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  1. So unreal 1 had its source opened to a group of ppl to keep it updated. Now the same thing happened to UT1999. I decided to update my maps to test the unrealed version. After 20 years unrealed for UT finally can run with 3D acceleration.

    - EFX zone effects. It was broken before but now with the new version of UT it works.

    - Some BSP errors fixed

    - Textures that were 24bits with no 8bits fallback now have 8bits fallback to make maps compatible with rendering settings set to disable texture compression.








  2. I can't answer it properly. I don't have a gaming rig and don't buy any games. Nevertherless, the cost of developing games have become more or less on par with developing operational systems. In the end, a game is a system in itself.

    A game costs 1 million to make and you sell it for 50$. Another game costs 10 million and you sell it for 50$. If the cost increased tenfold, what is making the price stay on a plateau?

  3. The cost per byte graph is really interesting. It's rather shocking that the size of games skyrocketed along with the production costs, but when you compare it to the price, players are paying less per byte and developers are spending less per byte.

    Game worlds have become large and to populate it you need hordes of artists working in a way that is similar to what happens in the anime industry. Too much work that could be solved by algorithms and on top of that you are underpaid. Not a surprise that big companies like Nvidia and Microsoft are investing huge sums in AI.

    Take raytracing for instance. I feel that it's much straight foward to have the GPU calculate reflections on its own than having to program complex shaders, pre bake images and put a burden on the processor with tricks to hide anomalous pixels.

  4. I'm watching a lot of videos about personality disorders, emotions, lies, deception and related stuff. Dr. Todd Grande, Richard Grannong, Tracey Marks.  Certain personalities cause a heavy burden on you, on relatives, on companies and on extreme cases can ruin millions of lives. Sometimes you think somebody is nice, but there is a dark secret. Sometimes you think somebody is a monster, but there may be a background story that explains it.

  5. That texture isn't wood. It's stretched because the UV is wrong.depositphotos_94503786-stock-photo-grung

    I just realized that smooth stone surface doesn't match "ancient". My map is more similar to the American Museum of Natural History than to the Pantheon.


    I think that tourches aren't going to be bright enough. Every photo of a corridor with tourches on walls look way too dark.

  6. preview17.jpg



    I'm trying to learn how to make materials. Smooth faces makes the lighting soft, but the angle is still not right. The texture maps, including the normal maps, are stretched because I'm having a hard time with UV maps.

  7. Square where the trims meet.




    Not sure. A statue fills up that dead end nicely.



    Not sure about the ceiling. I can have 3 circular relief decorations or just one. The ceiling can be flat, or half flat, half curved.



  8. new4.jpg

    Placeholder material and some trim.

    The symmetric design of this map makes it a good place to use the modern modular approach.

    The columns were going to be square, but after some research I decided to make round columns. I'm going to bevel the arches too.



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