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  1. Surprisingly, Bioshock infinite added some twists that made the game more fun. They clearly designed this game to be played on consoles.

    The girl gives you some free money, ammo and vigor that helps a lot. There is also a shield that regenerates by itself. You no longer get stuck with no cash to buy health and eve.

    HAving the girl is much better than having to use a camera to level up some passive bonus skills.

  2. The mechanics in bioshock 2 are a bit more polished. You can use powers and weapons at the same time, which makes a huge difference. The pipe puzzle was swapped out for something much easier, push a button at the right time. It doesn't cause the strain that the previous puizzle did. The camera is updated with no longer requiring you to swap your weapon.

    I wish there would be a Jedi Knight game with the same level of interaction and depth that bioshock has.

    [EDIT] I'm not a fan of Bioshock afer all. What I feel from this game is that it has RPG elements that add depth to an FPS game. But the way it does that is like trying to blend oil and water.

    I'd say that Bioshock suffers from a split personality where half of it tries to be a more slow oriented RPG game. The other half tries to be a fast paced FPS. That's the dilema that I felt from having to manage resources in an FPS game.

  3. The atmosphere in Bioshock is outstanding. The level of interaction that the player has with the environment is also terrific.

    Notwithstanding the game has some flaws in its design. I find the idea of managing life, cash and mana in the same way as an RPG not quite apealling. The skills add a lot of depth to the game but the way you have to care about farming $$ and resources make the game a bit dragged. By the second level you are presented with a camera to take pictures of enemies. Taking picures of enemies to level up is an idea that I found game breaking. You have to be constantnly switching between fighting and taking pictures. I'm not enjoying this.

  4. Alan Wake has some issues with pacing. The world wasn't designed to be linear in the first place. That creates many dead zones that you have to traverse in long journeys that doesn't add much to the plot. The enemies are the same everywhere. There isn't much diversity and they all have the same pattern of attacks. There are also some points in the story that Alan loses all his items and weapons and the player is forced to start anew.

    Sam Lake really likes to begin stories at the ending scene, with a series of flashbacks throughout the game. If they ever make Alan Wake 2 they need to add more variety to enemies and more interaction to the environment. And make the progression less dragged.

    I could felt that they struggled really hard with an open world attempt. They failed and then resorted to reusing many concepts from Max Payne, such as turning on radios and TVs in game.

  5. Max Payne 3. The environments are really good but the mechanics are a departure from what Max Payne was. It was never a game with cover. The whole game turned into a cover shooter.

    The music keeps the gritty style but I'm not a fan a drums played like that.

    Max Payne 3 is a a combination of many elements from MP1 and 2. It follows the same ideas of police brutality, building exploding, corrupted police, etc.

    One thing that I didn't like is the pace. The added cutscenes that completely break the pace and it seems to be caused by the game having to fit onto consoles' tiny RAM. The game flow is interrupted by dialogues and other cutscenes way too often.

  6. Translating the story:

    He is a specialist in Krav Maga, personal defense and public safety. (the guy to the left). He is telling the story of how he was in a car with his wife driving it. Two random guys driving a BMW insulted him, his wife and zigzagged in front of them in an attempt to really provoke he and his wife. At a certain moment both guys stepped out of their car and approached his car in an attempt to start a fight with his wife and/or himself. He stepped out and using his arm extended fowards tried to persuade both guys to go away.

    At that point there was a crowd watching the whole drama happening in the middle of the street. That guy made the conscious decision to walk backwards to the sidewalk. He did that because he knew that a fight in the middle of the street would mean more opportunities for him to be caugh off guard or from behind. One of the aggressors took the initiative and tried to punch him. He easily blocked it and knocked down the guy. The other guy kept insulting, provoking, but was not brave enough to fight.

    Later on a woman showed up and started to insult his wife that was still in the car. Another woman came out of nowhere and began to yell that the street fight was an act of racism, that the white guy was beating down two black guys. She started to yell, insult and provoke him. He tried to intimidate the woman in an attempt to make her stop but instead she began an assault, beating him with her purse.

    He could have attacked her in self defense, hold her arm or something, but he choose to ran away. The furious woman pursued him and they both ran like a cat and a mouse, in circles, around his own car with his wife in there. His reasoning for not touching the woman was this "Had I touched her in some aggressive form, somebody from the crowd could have had missinterpreted the whole situation and it could have spun out of control. I was consciously protecting the crowd, myself and my wife by not giving any chances for somebody to step in, wrongly beliving that it was racism or that I was a crazy guy beating a woman in the middle of the street. Imagine the scenario of a fight that would involve more people from the crowd and could potentially get worse with weapons and people, that were not aware of the situation, getting hurt?".

