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  1. Is this game going to be like Quake Live, no freedom to make servers with mods and maps?
  2. http://www.apa.org/pubs/books/4318009.aspx This book just arrived! It's kinda flabbergasting to know that, according to the authors of that book, around 70% of all students in US universities procrastinate at some degree.
  3. Heretic 2! From all doom clones, this one had a theme, an original theme. Jedi Knight 3! Jedi Knight series set itself aparts from all other FPS and TPS. Star wars racer. Well, it did have a sequel for PS2 that was never ported to PC. Parasite Eve 4! This was my second action RPG ever played. First was diablo. Theme Hospital 2! I played Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 2 till the first boss and new power, then I quit. It's way too repetitive, plus, the blocking / attacking movements are damn slow. Just watching it on youtube is already boring.
  4. It's an interesting read. It's about how certain aspects of one's creativity can be hindered by a not very well known brain disorder (or whatever category is that). It caugh me because it's strongly related to being unable to finish projects or meet deadlines. https://notes.utk.edu/bio/greenberg.nsf/2700cc9c7c94b8be852563b7006b5bff/9b59a01f892cb86a8525792d00713c7c/$FILE/A&O%20-%20Dysfunction%20&%20creativity%20-%20Brian%20Wilson%20in%20sci-amer-mind1205-36.pdf About who wrote it: Dr. Brian Levine is a neuropsychologist interested in the function and dysfunction of large-scale neural systems as expressed in complex human behaviors, including episodic and autobiographical memory, self-regulation, and goal management. Who is the person of interest in that article: Brian Wilson, founder of Beach Boys. TL;DR - Executive function can be seen as the CEO of one's brain, it directs one's brain. The article doesn't try to explain creativity as a product of mentall illness, it rather focuses on what happens when the brain's CEO is damaged or malfunctioning. Incidentally, I saw this video (below) and made a connection between the article and "The game that the time forgot" From all 6 "A"s, I highlighted two: Ambition - The boy set expectations too high, overly complex game or the workload is too much for a single person. Maybe we can call this "losing track of reality". In Brian Wilson's case they mention some bizarre requests, such as putting a piano in a sandbox. Another case is when he requested the musicians to wear fire hats to record a piece of music. Hmm... but I think I might be making up the connection here, because in one case (Brian Wilson) there was a real mental disorder in play and a kid making a game is just that, a kid making a game. In the video the boy mentions A.D.H.D. which could be a cause for scrapping ideas over and over. Always sticking to the plan - "I want to make a game inspired by aliens invading earth, it'll have many weapons, vehicles and huge battles". Stick to that idea no matter what, even if it seems overly complex. No detours, no wayback, once aliens, it'll be aliens invading Earth, not another distant planet, not medieval age, It'll be aliens invading Earth. They mention an example of failing to properly analyise a situation in the article. Imagine that you are going to buy food and plan to make a dinner for a group of friends or family. Due to bad executive functions in one's brain, the person decides to buy food in a far away shop, far away enough that it's going to take too much time to travel there just to buy food (maybe because the person though about price and forgot about time or vice-versa). Or, suppose that the dinner has dishes that are going to take a lot of time to cook and that there won't be enough time to cook it, yet one won't change his/her mind. I'd put an extra, seventh, "A" in the count "Always in doubt". Make an RPG in a fantasy world, medieval age, alien world or in open space? I can't decide! I'll open up a survey in a gamming forum and based on that, I'll choose one. Brian Wilson' had a psychologist that took over his career due to him leaving many decisions for other to make. I've had some experience with these in the past. I once wanted to build a city in UT, but it was just too ambitious, beyond the engine limits. For many years I refused to go back to the planning stage. I'd just open the map, do something for some time, then a long break, then open again to do something, then another long break, untill I finally decided to delete it once and for all. Much like the mention to ADHD that the boy made, I too had that surge of ideas that I couldn't control. Make a map with theme A, then stop in the middle to start another with theme B, then stop to do 3D model, then stop to do sound recording, and so on.
  5. This game has a strong modern Super Sentai vibe (super sentai = power rangers). Or Tokusatu (shows about one super hero, as opposed to power ranger teams). And those clothes
  6. upload gambar free photo upload
  7. With a delay of three years (failed 3 times, once per year) and the last exam delayed 4 times in 2 months.... I've finally passed vector algebra and analytic geometry. I did an abysmall mistake in one question, but fortunately my average score was the min to pass.
  8. I didn't buy it myself, my sister did. I was thinking about some portable device to carry ebooks around, after less than 2 days doing a quick research I decided that a Samsung Tablet 10.1 was a good choice. The specs are a bit of overkill for reading books though 3GB of RAM 16GB storage (enough for books) Exynos™ 5 Octa 2560 x 1600 10.5 inch (over 250 ppi) Android KitKat OS I wouldn't be surprised if this thing has better graphics capabilities than my intel i3 hd3000
  9. Yummy illumination and it's kept with four players split screen. I can't say anything about the game because I have never played anything like that, or anything that was third person other than Tomb Raider and Max Payne.
