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  1. Can this game alone expand the PS4 base by some millions of units? I think yes. If they are remaking and not just porting, they can remove loading screens, make all battles skip the screen flash effect and even make the whole world load seamlessly without having to resort to world map with miniature locations scattered through the map. And rebalance the whole game: damage caps, curses, life, etc. F! Ye...aw! reaction.
  2. That's awesome, they didn't make the same mistake they did with Rage's late mod tools and megatextures that nobody could render because nobody have access to a rendering farm at home. Judging by the screens and the video, what Carmarck said years ago about Doom running at 30fps with ultra heavy graphics doesn't apply to this new doom. This new doom is a lot like brutal doom, full of gore everywhere, which is what doom is about.
  3. I've lost faith in MP games. MP games, specially those e-sports, are filled with toxic players, cheaters and the worst kind of players.
  4. I bet that it's going to be flooded by kids and toxic players.
  5. In 2008 Camarck said that Doom 4 would be 3 times heavier than Rage and that it wouldn't take years to be released..... btw, is this doom (from 2015) the same doom from the 2014 teaser? That teaser with a monstruous creature and the classic doom door sound?
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-32865248 And he have just won the Abel Prize this year!
  7. Dropped TF2. Joined Quake live. QL is pretty casual for me, which is perfect. And it runs smooth.
  8. Why didn't they continue the Terminator Salvation storyline?
  9. Wow, they've already finished shooting it?
  10. This is really techdemo level stuff!! The material setup reminded me of Crytek's Ryse game, the marble material have pretty much the same looks.
  11. It's amusing how many 10 ± 5 years old play TF2. Plus, it seems to be that age group in all countries. Sometimes it's some teen blaming teams. Sometimes it's kids playing that they are watching FIFA or UFC. And not to mention the useless VAC that lets hackers join anytime.
  12. They could make a DX12 render to achive 100% performance boost .
  13. I've just tested Team Fortress 2 with i3 2230M and HD3000, it runs at playable fps with everything set to min. It does lag on open areas and crowded fights, but it's playable. TF2 gave me that urge to map again, but I have other priorities now and mapping for TF2 won't happen anytime soon.
  14. So, even with 12GB of VRAM, poping is still visible. Are we still that far away from making the transition between high res and low res stuff on screen virtually unoticiable?
  15. So, they must've done some market research prior to taking that move. I wish that I had a computer capable of running it. But even if I had, I don't have the time to mess around with developing games. Not yet.
  16. Engines with pre computed occlusion won't cut it. Placing portals by hand in a city map is pure hair work, you'll either have to place buildings such that there is a lot of static geometry occluding things or limit yourself such that lines of sight going in and out of buildings aren't that many and there aren't that many crossing each other.
  17. Supernatural season 6 and 7. Season 6 was terrible. Season 7 was awful. The villains in S7 were just awful, with the finale and final boss being just dumb.
  18. The only problem is that korean games have too much emphasis on grind, excessive grinding. Judging by the size of the areas and the video, it doesn't seem to be an open world massive multiplayer with hundreads of characters in one place. More like hundreads of instances or dozens of smaller servers.
  19. 0kelvin

    SPAM! Again!

    What I've seen out there are captachas that are games or puzzles, they work on the fact that bots don't have AI.
  20. And no downgrades and/or performance bugs when the real thing hits the market.
  21. http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/daily/mr46 Mistakes in M:TG.
  22. http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/archive.aspx?tag=making%20magic&description=making%20magic http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/archive.aspx?tag=latest%20developments&description=latest%20developments The makers of MTG write an ocean of text, providing insights on design and development of MTG cards. Lots of cool stories. I'm leaving mapping indefintely and jumping in a different form of design and creative process: card creation and storytelling.
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