 10 finalists of this contest are announced, which will be on the 10th of december.
  15. yes, sure, just let us know and we'll move them for you.
  16. It's much appreciated, but here is the official map collection, without duplicates and submissions that pulled out: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217635152 let me know if you notice anything off about it.
  17. 'RZL

    [Released] Fiorina

    Sorry to let you know, but you didn't manage to upload the map to the workshop in time for the deadline (you went over it by around 12 hours). It's really unfortunate but it would be unfair to the other participants to let this pass with that many hours behind the deadline. You got something great going on there and I hope you'll keep working on it to turn it into something really outstanding.
  18. Our buddy Paranormal made a trailer for DE_Grind and he did a mighty fine job, give it a look!
  19. Dude, this deserves a thread of its own, cool stuff!
  20. The map has no skybox nor does it have cordons. Since it's an early WIP you can just use a cordon that wraps around the whole map and keep it activated while compiling. Problem solved. To get you started: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Cordon_Usage Or else just google for some YouTube tutorials, I'm sure there is something about it.
  21. Promoted this thread again since it deserves all the exposure it can get, really a great read.
  22. Yeah, that's it. Here is a description of the Mafia (party game) from wikipedia: I'd also love to give it a try!
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