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  1. Years ago I tried this same concept in quake 3. There was an open source render that could comput raytracing and export the lightmaps. But the steps were overly complicated and with issues with lightmap's edges bleeding.
  2. 0kelvin

    Goals for 2021?

    You know something that dawned on me during 2020? Sometimes you criticize something or sombody so heavly that it starts to mirror yourself. I mean, the criticism backfires. That was never a goal for me. It just happened. That would be a good goal. Spend less time on criticism, invest more time in yourself.
  3. 0kelvin

    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    I could live there!
  4. And the benchmarks began. Ppl laughting at how, sometimes, xsx has worse graphics or framerates. Oh well, spec war is ludicrous as always.
  5. is that name related to i4games, the community of ut players?
  6. Added mapcore. 2048 x 512 size.
  7. Supernatural season 15 finale. They wrote a finale that does not make sense. If God knows it all, how can God not know his own ending? They just made a season that pays homenage to previous seasons and characters by recreating some scenes or moves. God in supernatural is portrayed as a psychopath, power hungry, sadistic person that behaves as a child. Real life psychopaths can be cold hearted, sadistic and such. Impulsive like a child. But they over exaggerated the childish part. All angels and deities in supernatural are enemies, selfish and asses. God is the mother of all, the worst one. In the end God was just another deity to be defeated.
  8. I'm following a youtube channel called (translated from portuguese) "Don't lie to me". He has thousands of videos scrutinizing the body language and psychoanalysis of politicians, psychopaths, celebrities, etc. He's amazing! His videos are very long, sometimes as long as 2 hours. It's incredible how the same emotions and body language that apply to psychopaths are also present in relationships, adverts, newspapers, TV, pretty much everything. He wrote this book https://www.amazon.com.br/manipulate-persuade-millions-people-English-ebook/dp/B08CL236JZ The concepts that he presents are very much applicable in the gaming industry.
  9. Made 5 versions for 5 tracks from Goldeneye Source's OST. The black logos and trademarks were too low contrast due to the map being mostly dark grey. To fix that I inverted them to white.
  10. Released. I used bondage.mp3 from Goldeneye Source. Edited first post. https://postimg.cc/gallery/rkHyS93
  11. Finished lighting and geometry.
  12. Not related to games. But just listen to this guy talk about losing his son to suicide. Jason Reid Speech
  13. https://postimg.cc/gallery/f3Pcy0C Comparison Old x New
  14. So unreal 1 had its source opened to a group of ppl to keep it updated. Now the same thing happened to UT1999. I decided to update my maps to test the unrealed version. After 20 years unrealed for UT finally can run with 3D acceleration. - EFX zone effects. It was broken before but now with the new version of UT it works. - Some BSP errors fixed - Textures that were 24bits with no 8bits fallback now have 8bits fallback to make maps compatible with rendering settings set to disable texture compression. https://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament/addons/goldeneye-grit-complex https://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament/addons/chemical-tank https://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament/addons/mystic-pyramid https://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament/addons/deck16-modern https://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament/addons/deck16-industrial https://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament/addons/nali-arena
  15. I can't answer it properly. I don't have a gaming rig and don't buy any games. Nevertherless, the cost of developing games have become more or less on par with developing operational systems. In the end, a game is a system in itself. A game costs 1 million to make and you sell it for 50$. Another game costs 10 million and you sell it for 50$. If the cost increased tenfold, what is making the price stay on a plateau?
  16. The cost per byte graph is really interesting. It's rather shocking that the size of games skyrocketed along with the production costs, but when you compare it to the price, players are paying less per byte and developers are spending less per byte. Game worlds have become large and to populate it you need hordes of artists working in a way that is similar to what happens in the anime industry. Too much work that could be solved by algorithms and on top of that you are underpaid. Not a surprise that big companies like Nvidia and Microsoft are investing huge sums in AI. Take raytracing for instance. I feel that it's much straight foward to have the GPU calculate reflections on its own than having to program complex shaders, pre bake images and put a burden on the processor with tricks to hide anomalous pixels.
  17. In Brazil, the currency conversion plus taxes multiply the absolute value by 10.
  18. I'm not a fan of AKB48. It's jus that this music is cute and emotional. It's about social distancing.
  19. Decrease GPU size, lower the teraflops, less RAM, less SSD storage, and you have a lower cost xbox. It's pretty much the difference between a computer with a 499$ GPU or a 399$ one.
  20. I'm watching a lot of videos about personality disorders, emotions, lies, deception and related stuff. Dr. Todd Grande, Richard Grannong, Tracey Marks. Certain personalities cause a heavy burden on you, on relatives, on companies and on extreme cases can ruin millions of lives. Sometimes you think somebody is nice, but there is a dark secret. Sometimes you think somebody is a monster, but there may be a background story that explains it.
  21. 0kelvin

    Corona Virus

    Past 1,5 million cases and now the president himself is part of it.
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