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  1. They most certainly had to hold back on a few things because the CPUs in consoles aren't much great and they are still having to deal with HDD loading times. If it were exclusively next gen the game would probably have much larger scales.
  2. win10, firefox. Noticed that this is happening in mapcore when I paste a vídeo, before saving it.
  3. Everytime a video is displayed on any forum, you can no longer stop it.
  4. https://www.andrerieu.com/ How could I miss this guy? He makes me want to learn Dutch and go to Netherlands jsut to watch him play. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg7fFQwP1tTQebybKegBXZA Sister act is great too.
  5. Found this on some unreal server that redirects downloads. I thought it was gone for good. Back in that year I looked at Grit-Tourney ant thought "Making a map like this should be easy! let's build something similar". And then I made a maze. If I were to do it today I wouldn't make it have the same lighting and texture everywhere. It's very easy to get lost.
  6. Found two funnel maps I made a long time ago. The second one was lost, in 3 hours I rebuilt it. It was really a funnel shape and nothing more, with a warp zone to create the illusion of an endless fall.
  7. Found a map I made for mod called monster hunt. Years after I made it and I've found some ppl discussing the bugs in it.
  8. According to the site that has them, they date back to 2004. Arena with ancient theme.
  9. I think I'll quit japanese classes. For this beginner level I think it's just too expensive and I can go on with textbooks alone.
  10. I watched the reviews. It's better than Force Unleashed and has some references to Jedi Knight games. But they rushed this game. Lots of bugs and low performance.
  11. Diablo is much more straight foward than path of exile. Less cluttered.
  12. Virus, or the file system itself changed some security setting.
  13. I'm watching a series of videos about abuse. The youtuber who does it is a Phd in Social sciences, but is currently shifting to the field of psychology and studying about abuse. He discusses what is abuse, emotional abuse, narcissim, victims of abuse, how to identify an abuser, etc. Lots of ppl are watching his videos and having that enlightment moment, some of them are thanking him because now they understand why their mother did what she did, or why a woman would fall in love with an abuser. The videos are all in portuguese, so unless you know the language, there are no subtitles to hel
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2-_WWPT_124iN6jiym4fOw Asian Boss. I must say. I can learn more about culture and history in that channel than I would ever have learnt at school.
  15. Funny stuff. That group no longer exists. I read that those girls were forced to overwork, overtrain, wake up too early, the company even prevented parents from contacting their own daughters.
  16. I did not like this. I did enjoy this. Now I can understand some words, "SEN" is "thousand" in japanese.
  17. Just found out that the whole course of basic level of Japanese is available for free https://www.marugoto.org/en/ First test took just 30 minutes and was half "can you read these words?" and half "What would you like to eat?" in japanese. In portuguese / spanish you say object + color, but in english / jap the order is color + object.
  18. The funny thing about japanese is that many words are copied from english. But the letters A, E, I O, U have sounds much similar to portuguese. One of the things that make both english and portuguese hard for people who are native japanese speakers is that both english and portuguese have words with "TR", "TP", "S", "DR", etc. But japanse is all "TO", "TA", "DA", "DO", "KU", "WO", "WA", ... making it hard for japanese to pronounce english or portuguese.
  19. There is one thing that drives me to russian. There are numerous russian names related to mathematics. At some point in the future I'd learn it to better understand how the soviet union developed its math schools. As for japanese. I think that martial arts, anime and manga are just about everywhere.
  20. I'm learning japanese. I expect to reach intermediate level by the end of my undergraduate course. I'm not interesting in studying in JApan, but... just in case I ever need it.
  21. That angelic like being made me think in Diablo for some reason. They are surely doing a good job at promoting Vulkan. Everything looks smooth and with no hard edges anywhere. I won't be surprised if they win the best graphics award.
  22. The climbing parts were a lot like Uncharted.
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