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  1. Oh thanks. Didn't get any notification this was approved.
  2. You don't make any sense. Inte ens på svenska kommer det göra skillnad.
  3. What do I have to do in order to create a topic in non-professional recruitment thread? (: Best, Fred
  4. Hello Mapcore. I got tipped off by a friend (Benny Kayser) that I should look for a modeler/animator here. We're looking for a dedicated modeler/animator to help us bring this project to life visually. You shall know how to build characters for games and how to place the edge loops etc etc. It's preferable that you can animate as well because our co-designer is currently animating instead of doing stuff a co-designer should do. Team Structure Fred (Lead Designer / Project Leader) Ried (Designer / Animator) Benny Kayser (Level Designer) Kmau (Concept Artist/Asset Designer) Zhadek (Programmer) Contact Method [email protected] (Preferred Email) https://www.facebook.com/Aeranima (Facebook) Aeranima (Skype) http://aeranima.weebly.com/index.html (Website) Compensation Plan At the moment we only offer a spot in the credits and some great work experience, not to mention a nice game to put in your portfolio. No monetary, nor any financial compensation. Technology Artist Tools: Blender (mainly) Description Jelly Kid is a 3D sidescroller inspired by the Super Mario games and other side-scrolling action-platformers like the Sonic games. This project will be a demo version of the game with 3 playable levels and a small amount of game features with a doable time schedule. The goal is to push out a working (and fun) prototype to continue working with and eventually get published. Our team focus is not on an epic game or storyline, but on a well produced game with some good old fashioned fun. Hope to hear from ya soon. Fred
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