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  1. Their tech is pretty much on par with the best cryengine showcase out there. The bad thing is that they don't post any updates. They remain silent.
  2. A few months ago I was expelled because of poor academic performance. But I got one chance to go back without having to sit for the entrance exam once again. In here the entrance exam is the sole criteria, they don't care about anything else but your score in that exam. The other way to enter is to first complete a degree, then there is a special entrance exam for ppl who already have a degree.
  3. For a few days in this week I played Candy Crush way too much, wasted many hours on this ****. That game is really meant to make ppl waste a lot of time. I'm currently avoiding all games at all costs because I want to focus on study and grades.
  4. With raytracing you can finally see if somebody is comming from behind. But, real 3D smoke puffs are still too expensive to compute?
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/dcunited/pavards-goal-against-argentina-voted-best-of-world-cup/2018/07/25/3e05db4e-901d-11e8-ae59-01880eac5f1d_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.83dd18a84dc5 Not surprised. It was the best goal.
  6. "Mentes Perigosas" (translated as "Dangerous Minds"). It's about how to identify psychopaths. Now I want to read "Almost a psychopath". The reason for reading those is that I found myself in a forum where the admin does certain things that are similar to what a psychopath would do. No, he is very very far from being one, but there was a day that somebody joked about psychopaths and he admitted that he was, in fact, compared to one in life.
  7. If England wins, imagine the world watching England x France. Once again, history repeats itself.
  8. Brazil clearly lost because the players that were doing well in the previous matches were... uh... not feeling very well. Just check the number of misplaced passes of Brazil. English press criticezed Neymar, but english players were diving in the match against Colombia.
  9. I'd say that that frech goal was more memorable than
  10. It's almost like Sweden slapping Germany's face.
  11. Germany 2 x 1 Sweden. That last minute goal was a miracle!
  12. That wasn't the VAR's fault. The idiot brazilian player opened his arms in a way that "backfired" the referee's reaction.
  13. This is the first time they are taking advantage of VIDEOs.
  14. Doom eternal, I was expecting the name "Doom 2". Anthem is already photoreal, there isn't much room to get even better than that.
  15. I must say that I have access to really kind and wonderful teachers at my uni. I'm going to take a hell lot more time to pass all the courses that I have to in ordern to get the degree, but they understand that some students happen to need more time or aren't that brilliant at math and physics. There are many cases where I study of students that get depressed or something bad happen that they are forced to stop attending the uni at all for some time, but they are able to return later because there are rules that deal with such special cases. Luckly, I'm not obsessed with perfect grades.
  16. Shall we repeat it? Hmm... For now, I'm sticking to the same goals of past year.
  17. 0kelvin

    FIFA 2018 WC

    Italy out too, poor Buffon
  18. Imagine a remake for next gen. I remember playing MP1 with a voodoo 3 lol. Both MP1 and MP2 could be fully loade on a today's video card and there would be still plenty of memory left. https://www.beyond3d.com/content/interviews/20/2 24 hours and 10 PCs to render lighting lol. 16 years later and we can have better lighting in realtime.
  19. The Flash season 4 is being a let down.
  20. 0kelvin

    FIFA 2018 WC

    USA is out! What a shame.... they didn't make it. In 2014 I had high hopes for Klinsmann coaching USA team...
  21. Does that course include discussing details about APIs or the hardware itself? I mean, the computing power of GPUs is ever increasing, exponentially in some aspects, but it seems that it's never enough. Toy Story, Finding Nemo or Ice Age, at every new incarnation the graphics evolve, but they still require a lot of processing power and hours to render each frame.
  22. 4K in games is missleading. Games have different buffers and content can have multiple different resolutions, such as textures having one resolution and shadows another. Plus, there is the dynamic resolution tech that adjusts resolution according to the load.
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