  10. Opsie. I ended up discussing about GPU + CPU integration when the main point was about GPU's programmability. http://www.anandtech.com/show/8363/khronos-announces-next-generation-opengl-initiative The key idea there seems to be: as GPUs are becoming more and more fully programmable, why there isn't a standard instruction set for GPUs? There is x86 for CPUs, will there be an equivalent for GPUs? Intel did though about that when they started their GPU with x86 cores initiative, which failed to result in a consumer video card but succeded in becoming a co-processor to compete with Nvidia Tesla. Nvidia has its CUDA, but no game is fully utilising it because it's Nvidia only. Uncharted 3 looks good. Except that due to PS3 bottlenecks they had to bake lots of things and lower the resolution of many shaders and textures. With PS4 and that Uncharted 4 teaser they seem to be freed from having to lower the detail in this char to go higher in the other char and some other trade offs. Graphics vs fluidity? I'd say fluidity if the game is naturally fast, such as F1. But for horror, terror, adventure, image sharpness first.
  11. mmm... This reminds me of an interview with Tim Sweeney in 2007 when he talked about the future of graphics and parallelization of code. summarizing some ideas of him: he did forsee lower level graphics API, so that you wouldn't be restrained by the API itself. And in an ideal world, CPUs could parallelize code with no programmer's intervention, releaving you from the burden of dealing with all the specifics of parallelizing code yourself. AMD's APUs and Intel HD graphics seem to be going towards tighter integration of GPU and CPU, which should eliminate some of the bottlenecks we have today.
  12. FFVII. But I have to admit, I haven't played FFVI which lots of players out there claim that it was better. Years later I played Parasite Eve, which made me rethink my opinion about FFVII and turn based RPGs. The plot revolving around Gaia, poor citizens and evil corporation was well developed to create a cinematic atmosphere. The soundtrack was really well composed. And there is that character's dead scene that everyone should remember when part 1 of the game ends. Unfortunately the FFVII movie was a big disappointment, they just made a weak plot with uinteresting villains and bad facial animation. Max Payne and F.E.A.R. come to my mind if the talk is about cinematic feeling. They are very far from being photorealistic, but the setting, plot, the levels, all are really well blended to create the cinematic atmosphere. The voice acting was really well made and the sequence of levels very well built. Dark forces, Jedi Knight II and Star Wars KOTOR come to my mind if we talk about inteligently exploring a movie franchise. It's a pity that after JKII there were no more JK games. I can't speak of more games because I missed whole generations of games from year 2000 to this year. Inversely I can say that Dungeon Siege is one game that I played while skipping whole plot and not feeling any emotions at all. Compare it to diablo and diablo has a much better atmosphere and plot.
  13. sh...t this thing (P.T.) is too much photoreal!! Me wants
  14. I wish I'd have the hardware to run UE4 to build things like that....
  15. AlexM, your point is shared with Cerny's interview about the PS4 philosophy he put in the hardware: "easy to learn, difficult to master". Both MS and Sony are going down the road of GPGPU this gen, a detour rom last gen when GPGPU was still being born and they choose 3,2ghz cpus. Interestly though, PS3 was ahead of its time, but in a way that not having a GPU proved to be a failure and they had to add one and delay the console for a whole year. Intel and AMD are powering up their integrated graphisc every gen, which makes me suspect that this road shall be taken by the next consoles. The thread's title is missleading, it should be performance vs graphics. But even when comparing higher vs lower resolution, performance dosen't scale down linearly, i.e. double the res, cut fps by half.
  16. Don't know if this makes sense. But games with multi buffers have multi resolutions internaly, there is the resolution of reflections, resolution of shadows, resolution of alpha blend masks, etc. For a side scrolling game, increasing resolution makes the whole gameplay area larger, you see more at once. For something such as BF4, increasing resolution + increased FOV adds to player imersion and view area. For a game such as doom 3, it's mostly indoors, so not really benefits from very high resolution.
  17. 0kelvin

    Learning UE4

    But the geometry is all static and there is no game logic running.
  18. As the financial crisis in my uni continues, the staff workers adopted a new tactics: they choosing one building per day and then closing its doors forcibly to prevent ppl from going in or out. Today they choose the building where I'd have had numerical calculus. No classes today for me.
  19. Time amplified is very much like force speed from Jedi Knight.
  20. Yeah! WTF? Suicide? He did??
  21. are you sure? ... i could swear the view frustum occlusion around an area portal was used to occlude stuff? which is lot fewer edges than what you are suggesting! Not sure. Rewording what I said, the engine uses some aggressive occlusion culling that creates lots of bsp holes.
  22. There is a financial crisis going on my uni. Many times this year staff workers have blocked the main entrance to prevent anyone from going in or out. Because this year is an even number (I made this out), in three ocasions my teacher of analytic geometry had to postpone an exam because the main gates were forcibly closed. Bonus: I enrolled in a class of climatology for geography majors. But the whole department of geography is on strike! Plus, philosophy, social sciences, history and linguistics, including students, are all on strike too. I know the teacher because he is famous for denying global warming. I just.... HAHahahahahaah......................... hah.... haha...... haaa...................
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