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  1. They are going to sell FF VII in multiple games, similar to FF XIII. They must have modelled new areas to explore, areas that were previously unseen in pre rendered backgrounds. They can even have added new side quests or modified the plot in some ways to acommodate a larger world. In the original game you visit one reactor in Midgar and just one section of the whole thing, what if the whole structure is now accessible to the player?

    Realtime combat imposes a new challenge. What the other chars in your party do while you are controlling one char? The AI controls them. In turn based system there is no AI to control them. Another thing that they must have changed is the random encounter system. It's really annoying to be walking and suddenly a battle takes place. That screen transition between the world and the battle is annoying. There was even a yellow materia that made the encounters less frequent.

    They haven't showed anything about the world map. In the old days an open world with the scale of GTA or The Witcher was impossible, but now they can and have done it with FF XV. This forces some more gameplay changes as you can't just walk out of Midgar and run to Kalm in one minute. That or they abolished the world map.

    Aerith's death can now have blood if they aren't censoring anything.

    If they are succesful with that remake, they are probably going to make more. FF8 anyone?

    There are some reports that Mark Cerny invested in ultra fast SSD for the PS5, claiming it to be faster than what is available for PCs. Sounds like they included a very large DDR cache, much larger than what is available in current SSDs.

  2. Played path of exile till lvl 70 and then quit. The thing is, poe offers a very large skill tree with hundreds of different paths to go and a lot of crafting. But the game lacks accessibility. They really think that all players are going to spend hours learning all the mechanics and the specific details of each league. Even after years of improving their engine they still suffer from performance issues and crashes. And the game is just too much RNG, everything is random.

  3. Watched the season 14 finale of Supernatural. As it turns out, they found what is the biggest treat of all: God himself.

    This somewhat isn't surprising because the whole show makes angels, demons, monsters, every supernatural being is evil in a way or another. Even God is against the heroes. Many times the angels themslves talked about God being abscent and never fixing up things.

    It was really stupid to make God show up and just give them a new gun that has a stupid drawback, you kill but the gun kills you at the same time. Really uncreative.

    The ending is very meta when God says "Welcome to the end" as season 15 will be the last one. They'll probably wrap up things with that Cosmic entity and make many references to enemies and characters from the past. They won't kill God in the end, it'll probably end in some form of a deal.

  4. So, HBM2 is still not feasible for mass production products. HBM2 offers massive bandwidth, but the costs associated with it are a no for consoles. Sounds like that this time around they're putting in more DDR RAM for the OS, leaving more GDDR useable for games. 3D audio seems to be a more capable audio processor, leaving the CPU with more cycles to do other stuff. The price bump from HDD to SSD is quite comparable to putting more RAM, so they are probably trading some RAM for faster loading times with SSD. I really doubt it'll come with more than 16GB GDDR or an SSD larger than 512GB.

    More important than computing power is that ppl care about if the fan is noiseless and the system is stable.

  5. I think that I didn't do well enough in the calculus 2 exam to pass............................ mathematics is like that. You may understand the theory behind, but the exercise may contain a little detail that tricks you or requires a little step that you are not aware of.

  6. A few months ago I was expelled because of poor academic performance. But I got one chance to go back without having to sit for the entrance exam once again. In here the entrance exam is the sole criteria, they don't care about anything else but your score in that exam. The other way to enter is to first complete a degree, then there is a special entrance exam for ppl who already have a degree.

  7. "Mentes Perigosas" (translated as "Dangerous Minds"). It's about how to identify psychopaths. Now I want to read "Almost a psychopath".

    The reason for reading those is that I found myself in a forum where the admin does certain things that are similar to what a psychopath would do. No, he is very very far from being one, but there was a day that somebody joked about psychopaths and he admitted that he was, in fact, compared to one in life.

  8. Brazil clearly lost because the players that were doing well in the previous matches were... uh... not feeling very well. Just check the number of misplaced passes of Brazil.

    English press criticezed Neymar, but english players were diving in the match against Colombia.



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