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    9 hours ago, Radu said:

    Also, we've put fourth the idea of allowing mapcore staff/moderators that are not on the judge panel to participate in the contest. While nobody seemed to mind in the Discord and encouraged the idea, it's good to also talk about that here just so that there are no issues down the line. I know that I'd like to be participating in this one and maybe @'RZL as well.

    Regarding the judge panel, a lot of people have been vocal that they would like to see more industry professionals. Something else to discuss.

    Yeah, I'd like to participate as well, so it would be great if we could find veteran industry professionals who are interested in judging this. I'm sure there is plenty who would be willing to do so.

  2. 2 hours ago, scorched said:

    Neat submissions!

    Tried the standalone ones for now (next time will try mods), had technical problems with 2 of them:

    • @General Vivi's entry leaves me stuck in the white floor in the beginning, and it seems I'm unable to do anything... (Also I don't have "touchpad and trigger", but hopefully regular keyboard and mouse are supported too)
    •  In @Misieq10's puzzle I can't find the way to move boxes. Unity input remapping dialog suggests mouse buttons, but no luck with them.


    I'm afraid that @General Vivi's game is VR only, which leaves us all frustrated and angry...

  3. On 6/5/2018 at 3:26 PM, Vilham said:

    Hey a bit of a necro but the first post in the thread now auto embeds stuff which totally breaks everything.

    Fixed now! Had to remove one video about cs:go level design unfortunately, since it broke everything.

    Anyway, did anyone find any resources in the meantime that we could add to the collection?

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