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  1. Their indirect lighting solution looks pretty much like UE4 techdemo. Their reflections pretty much like CE3, but in the flooded corridor there are no caustics. How can the player survive being ambushed by helicopers, fall from a crumbling bulding and yet, can still walk, run and drive fine?
  2. Never happened Blizzards knows how to make good CGs @Skacky: I like Nali castle opening more than UT city intro xD
  3. Doesn't support OpenGL applications (all quake 3 based games)
  4. Was 13 steps at first, down to just 4 now: Export map to OBJ using GTKradiant built in plugin Convert OBJ to FBX Import FBX in UDK's content browser Add newly imported mesh to map (this processe makes whole map lose all textures coordinates, entities, liquids, etc. Only map's geometry is kept) Now to walk around in map: disabled collision, enabled per poly collision, added a skylight, set kill z to something far away from the model, played with default UTgame type. The scale seems correct, except that running speed and jump height are different from quake 3.
  5. Looks a lot of fun. Question: why low res pixel art? Or is pixel art always low res?
  6. 0kelvin

    [Warsow] Legodeck

    It's deck16 from UT, legostyle. I left this map unfinished years ago, now I took the time to finish it. First release - 512 x 512 lightmaps - Lights causing overburn while at the same time the area around it was much darker Second release - 2048 x 2048 lightmaps - Increased brightness - sRGB lightmap colorspace - Lego textures at higher resolution - Deleted all hint brushes on the wide open area (didn't know how to place hints in such open spaces) Third release - 1024 x 1024 lightmaps (was taking over 1/2 day to compile light, reduced samplesize quality from 2 to 3, which reduced render time to 3,5 hours) - Fixed overburned pixels with extradist - Learned how to place hint brushes in open spaces and lowered visdatasize with more detail brushes (first time it took 1 1/2 day to compile VIS, deleted and stared over once more, lowered to 1,8 hours LOL) - Zebra-chessboard-pattern textures replaced with flat, double stripe pattern - Tripled bounced light intensity for strong color bleeding and indirect lighting effect. The side effect is that there are some overbright spots here and there, that's how q3map2 generates radiosity - Slants replaced with blocky corners to look more like lego - New area - The black pillars and girders were placeholders, removed and placed roofs - Some ads in map Known error: The walls and floors outside appear to be lighted by an overcast atmosphere, which is incorrect as the skybox is a bright summer day. I couldn't fix that, if I increase the sunlight's intensity, the floor becomes overbright because there is a lot of light comming from inside the corridors and the fluorescent light blocks. Scale problem: the map is wide open, maybe too wide open for quake 3 gameplay because there is no dodge movement. Download link: moddb Mega atomicgamer
  7. For some reason... chip's challenge looks familiar to me, did I play it? how old was I? That thing reminds me of... (ZZT. Tim Sweeney did this way before unreal engine!)
  8. MMORPG, one reason to not play: - Talk to NPC X - "blablabla.... Collect XX apples, kill YY rats, come back" - "....." - level up! Received xxx gold, this prize and that other fancy acessory
  9. Weapon fire flashing your own screen.
  10. 0kelvin

    [OpenArena] Legocurse

    It's a map that I made years ago and now with a newer CPU and more RAM I decided to recompile it to get closer to what I wanted. It started out as a direct port of DM-Curse][ from UT, but in the middle of the process I decided to expand the map and modify it with new paths and areas. The mood that I tried to achive was cold blue vs hot orange fire. The ambient light is dark blue, while all lights are orange tinted. The style is sort of lego-medieval mix. I used two light sources, lamps that cast pretty shadows and carvings on the walls in an attempt to achive a penumbra feeling everywhere in the map. First version - In an attempt to fix burned pixels caused by lights too close to surfaces I used compensate + gamma, which washed away the orange tint. Lightmap res was 512 x 512 Second version - Ditched gamma and compensate in favor of extradist, a new entity key that allows control over the distance travelled by light rays from source to surfaces. - Lowered the blue ambient light saturation and recompiled lightmap with radiosity 2 bounces, which added a bit of color bleeding and increased orange tint a bit. - Added some more lights where there was a lack of light. - Increased lightmap res to the max, 2048 x 2048. - Redid textures at higher res, from tiny 64 x 64 to larger 256 x 256. There is no support for normal maps, so I was forced to convert normal maps to greyscale and layer on top of solid color layers to create a static bump map effect. Third version - Replaced grey area with lemon green - Bouncescale to increase color bleeding and indirect lighting - Ditched floodlight - Lowered lightmap resolution from 2048 to 1024 Download moddb atomicgamer mega
  11. So the rurmors were true. They did ditch Nvidia for GPU and IBM for CPU, AMD is happy face They are saving the goodies for later (E3)
  12. 8GB rumor was true? 16x from one gen to the next. If they keep that up, then next time is 128gb? lol.
  13. @ Miigga That "portal to another world" reminds me of this
  14. The hotlink forbidden image above me is Wolfstein 3D Dark Forces (The sequels, Jedi Knight I and II were good too) (Parasite eve, the second wasn't better than the first except by the new systems and improved graphics. I emulated this on PC some time ago because I don't own a PSone. When I first played it I though "Boy! Did Max Payne devs played this? Because there are some similarities, or is it mere coincidence?) (Never played Parasite eve rebirth)
  15. http://i419.photobuc...zpsdf16fe15.jpg http://i419.photobuc...zpsd97fd295.jpg (the light entity is inside the glowing cube. The glowing cube is made of a shader that is transparent to light) Old id tech 3 engine... was playing around with a new entity key called "extradist". It's a work around q3map2's way of calculating light, pixels very close to a light are burned, but lowering the light's radius lowers its radius as well.
  16. Not available outside steam, so it's either there or wait for somebody to leak a torrent for it.
  17. 0kelvin

    [OpenArena] RGB

    http://s419.beta.pho.../sRGB OpenArena New pics Revised it a bit: - Name changed from "RGB" to "sRGB" - Lightmaps with sRGB colorspace (I can't tell the difference myself ) - Ditched radiosity (takes too much time for little gain) - High resolution lightmap - Floodlight replacing radiosity - Vis and hint brushes redone - Many brushes have been tesselated - Changed some textures Known bugs: - No BOTs. BSPC won't compile the AAS file, damn leak... - There should be 3 lightmaps 2048 x 2048. However, there is a fourth one, 128 x 128, hidden inside the BSP. Some surfaces being lighted with regular lightmaps that I don't know where they come from. Download: moddb AtomicGamer MEGA
  18. Plus, https://twitter.com/ID_AA_Carmack 300 cores render farm to create megatextures.
  19. OMG! This has thousands of applications.
  20. 0kelvin

    [OpenArena] RGB

    4 years ago I made this map. It was called "daltonic" and had randomly placed colored lights. http://www.mapraider...ps/?fileid=5920 (old version) 4 years later I decided to pick up that map again and rebuild lighting. As the name suggests, the idea of this map came literally from http://en.wikipedia....ditiveColor.svg http://s419.beta.pho...y/RGB OpenArena (new version) Looking at it now gives me some ideas to make light colors dynamically affect players, but that's either impossible with id tech 3 or I'd have to program it myself...
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