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  1. The hotlink forbidden image above me is Wolfstein 3D

    Dark Forces (The sequels, Jedi Knight I and II were good too)


    (Parasite eve, the second wasn't better than the first except by the new systems and improved graphics. I emulated this on PC some time ago because I don't own a PSone. When I first played it I though "Boy! Did Max Payne devs played this? Because there are some similarities, or is it mere coincidence?)

    (Never played Parasite eve rebirth)

  2. http://i419.photobuc...zpsdf16fe15.jpg


    (the light entity is inside the glowing cube. The glowing cube is made of a shader that is transparent to light)

    Old id tech 3 engine... was playing around with a new entity key called "extradist". It's a work around q3map2's way of calculating light, pixels very close to a light are burned, but lowering the light's radius lowers its radius as well.

  3. http://s419.beta.pho.../sRGB OpenArena New pics

    Revised it a bit:

    - Name changed from "RGB" to "sRGB"

    - Lightmaps with sRGB colorspace (I can't tell the difference myself )

    - Ditched radiosity (takes too much time for little gain)

    - High resolution lightmap

    - Floodlight replacing radiosity

    - Vis and hint brushes redone

    - Many brushes have been tesselated

    - Changed some textures

    Known bugs:

    - No BOTs. BSPC won't compile the AAS file, damn leak...

    - There should be 3 lightmaps 2048 x 2048. However, there is a fourth one, 128 x 128, hidden inside the BSP. Some surfaces being lighted with regular lightmaps that I don't know where they come from.





  4. 4 years ago I made this map. It was called "daltonic" and had randomly placed colored lights.

    http://www.mapraider...ps/?fileid=5920 (old version)

    4 years later I decided to pick up that map again and rebuild lighting. As the name suggests, the idea of this map came literally from http://en.wikipedia....ditiveColor.svg

    http://s419.beta.pho...y/RGB OpenArena (new version)

    Looking at it now gives me some ideas to make light colors dynamically affect players, but that's either impossible with id tech 3 or I'd have to program it myself...

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