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  1. Kirizai

    procedural FPS

    I would really like to try it. Sounds incredible.
  2. Our LD has used Progrids and Probuilder before, trial versions I'm sure. I'll try to get everything to work out. whether it finding a way for the LD to feel more comfortable with Unity or have him use 3ds Max/Gmax, or have the Programmer use HAXE, I recall him already knowing that language, and I think he's comforable with it. Whatever it is, I'll post the conclusion and how this plays out. Thank for your help guys.
  3. It seems that we have come to a conclusion, or rather a compromise. Everyone would be happy if the programmer can program in C#. In his opinion, he dislikes(a weak word) C++ or rather propreitary code(Unrealscript) immensely. I could give you a list of what he dislikes in C++ but I won't. Basically my question is is he able to code in C# for UDK(A plugin, "converter/translator" like HAXE)? Both would be happy, quite possibly very happy if this happens.
  4. One arguement that keeps going over and over is the "You can't model in a game engine". The Level Designer argues that you can if only basic models. Ok, our game is doing procedural dungeons so, like Diablo II, it's randomized. The "Level designer" is making the "rooms" for the levels, if or if not the entire level itself. Can you or can you not model the "rooms" on a game engine?
  5. Indeed, arguing about snapping is... stupid to say the least. Besides, one dislikes unity one loves it. See the problem?
  6. Well, personally I don't care, it may be just putting on the blame but honestly, it's just those two arguing. I need to think of a concrete answer, way to make them stop and clarify some things. One argue you can't model in a game engine like stuff catted before, another says they can and yada yada yada. Erratic: "Tris..."? I don't know that word... sorry. :/
  7. Hey guys, I'd like some help decyphering on what these two of my teammates are argueing about. From what I know, It's an arguement about what Game engine we should use/change to and modeling in a game engine. That's about all I know, I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me with clarifying everything so these two can stop arguing and continue in making our game. This was a chat on skype. Legend: 1:Programmer 2:LevelDesigner The two engines: Unity and Unreal. Our levels/dungeons are supposed to be "randomly generated". We are around 18+ years so we are very new at this. Note: I understand nearly nothing of this so.... Have at it. 1: Unity has snapping though... and mono is an ide I know for a fact udk has no ide all its own unless you wanna count kismet (I don't). Also shadows don't have to be "added". 2: UDK has snapping 2: Better snapping 1: Hold ctrl+shift in unity 1: Move 2: UDK is a lot more user friendly 2: and is used by The AI(A type college) 1: No its not. I strongly disagree with that. What's used by the ai? 2: UDK 2: UDK is extreamly easy to use 1: Not really. 2: You can create rooms in under 15seconds 2: You must have not used it then 1: Omg we've had this discussion. Engines are not for modelling. 2: I beg to differ 2: UDK does it 1: It does basic shapes, not all out modelling. 2: I never said it does full modeling 2: I said it creates rooms 2: and you can stuff to the rooms 2: Using static meshes 1: We need more than just boxes though dude. 1: Specifically our rooms need more depth than that, and for dungeons that aren't just stone rooms the geometry is entirely different. 2: Yeah... 1: keep going 2: I looked at a couple of videos about UDK, and most of the items are static meshes. End of the chat/They stopped here.
  8. Kirizai

    Tileable textures?

    Sorry I was at school when I posted this, I'm allowed, I just didn't have time. I will check out those links. Thanks.
  9. Kirizai

    Tileable textures?

    Kikette, basically, I my textures are 2048 x 2048. If I want to keep my textures at 2048x2048, do I make a 4096x4096? I like 2K textures:p
  10. Kirizai

    Tileable textures?

    Whenever I make my texture I set them, they end up at 2048 x 2048 or I set them as that. Would it still work or is there a different way?
  11. Kirizai

    Tileable textures?

    I always never seems to work for me. When my textures tile, they don't look seemless, it was always obvious. I see a cross where they meet or the corners. Certain parts on my textures always seem lighter then a different area, but I think that's on my part there.
  12. Personally I would have to say google, basically on the internet. Or if you can, take photos or something yourself for your own reference.
  13. Kirizai

    New guy here!

    Hi PogoP, Honestly, I'm extremely new to this. I haven't even started on a full read on normals and Bump mapping. I have yet to find methods to do such things. Sculpting is something I want to get to work on but, like I said, I'm basically a greenhorn. Thank you for your advice but like I said, I barely started and I like making this stuff, it's just... Where do I even start? I jump around from topic to topic and I try to mold stuff together.
  14. Kirizai

    New guy here!

    So, Hello everyone! I just got into this forum and I wanted to just say 'Hi' to everyone. Oddly enough there wasn't an introduction sub forum so I did it here beause of one main reason. The 2D forum will be the page I will be on the most if not daily. I'm into making textures and I'm in a fairly new team so it's quite small. I'm pretty much the only guy in the 'art' department if we take out 3D modeling department. So, I'm the guy that makes the textures, and the team thinks I make pretty good textures. Sadly I'm a perfectionist and I get frusterated easily if the end product ends up not to my liking. Just to let everyone know that I'm also very new to the texturing and art world of game development so I hope we can all help and support each other! So, Nice to meet you and also... I never get the lightning correct, or at least I use lighting instead of diffuse. Any tips or advice anyone has is much appreciated. Thanks. Here is a picture or two, hoping if any of you guys could give me some advice or critique. http://i1124.photobu...es/Rocksold.png http://i1124.photobu...s/RocksVer4.png http://i1124.photobu...s/RocksBase.png Please don't mind the names, I couldn't think of anything at the time. Note I'm using diffuse maps on CS5 and I shouldn't do that at least I think. I'm a newb so.. :/
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