    Later he found out that both guys were known troublemakers and that they had just left prison months before the inciddent. Judging by their behavior and even their smell, he's pretty sure that both guys were high.

    He has a channel and a school dedicated to teach self defense but I think that the most important lesson that he teaches is not how to fight, but how to think before doing anything stupid.

  7. Hey you that work as an artist for famous games. How do they decide which and how many maps to make for OVerwatch, Apex, Fortine, CSGO, etc? Say a game is aiming at WWII setting, how do you decide which cities or places to go? How is the creative process?

  8. Not really a goal. I was going through many youtube channels about psychology, narcissist behavior or personality disorder and something new stroke me.

    Some narcissistic parents, politicians or toxic people on toxic relationships have an overwhelming focus on the image they have towards others. One very damaging behavior of narcissistic persons is that they hide weakness or run away from them, trying to live in a world that they belive is right for them. It's a neverending race to win at all costs. they seem to forget that you can't be the best forever. Often they aren't the best, but they somehow create in their minds this illusion that they are.

    I'm following a neuroscientist that has a lesson talking about how social media hides the ugly or the bad. It's a place where everyone have perfect lives or perfect happiness. That's an utter lie! I was looking at some random channel where the guy records demos playing a game, only duels and that shows he winning all matches. In some comments some friend of him was teasing him about playing too much games and that he was surprised that this guy was declaring himself as the best player of all time. He responded by stating that his channel was a proof that he is the best and that everyone loses when playing against him. He was clearly somewhat distressed by someone doubting his self entitlement. Where are the matches that he loses? Hidden, not uploaded to youtube.

    There is no such world where you can't lose or where everyone wins / everyone loses. Nobody can remain at the top forever. If you take that reversed, nobody should stay at the bottom forever either. That's something I learned from a channel that scrutinizes interviews, body language, speeches, thinking, in an attempt to detect lies and deception. The guy is specialized in promotion, selling and talking in public. He states that if you see someone stating that they never failed, it's probably a lie. If you reverse that, it's also pretty impossible for someone to never succeed in anything.

  9. I'm following a woman who holds a degree in psychology, economics and theology. She reads a lot about psychoanalysis, neuroscience and other fields. She has 280k followers in youtube. Pretty good stuff. Something about reading is that if you buy the right books and you take the time to read, it ends up being much cheaper to buy some books than to spend years in therapy.

    It's also incredible how hard it is to find really good professionals in the psychology field. There are a lot of narcissists or just bad therapists out there.

    Youtube showed her to me due to the popularity of Big Brother, the reality show. She was commenting about a certain woman in BB that was clearly a narcissist, with behaviors that really match the description of a narcissist. It's shocking to see how a narcissist is, live, on TV, with all the cameras around and nowhere to hide.

  10. 70610132_1_large.jpg



    I can't belive how easy it is to deceive people. This type of non convenctional medicine is spreading like crazy. To make it more astonishing is the fact that professionals holding degrees from famous medical schools are beliving in that.

    The pictures presented are pretty, like those from the textbooks. The graphs that such devices produce are convincing. How can you diagnose a person just by holding his or her hand? That's not science! That's pure faith.

    I was reading the front page of one of such clinics near my home that advertise quantum healing. They offer that thing shown above, but with headphones instead. The page says "every disease and malfunction is known by the brain and by detecting certain wave patterns you can diagnose what is causing that malfunction". What? So they belive that the subconscious stores information about cancer for instance? There is no such thing as eliminating a virus from your body just because you have the will to.

  11. 47 minutes ago, blackdog said:

    What's the problem with that? For a refined experience you have the sequels, this is just nostalgia milk. What am I missing?

    They could do some balance changes or fix some things, buth they aren't. For ex: once you put a gem in a socket you can't remove it, you can only destroy it with a certain recipe. The mercenaries AI has some mistakes and their path finding is prone to getting stuck here and there. They didn't fix it in ages.

    They are keeping the original graphics and you can switch to them. But the original graphics were very low res and won't look good on very large screens.

  12. The thing that makes me uninterested in this remaster is the fact that it's a remaster. All hacks, exploits, game logic is still the same from 20 years ago. They aren't changing anything in the game's system.


    In spite of that there is one thing that was enticing for me: they are keeping the same data that allows for mods, the same structure. If they fully support the mods, then the community could greatly expand the game.

  13. You know something that dawned on me during 2020? Sometimes you criticize something or sombody so heavly that it starts to mirror yourself. I mean, the criticism backfires. That was never a goal for me. It just happened.

    That would be a  good goal. Spend less time on criticism, invest more time in yourself.

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