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  1. Holy moly! I just realised that Gman is raising his eyebrows. I've seen your avatar dunno how many times but it was not until now!

  2. Appearantly double-posts on the forums are merged into your previous posts. Mapcore mods are geniouses! :D

  3. That moment when a level design studen of yours hands in all his documentation... in .txt format! D:

    1. jackophant


      erm... wot?

    2. Sigma
    3. Sjonsson


      No it was supposed to be a pre-production blueprint D: I cried

  4. That moment when you have been tweaking post processing effects for 20 mins and realises that f.lux is on... D: #leveldesign

  5. Dang, just saw your website. It's ambitious least to say! :D


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    2. Sjonsson


      Haha yeah I figured, didn't see any trace of Epic stuff.

      Maybe I should talk to Wilco too, heh! ;)

    3. 2d-chris


      yeah he made it for me years ago, didnt cost that much he gave me a great deal, well worth paying for a pro to build your site tbh

    4. Sjonsson


      Sounds sweet. I've built four websites now and man is it boring and tedious. Better to talk to someone who actually know I believe.

  6. Now it's official! As the current main teacher for Level Design at The Game Assembly, an advance vocational education, (University level but not academic, focused on pratice) in Malmö, Sweden is stepping down I'm about to step into his shoes and teach in everything from level design to game engines and scripting. First off at 100% and then I will drop down to 75% to continue my journey with my own studio.

    Finally some economic stability in my life, a total relief!

    1. text_fish
    2. mr.P


      awesome dude! level design lesson no#1 stay on the grid! :D

    3. Sjonsson


      Haha yes and keep your increments as big as possible. They already broke both of those. D:

  7. Heey! Your website flavioumauri.me is down! ;)

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    2. blackdog


      Not sure what they are up to. AFAIK they had ActionScript until Flash MX, then they switched to Javascript or, if they still call it script, it is very close... a friend of mine was selling Flash plugins and told me so.

      I studied C++ in high school, Java in uni but both the basics. Been writing PHP since then, but it's still a long while I don't properly code, I mean head-down coding.

      I was planning on getting back to practice Javascript exactly because any job opening in web design/interface requires that, but I'm really struggling in doing anything after work :( I would like to give a proper shot at mapping first... I'm trying to come up with a routine that will allow me to properly concentrate on like a map and a website/UX project, but my rota is incredibly hectic, and although they should be giving me 2 weeks notice, we are still dragging along 1 at a time :ubermad:

    3. Thrik


      I did quite a bit of ActionScript and it's basically just ECMAScript with some extra bits. ECMAScript is for all intents and purposes JavaScript, which persists as a legacy name. I'm sure you know this, but it's nothing to do with Java. :D

      Seems unfortunate that lots of games are still using Flash though, they could easily do everything with basically the same open technologies that the web uses now. I think SimCity does actually. Still, skills should be transferable without too much pain.

      Small tip for getting into the habit of working on personal stuff is to start with a ridiculously attainable routine, such as spending 10 minutes working on something four times a week. Once you have that down, upgrade it to 30 minutes, etc. I find this works well for all kinds of things, including exercise. :cool: 

    4. blackdog


      Ye another downer is the exercise, I got bored of my routine so not going to gym even when I could. I say "better study" and then I don't. I wanted for a lonf time have a trainer give me a new routine but with this rota is impossible to fix an appointment as they are very busy :-\

      Sorry, I know this sounds like just trying to find excuses...

  8. So it's my birthday, wish me a happy day or else!

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    2. jackophant


      Happy Birthday for yesterday! :D We share a birthday month!

    3. Sigma


      Happy belated bday!

    4. Sjonsson


      I forgot to respond. Thanks lol!

  9. Merry Christmas dear mappers! :D

  10. My first profile feed is...... I just put my SC2 mod down the drain. Feels in the feels!

    1. Pampers


      post pics here:

    2. Sjonsson


      That's actually a good idea! :D I'll do it when I get the time.

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