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  1. Yep, they forget that for a long time Euro has been worthing more than dollars.
  2. Mirror's edge 2 running on Frostbite 3? It's looking better than BF3 I think. Gloss and reflections make it look a great leap foward in comparison to the static GI solution in the previous one.
  3. http://youtu.be/Z50NwHPje-w This thread is heavy!!!
  4. I didn't get excited about that video... Because... It feels like "yet another FPS where you are a though guy kicking bad soldiers asses"
  5. For some reason Don Mattrick's face was being familiar to me, ... because of Lionel Messi:
  6. Not that many technical specs, but... What is that 3 OS running in the background, each one reserving 1GB for its own service? In PC you either have one OS or multiboot, there is no such thing as running two OS at the same time. For ex: in windows there are dozens of services, many of which can be deactivated. Now, what is that triple OS thing? It feel that MS is moving towards offering games as services idea. Game as a service, you pay for patches, new content, technical assistance, servers to play on. Unlike buy the box and that's all you have to pay for. In other words, focus on services
  7. 1:27 I thought it was Wolverine in action.
  8. dude, what does the bumpmap look like? Blind people can touch it... oh wait!
  9. Lots of manga (bleach, naruto, saint seiya)
  10. http://www.gamespot....closure-6406388 (Jedi Outcast and Academy source code gone GPL) Well, at least it's something for the Jedi Knight fans....
  11. What happens to all the content produced for games when a company is closed? JEdi Knight series is dead then.
  12. The manga has an end, but the anime was halted before the 3rd season. Compared to say, the world famous Naruto, it's much more serious, more adult. But I didn't like the opening music.
  13. Fiction. I don't know if "uncanny valley" applies for graphics in general, not just facil expressions. But as games approach extreme levels of realism, lack of some things make it feels odd. (ex: character face remains the same even after going through explosions, clothes doesn't rip or get dirty, no bruises, etc).
  14. Their indirect lighting solution looks pretty much like UE4 techdemo. Their reflections pretty much like CE3, but in the flooded corridor there are no caustics. How can the player survive being ambushed by helicopers, fall from a crumbling bulding and yet, can still walk, run and drive fine?
  15. Never happened Blizzards knows how to make good CGs @Skacky: I like Nali castle opening more than UT city intro xD
  16. Doesn't support OpenGL applications (all quake 3 based games)
  17. Was 13 steps at first, down to just 4 now: Export map to OBJ using GTKradiant built in plugin Convert OBJ to FBX Import FBX in UDK's content browser Add newly imported mesh to map (this processe makes whole map lose all textures coordinates, entities, liquids, etc. Only map's geometry is kept) Now to walk around in map: disabled collision, enabled per poly collision, added a skylight, set kill z to something far away from the model, played with default UTgame type. The scale seems correct, except that running speed and jump height are different from quake 3.
  18. Looks a lot of fun. Question: why low res pixel art? Or is pixel art always low res?
  19. For some reason... chip's challenge looks familiar to me, did I play it? how old was I? That thing reminds me of... (ZZT. Tim Sweeney did this way before unreal engine!)
  20. MMORPG, one reason to not play: - Talk to NPC X - "blablabla.... Collect XX apples, kill YY rats, come back" - "....." - level up! Received xxx gold, this prize and that other fancy acessory
  21. Weapon fire flashing your own screen.
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