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  1. Looks really nice Nawbie, I really like the look of the second picture especially. My concern for the first picture is the amount of fences you have could be distracting, could just be that angle though
  2. Take this however you will but I believe that you should of made something new rather than a remake of something old, not saying that some old maps aren't worth saving but I think that slapping on new textures and putting in new models won't make it any better. The current look is pretty good but I still think it could use some improvements, I think that it looks like source because of some of the textures you used as well as the lack of detail in some of the things in the map like the spawns or the jail. When remaking something you should take in consideration of what you're trying to improve upon. and in this edit I believe you focused only on visuals with the addition of some removed stuff. The visuals in this map honestly don't stick out to me because I've seen it about a thousand times with other surf maps, modern, abstract, and clean. If you honestly wanted to remake the map and have it be unique in its own self you should of gone bold and created your own style to add to it, something that isn't like every other surf map. I understand that you were trying to stay "true" to the original by not changing anything but I feel like more people would want a new map rather than a remake of an old map which there are probably a bunch of.
  3. Well you could do 2 things that I'm aware of at least. First option being selecting every brush and then going into the vertex mode and then selecting every vertex and then snapping one to the grid causing all of them to move that that increment causing all to be on the grid. Option two would be to go to tools and go to snap select to grid, I'm not sure how exactly this works but it might work for you. Both of these options are my guesses and be sure to save your map before you do these just in case anything bad happens
  4. UnknownPredator

    [TF2] Hellstone

    This looks amazing, congratulations man! I'll have to try this out soon, this looks like one of the best Halloween maps for tf2 that I've seen.
  5. Really cool stuff, I'll be bookmarking the wheel tutorial
  6. Are these facade textures? If so you have to credit him
  7. UnknownPredator


    Some of the textures are low res, such as the map for the map or "park". The roller coaster itself isn't realistic because its tilted throughout the entire thing, even on the loop. The map doesn't feel like an amusement park at its current stage because the lack of any buildings that make up a park, but I assume that you will detail and fix this later on. I have no comments on the layout because I haven't got to play any serious rounds on it. Also rollercoaster goes through a tree lol
  8. I really love the art style, and the layout seems very solid and interesting. Please keep us posted on this, very promising
  9. UnknownPredator


    Well keep working on it, hope to see pictures soon
  10. UnknownPredator


    My old map was named Blizzard, I never published it though lol. I'm just going to give feedback on the visuals but I think that what jackophant said was right. Try adding some more detail to your buildings, and adding decals such as stains and dirt to areas. The map right now looks very boring because every building look the same, try adding some variation in the building size and looks. Lastly, I don't know if this is just me, but I think that you could brighten your map a little bit more.
  11. Set in an European embassy located in London, Terrorists decided to raid the embassy and take hostages. Inspiration comes from various capitol buildings, clean buildings, and other dirty modern architecture. The layout showcases a very big mid area which has good vertical combat and offers many strategical chokes and angles. The layout is not finished yet, but will hopefully be done soon, I'm hopefully going to be play testing this map as soon as I got that part down. I've only got a few pictures to show, which are still wip, and the rest are unfinished parts of the map. Pardon the "Instagram" esque pictures lol "Squeaky Door" offers a narrow hold with the option to wall bang through the plywood "Balcony Mid" offers an area for people to peek above the building, and offers cover allowing you to peek and hold corners. "Balcony Long" The deadliest part of the map, offers control but is hard to get past without the help of teammates because of the angles that you have to cover I don't have a workshop link yet, but I will as soon as I finish the layout. Thanks for your time Special thanks to : Jebus, Mendaxyz, Invalid Nick, and Vaya
  12. Guys, chill down lol. Anyways, just by looking at the radar I think that spawn point D is a bit too far out and should be placed more to the left. If you replaced the asphalt textures and the grass textures with something new, I think it'd look a million times better. The middle of the map, near the village could also use some foliage or grass up against the walls, stains, etc. The map looks pretty good so far, and seems promising
  13. I haven't posted in a while, so here we go.. I wonder what this could be...
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