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  1. I saw the grid sizes were multiples of 10 instead of powers of 2 and I nearly had a stroke
  2. You've got some really funky grammar in a lot of your map descriptions: "Capture Point Alternator, was one of my first ever main major project, I set my self the task of creating a 3 CP map which had a different play style to the rest of the 3 CP maps, which most of which all had the same idea of having a final point on top of a high structure." "I looked as this with the idea of the 2 teams are wait for a train to come to a coal station where they have to fight over the cargo" "I tried to take the China theme in a different way for trying to make it more industrial by making it lo
  3. As far as I know loot spawning is still super shitty, which kind of breaks the rest of the game. They made loot spread around the map a lot more evenly than the mod, which is nice in theory because it gives new players more of a chance since they don't have to brave the Cherno/Elektro sniper death zone just to start off. But in practice this means that the players are super spread out as well, so you generally go a lot longer without seeing anyone since there aren't a few areas where everyone congregates.
  4. If only I had a ps4. I played the demo at E3 and shit was so cash.
  5. The cops were gunning people down in the original protests.
  6. Good to see our resident murder apologist is putting in the extra hours to fight the good fight
  7. So to sum it all up: "Sure theyre indiscriminately gunning down civilians but they're popular in their hometowns and some of the civilians are racists so nbd"
  8. Yeah this was one of the things I thought too. The two different gameplay styles are just begging for some kind of objective mode where they each fill a different role. Deathmatch is fun but you don't get any of the tension of an objective-based mode (flooding guys onto a point, making that last minute push for the win, etc.) How fucking awesome would it be to have a bunch of dudes climbing a fort while the huge-ass robots behind them fire volleys of rockets and shit at it?
  9. I hope so, one of my biggest complaints about Unreal is that it's a huge pain in the ass to do blockouts because the BSP tools are wonky as hell and most 3D packages are pretty bad for making quick, rough blockouts.
  10. One thing some places have done is the local city governments have started up their own ISPs. Since the city government can't "go out of business" the municipal service acts as a baseline; since it's cheap the private ISPs have to bump their service to a higher quality to get people to pay for the better service. Santa Monica recently rolled out free wifi that covers most of the central city, and they have their own fiber network (which I think is just for businesses/office complexes at the moment but I imagine it will be expanded to residential areas eventually). But of course lots of pla
  11. Stop trying to destroy freedom you filthy commie
  12. steamapps/insurgency2/bin/hammer.exe
  13. Is there any reason to have explicit normals off? Is there some benefit to having UDK attempt to figure out the normals instead of just pulling them out of the FBX? Because it does a pretty horrendous job of it and generally ruins everything.
  14. Seriously. I don't play Sim City to build 10 square blocks of houses. I play Sim City to build a treeless, dystopian hellscape of highways and heavy industry that stretches as far as the eye can see.
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