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  1. Congrats, Red. Looking forward to the debrief.
  2. Just seen on Twitter, this was me. https://twitter.com/potch/status/537330272954359810?s=15
  3. Kick ass like Arnold Schwarzenegger Astound them like Richard Feynman Come out like Arnard Feynmenegger
  4. Good luck RY, hope it goes well for you.
  5. @RedYager Just occurred to me, David Johnston's excellent blog on level design is something worth mentioning during lecture, the development of Dust2 and stuff is pretty much compulsory reading. http://www.johnsto.co.uk/blog
  6. Nexusdog

    [CS:GO] de_whitmoore

    Well now, that's got some nice architecture in that pic. I did a bit of google fu & found some interesting stuff - may interest you, may be interesting? I didn't see many pics showing a variety of scenery or street layouts, though these were quite good.
  7. As an aside, check out Richard Feynman lectures on Youtube, see how he did it perhaps? WWRFD? :-)
  8. Nexusdog

    [CS:GO] de_whitmoore

    Hey mate, got a few questions for you - none are in any way critical of your work, just interested in how you plan & stuff. Caveat* (Needs more variety with vertical height on some of those buildings at some point) What reference picture would you choose to best show what you want your map to look like? Which map does your own currently play like, in general? Which areas of your map are you excited about? Which areas of your map have you struggled with? Which maps were your inspiration for your project? Cheers mate, thanks for sharing & hope project goes well for you.
  9. I like it, but it looks like a lot of set pieces - how big is this, are there any pics of higher angles or wider panoramas?
  10. I'm guessing the course deals with the technical side, using editors, tools & so on. How much deals with the creative side? If I were part of the audience, I'd be itching to know about stuff like: Where does the germ of inspiration come from? Do you see it visually in your minds eye? Does it come from previous sources, games, architecture etc? Does a source (i.e. architecture) dictate the design of a level? Is there a focal point/set piece/structure or specific shape which has a need to be created? Do game mechanics come into the creative process or is it purely a creative end
  11. Putting this out there for consideration http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/categories/wold-members-tutorials/nexusdog/l4d-campaign-design-why-less-is-more.php The most appealing idea discussed so far for me has been Blue Shift - a dual project for Source & UE4 feels best course & suit expertise and talent. One thing I'd like to add though. There is a L4D2 mod by Rayman1103, called somewhat unsurprisingly 'Rayman1103's Mutation Mod' http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=121070254&searchtext=rayman1103 Buried among them is one called Co-op versus (CVS)
  12. If there's enough talent & interest, how about Blue Shift for Source & UE4?
  13. The spacing on those arches on the upper floor are going to drive my OCD insane.
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