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  1. This is going to be a map to say good bye to UT.
  2. Middle of the year check: - Do not fail any course at uni - Build some map or a piece of a map at least - Study something unrelated to uni: english or programming - Learn a bit of personal finance - Read books Failed Successed Still going
  3. To be fair, this map did saw the light of the day, but I've trashed it shortly afterwards. It was to be a funnel map. Funnel in UT is a game of spam frags, you place all spawn points in some narrow space and weapons with splash damage at the end of some corridor. The idea is to score multi kills easily, untill some player make its way out and kicks whoever was spamming before him. I trashed the map because it doesn't fit the funnel idea, there is a cube in the middle with a teleport inside the black sphere that randomly teleports player to one of the six funnels connected to the cube with seamless portals to give the illusion of a distorted space. The spawn points aren't placed in the cube, but in the funnels, where there is a nuclear warhead floating in the middle, they can't be placed in the cube because it's a gravity zone that drags everything towards the "black hole". The idea came from this:
  4. I didn't see racism or xenophobia in that dance and lyrics. Disrespectful yes.
  5. Messi was so sad. He didn't give a **** about the best player prize.
  6. After all the bullshit you witnessed this WC you are actually surprised about that? Come on! Now I have to agree. There are many cases in which they should use TV review in game.
  7. Best player election is fucked. Messi the best player of the WC??? Really???
  8. Stupid brazilians went close to the hotel where Argentina is staying to fire rockets at 4 am....
  9. Do you know the difference between Argentina and Brazil? Argentina haven't and won't panic in this game.
  10. The problem is that the engine self occludes things and portal based rendering really restrains how open a map can be.
  11. Minor changes. I'm not going to add more detail, this is BSP and BSP is meant for low poly.
  12. Swapping out half of the team didn't change the fact that Brazil was lacking brains.... Does dutch ppl call the national team Netherlands or Holland? Because I've read that Netherlands is the right term.
  13. I've seen this happen with Brazil in Volleyball in Olympic Games, they lose the semi final, then go play bronze medal without any motivation to win.
  14. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/after-world-cup-2014-brazil-defeat-nepal-teenager-commits-suicide/ I don't understand this. She lives in Nepal and because of Brazil's defeat, rage quits life? uhmm??
  15. Messi made it to the final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: Netherlands lost again in penalties. It was in France, 1998, Netherlands x Brazil semi final. Now, is Brazil going to sink, get drowned in orange juice or... ?
  16. Upon the announcement of the WC scheuldule a fictional football club was founded in Brazil, called "Good sense FC" (translated literally, not sure if "good sense" is a synonym for "good judgement" and the opposite of "common sense"). Many players were outraged by the WC affecting their teams, jobs, in the national league and not only that, it extended to how football is managed in the whole country by the national federation. Now the "Good sense FC" guys have one more reason to go foward. Going back in age, Brazil didn't win previous U-20 and U-17 cups either. Plus, when is Brazil going to win the olympic game's footbal cup? Olympic games are the U-23 WC of football.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if in 2018 USA goes to the semi finals. Germans (both Germany and the USA's coach, Klinsman), have a foresight. You pick up players and develop a team over the years. It's not like Brazil picking up superstars that play in Europe, assemble a team, wins the first games and later, during the "deathmatches" phase, crumble. This is more or less mirroring Nigeria, Gana, their stars are all playing in Europe.
  18. This is proving that Neymar is missed, all players are missing the main star.... too much light on him. Klose has now surpassed Ronaldo. I'm still cheering for Messi,
  19. That is not a surprise. Brazil didn't have a single easy win and abismal errors were made in all matches. I got the four best teams right, but the final and third place could be reversed? lol.
  20. The two stronggest from south America and the two stronggest from Europe. Hmmm....
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