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  1. Hollywood like trailer. With teenager soundtrack.
  2. Just replayed F.E.A.R. It's a combination of Max Payne with an asian horror movie. There are just two minor bad points: the horror factor is non interactive, meaning that the player doesn't interact in any way with Alma, the little girl who is killing everyone; the second complain is that there is too much repetition, the same environments were overused in very long levels. After finishing F.E.A.R. I played Project Origin for the first time. Too bad that they changed the whole direction of the game. The whole atmosphere that made F.E.A.R. 1 terrific is gone, The graphics are better in terms of resolution, colors, bloom, HDR, but they sacrificed the realtime shadows everywhere. The environments are larger, with a greater cinematic feel, but they had to compromise the shadows and the flickering lights, which dumbed down the thriller atmosphere of the first game. I tend to agree with all the criticism about F.E.A.R. 2 being "consolized". Smashing button in QTE, lack of voicemails and the interface seems to be gamepad oriented. Overall I think that the main flaw of F.E.A.R. is that it wasn't designed with a series in mind, there isn't much room for expanding it after the first game.
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    Site color styling

    Limited by pre defined layouts, yes. Only pro accounts can change it. Free accounts are limited to CSS.
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    Site color styling

    Darkened the body's background and decided to use boxes to separate contente. So if a page contains multiple examples or exercises, rather than using bullet points and blank lines to identify each one, I'm using divs to create blue boxes. Header has a thicker white border. I wish I could make the header with the same style as the main content, with white background, inner blue box with dotted borders, but to do that I need a pro account.
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    Site color styling

    I'm working on a little personal project unrelated to level design. It's a site dedicated to analhytic geometry and linear álgebra, which are related to computer graphics. It's the first time I've ever worked on a site's theme. http://vectorsandgeometry.wikidot.com/ It's a simple style. It has an Alice blue theme with dotted borders.
  6. Asus laptop with i5 5200U, 930M, 8GB of RAM, 1366 x 768 glossy display. I known, 768p sucks after you see how much sharper 1080p is, but unfortunately the difference in price was quite large and I didn't have much of a choice. At least it's much more powerful than the older i3 sandybridge with no GPU.
  7. @jackophant I don't mind the hassle of having to assemble it, but stores where I live dot it for free anyways. I was thinking about embedded vs laptop as well. All in one systems.
  8. The computer virus won't work this time
  9. 2000 to 3000, no idea about how much of that consists of taxes. To get an idea: that's the same range for ps4 and xbox one, depending on the pack and whether it's assembled here or broght from abroad. Country: BRA
  10. Not really necessary, because I have a tablet. College stuff, maybe light gaming and mapping and/or programming. That's why I was looking for a 930M. 3.8x = 1 USD more or less. lols, it was around 2.11 years ago
  11. replying here. It is an old acer laptop, I bought it before ivy bridge was released. I dont know what's broken, I'm assuming that the motherboard has to be replaced. Either the bios has to be replaced or something else fried, chipset? Unfortunately, quad core i5 doesnt exist for laptops and skylake is only available in i7 variant. I don't know the price in USD, but judging by amazon prices I'd say that my budget, with proper currency conversion and taxes, is 500 to 550 USD. CPU: 5200U GPU: 930M RAM: Samsung expert x30 comes with 8GB, Asus X555 comes with 6GB or 8GB HDD: 5400rpm. Like all models have it. Samsung offers matte screen, while Asus is glossy. TFT: unfortunately, IPS full HD is way above my budget Games are second priority.
  12. I bricked my Acer i3 2nd gen don't know how. I removed the cmos battery to clear the bios but somehow that procedure bricked it. I didnt took it to a place to see if repairing it is worth of it, I'm assuming that it isn't since it's a sandybridge gen model. I was looking for i5 5200U, 8GB or 6GB, 930M GPU. I know that 930M is low end and that 768p is low res, but the price gap between low end and 1080p and a decent 950M or 960M is quite large. Where I live there are basically two options: Samsung or Asus. Acer, dell and lenovo have similar specs, but the gpu is either the 920m or m265, which are too much close in performance to intel hd.
  13. dm radikus from unreal because the warpzones blew me away. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/KgLRGxTQteuXrtxfWG01LB9nZFK_dviQc11EnYsPqRnkFZMFJ37irzWaMMD-ijbRaph3tHyBb6KdbYc7VUbMcoOrSnrii4AO3odyvw=w512-h288-nc
  14. Heroes Reborn. The beginning was pretty bad, wasn't excited at all. But after the episode in which they travel back in time to explain what happened before the series first episode I was "Oh! Now it's going back to its rails". They've found a perfect excuse to kill the immortal cheerleader.
  15. Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball is back!
  16. This game is obviously targeted at kids with that style. I'm imagining so much flame wars in game.
  17. It took me over 5 hours to upgrade from windows 7. I don't know when W10 was downloaded, but when it was done it warned me that it was ready to install whenever I wanted. The installation process took 2 hours, but when it was about to finish I saw a BSOD and it rolled back to W7. After waiting for windows 10 to be redownloaded and the installation process to start again, I tried again. Second time it took 1 1/2 hour without BSOD, the only error being that in the first time all windows were black and impossible to read any button. With a bit of luck I was able to change the theme and reset the settings so that all windows were readable again. I had to reinstall Intel HD drivers and the audio drivers, only to find that Intel dropped support for 2nd and 3rd gen core i lines. Realtek also seems to not have certified windows 10 drivers. Had a second BSOD some hours ago, the same error message from the first time I tried and failed to upgrade windows 7. But this time I had coincidentally left my scanner turned on, which I turned off to see if somehow it was the reason for windows 10 reboot lop. Fortunately it was and that allows me to give you all a tip: Kernel auto boost lock acquisition with raised irql seems to be related to some hardware or driver that is incompatible with windows 10. I'll delete windows 7 later, so far I have no plans to go back.
  18. I wonder why there are many more articles about light than sound. Sound behaves much like light, it's a wave too.
  19. The other one I passed? Vector algebra and analytic geometry.
  20. Passed Physics I. In here there was physics 0 in the first semester, then physics I in the following semester. Physics 0 being a pre requisite for Physics I. It was made this way to forcibly slow down physics so that students would catch up with vector algebra and calculus. After many many years, they decided to drop physics 0 and go back to the old way, physics I without having a pre requisite of physics 0. I did try physics 0 three times but failed all times. In addition to dropping physics 0 from the curriculum there was a change in the way teachers teach, they've adopted some american method which replaces traditional lectures with a more modern approach. This and the fact that the exams were weigthed 50% of the final grade, the other 50% being homework, attendance and other activities, helped me pass.
  21. Somebody really liked the idea of P.T. and decided to make a game from that thing. I'm impressed by the fact this is pretty much like playing a game in one of those scenes of architecture that once took hours to pre render offline.
  22. This totally sounds like yet another I wanna make a game thread. There are hundreads of these in gamedev, unreal engine, cry engine, unity, communities. The first replies are either "try something much smaller and much simpler first" or "are you crazy? when do you plan to release it, 2050?".
  23. I'm following Supernatural and The Flash. The Flash is good, no negative criticism.
  24. OMG!! This thing looks so good with PBR. The jump from previous installment is pretty step, the materials are much more convincing and there is a lot of detail everywhere (papers, stain, boxes, cables, lamps and the list goes on). It pretty much has the level of detail of that Infiltrator techdemo.
  25. Two things about that doom 4 gameplay: - Player feels terribly slow. Or is it because in original doom player ran much faster than all monsters? - Double jump in doom??
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