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  1. I just want to point out that you label yourself as an Environment Artist yet the first three assets on top of the page is two vehicles and a gun, this gives me a lot more Hard surface 3D artist vibes. I'm not saying you should change order, just that you should be aware and reconsider it. I did notice the date on the assets, but on the second look.

    Also, I like the BTR 90! =)

  2. Mapcore's elite should start a mod team called "Hurg Entertainment" or something like that and prepare to port Half Life 2 to the new Source engine. Named differently of course, like how Black Mesa did it.

    Just imagine guys like Kikette and Pene doing textures/props, Seir and KNJ doing scenes and maps, FMPONE making the majority of the maps, Vivi doing gameplay, etc. I'd buy that for a dollar :)

    OR you can make a level PURELY made of reaction gifs!

    Seriously though, would be really cool to see all wicked people here doing a collab.

  3. Finished the expansion in two evenings. It was just more of the same, nothing mindblowingly new, but had some cool new enemies and other stuff like those door ways that freeze you. There was nothing that really ever bothered me about playing through it, either. But dont get me wrong, I had a blast, and I feel like it probably went over just a tad too quickly. I would have liked the act to grant me all 10 levels (I was 67 when I approached the final boss, but was told by friends I should wait until 70 to get a 70 legendary).


    So I joined some friends who had already beat the game and leveled to 70 in some Adventure Mode. Adventure Mode is awesome. I feel like they really took replay value seriously with it. So good job on that. I will definitively be playing this more than vanilla d3. Only farming paragon levels and items never really enticed me as much as hunting down bosses across the map seems to do.


    Overall I think its a solid release. In many ways fixes so many of the problems and issues that vanilla d3 had and I got to say at this point I don't really miss multi player pvp, so I'm fine with you guys not adding that.

    I haven't been able to do the Adventure Mode yet but I'm looking forward to it, the replay value has really been a problem with D3 pre-expansion. I remember Blizzard talking on Blizzcon about how the levels were supposed to be procedurally generated so that every run would be a unique experience, though the procedural generation was almost inexistent, so I haven't been all optimistic about the Adventure Mode.

    I'm afraid it would be more than a zic-zac of three to five elite packs, a gold chest and possibly a treasure goblin or two - is it more thant that?

    Also, have you tried Hardcore mode yet? Those legendaries feels a lot more legendary once you know they all dissapear if you die. 

    P.S Don't forget to level up clones! ;)



    Leveled up the Crusader to 60 yesterday. Gonna have a LAN-party starting today and we all agreed not to play Act V until today. Together. With Beer.


    Loving it so far. Really hope to see more expansions like this, maybe a Necromancer?   :cool:

    So what's the Crusader like? Diablo 2 Paladin v2.0?

    Yeah holy shit do I miss the Necromancer, all those amazing summon spells.




    Doing a little Heroes of Might and Magic II homage here... there will be no easy mode, just an easier mode.


    Now that you have come so far with these three buttons, can't you just make a really good remake of HOMM II or HOMM III? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?! :D

    EDIT: Also, nice to see some retro stuff.



    That would be awesome, however that's probably really really difficult to do, I can't see myself or anyone I know for that matter top the px-quality of Heroes 2. And the gameplay is pretty much nailed. The only thing I see that it needs is a better multiplayer, like sim-turns and a tech that works better on new comps.


    Yeah those sprites are really insane! Pretty, pretty dragons! 

    Also, I agree the multiplayer is what needs to be fixed somehow. HOMM 6 had some good things going for them, such as being able to buy all your Units from any castle you control, thus removing the need of 20 "transport-unit-heroes", which was really stupid. There are some other stuff that really needs fixing gameplay-wise too, but boy do I love that game-series.

  5. Dear Mapcore!
    I recently installed Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior to start creating a map for the AOCTO map contest. Since I never made a Chivalry map in UDK before I thought I would take a look at the example maps like the help/tutorial docs suggests.
    When I opened the Example maps I got a lot of "Objects missing", we are talking more than 100 errors. What I have done so far to make it work without results:
    - Fully Load the Chivlary package in the content browser before opening one of the maps.
    - Removing the game entirely from steam and trying it out with a fresh install.
    Is there anyone here who knows what it is or how to get around it?
    Probably I could rebuild all the kismet stuff but it would be very bothersome and a waste of time.
    I might mention that I have other versions of UDK on my PC yet in completely different folders, though they are on the same hdd - but I don't think this makes any difference (at least it shouldn't.)
    Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the long post, I will remember it the day I get into a similar situation. When I started reading up on this thread two pages I missed until now I thought everything had gone down the drain, but I was all wrong! 

    "If you can go through this pain period, you may get to be a champion. If you can't go through, forget it." - 
    you would make Arnie proud! ;) 

  7. Imagine having a mobile with an application that reads a boardgame like Warhammer and stores all the hp and that data - would be great! :D

    And btw, didn't google do something like this recently? But specifically with a camera that's mapping 3d environments. If I remember things correctly it could be used for Firemen to move in smoke-filled areas and such.

    Anyway, cool stuff!

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