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  1. Solving the procrastination puzzle. I delayed and delayed, procrastinated, reading this book for years. I finally read it. Everything it teaches makes sense. I mean, I do everything this book describes. It's the same thing that the psychiatrist that I follow explained. Deep down it's about negative emotions and how we handle them. There are many illusions that we cast on ourselves that ultimately make we delay this, delay that, postpone in a never ending cycle of pain and suffering. It's all created inside your own mind and knowing what decisions you subconsciously make is the beginning of a process of enlightenment.
  2. I was watching a psychiatrist talking about why we delay and postpone important things. It's all related to emotions and feelings down the road. So I read the book "Ego is the enemy" and came to realize why I was able to read it without struggling to concentrate. Because I read it slowly. I never forced myself to read it all in one go. Have you ever heard about "Divide and conquer"? Pretty sure everyone has. Why not use it in everyday life? You have an article of ten pages to read. Most of the time you delay reading it, you are doing it because reading is hard or the text's content is hard to grasp. Divide it, set a goal of spending 2 minutes reading ONE PAGE. Then read the next. Depending on the case you might want to subdivide the task in "READ HALF A PAGE" and then take your time to think about it. Why is game development a complex process? Because it has so many pieces that you need to spread out the tasks in multiple areas at the same time. Everyone is doing a smaller task with the ultimate goal of completing the whole product. I remember years ago when I was failing to complete any maps. What made me complete maps was that I began to make lists of tasks such as texture, pillars, water, lights, so on. Years and years later and I still have similar issues and they all relate to the lack of direction. I need to have a clear direction before I start a map. I can relate to a teacher who once told me that during her bachelor in astrophysics she had to make a plan to concentrate on what subjects she would take per semester without being overloaded.
  3. I made a list of around 50 books to read. I think I'll need years to read them all. https://sites.google.com/view/leituradelivros/lista-de-livros?authuser=0 For now I'm reading a technical text book on obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Perfectionism can be a disorder in some cases and It has been close to me in some ways for as long as I can remember.
  4. Finished 90% of Ego is the enemy. One thing I started to notice. It tells many cases of success and failures and how ego is always there. However, this book does not tell you why ego is there. It tells the consequences, but not the causes. It also does not tell you how to control your own ego.
  5. So I read half of this book "Ego is the enemy". I can't stop noticing that this book is talking about the core issue of almost every mental disorder. Specially the case of personality disorders. Ego is the main issue of narcissistic personality disorder. Everything about it is about ego. About real life, this book has a lot of examples that tell you not how to be successful. Rather, what is required to be successful. All the discussion in it can be applied to families, companies, admission exams, politics, everything. Some parts of it resonate quite well with the lessons that I've learned with Mark Rosewater in his talk about mistakes made while making Magic. I have a feeling that almost everything that I read in this book I have already read elsewhere. If you ever read about athletes, great leaders and stories of successful companies, most if not all ideas in this book are not new.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Ego-Enemy-Ryan-Holiday/dp/1591847818 I really need to read this.
  7. The idea of using arrows came from looking at the Unity's logo.
  8. I relied too much on pure green, pure blue and pure yellow. The symmetric hexagon shape was kinda too symmetrical? Merging the flag with a cube wasn't a great idea, it created a conflicting perspective challenge. Here is the new version. I ditched the flag idea but kept the tri-color theme.
  9. It's for the brazilian level design discord. The idea of a 3D logo came from Minecraft's cubes.
  10. Do you know if companies are open to visitors? Can I just schedule a visit and then talk with ppl?
  11. Finished with the 20 lessons. I'm proof reading to find mistakes. (irony)
  12. The image quality is much better now. Crisp and sharp. But the game has a weird effect. The body animations are kinda "hard", artificial feeling.
  13. I felt that too. The remaster appears to be a tad brighter than the original.
  14. I'm going to apply all those 20 lessons to level design. I already read it on wizards site years ago. But now I was looking at it and realized that it very much applies to level design. For ex: Lessons 17 is about adding too much which is more or less the same concept of Negative space of another talk, from Epic Games, about level design. Lesson 16 is about boring the player and how many games out there are too repetitive? I played a few in the last months that were just that, excessively repetitive. Lesson 2 is about asthetics and how a card generates complains because it has a lot of number 7s with a number 8 standing out. This very much relates to level design because a lot of times the design can be symmetrical / assymetrical and sometimes, assymmetry hurts.
  15. I suppose having high specular surfaces is what makes the environment look photorreal.
  16. One of the most crucial aspects of mental health is vocabulary. I learned that by watching some videos about neurosciences and some experts in borderline personality. The first thing that often comes is: what do you feel? how do you describe it? Speaking of borderline. After watching some experts talk about it I changed my view on crimes. The press is very quick at labelling criminals psychopaths, borderline, cruel and the like. But you can't blame the disorder for it. In some cases yes, but more often not. I've seen a case where schizophrenia was given as an excuse for racism. Hmm.. no, really no.
  17. I was researching some material to add to my level design site when I stumbled upon a curious condition. Some people are unable to memorize routes and get lost. While I was reading about level design I've accidentaly found about a condition that leaves a person unable to memorize a route. Level design has many sub-areas and one of them is giving the player directions. In some games the level design is poor and the player is lost with no clear indication of where to go. I've found out that the same can happen in real life and in some extreme cases it can be disorienting for a person to go to the bathroom in a school. They just can't memorize the route from class to bathroom and from bathroom to class. In Shadow Warrior 2013 they made the mistake of putting strong lights in dead ends or in the background, missguiding the player. In Alan Wake it's the opposite, light is very well used and you can trust light to guide yourself. It seems that some people are unable to recognize clues to follow a path. That or they have memorie issues that prevent them from memorizing a map. https://www.dyslexia-reading-well.com/directional-dyslexia.html
  18. I wasn't suggesting self-diagnose. I was saying that reading about emotions and how they relate to mental health. The diseases are often missunderstood because ppl have missconceptions and understanding the missconception helps to have a better understanding of emotions in general. Everyone can have obsessions, lack of focus, bad mood, bad days, etc. They are naturally occuring in most cases. Diseases happen when those are in extreme levels, both high or low.
  19. One thing that you can do is follow podcasts or read about specific things such as: - Ego defense mechanisms - Emotions from the point of view of neuroscientists OCD, ADHD, Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. If you go beyond the lists of symptoms and look for environmental causes you are likely to find one or more little details that may sound familiar to you.
  20. Played half of Wolfenstein and then dropped it. The levels are great and it has some Bioshock vibes due its design. It's semi open world with a city that you can freely go from one area to another, with loadins due to RAM restrictions at the time. The supernatural powers seem to be inspired by Jedi Knight 2, they work the same way. Except that you recharge at specific spots that are everywhere. The Black sun dimension is more or less the same idea used in Prey's spirit walk. I'd say that Wolfenstein is Prey 2006 with everything wrong done right. At least in terms of level design, game mechanics and a plot that isn't some random sh.... pulled from one's ass. The bad side about Wolfenstein is that it's repetitive. The same nazis from start to finish. It gets boring fast. The good side are the levels. Whoever made the hospital and the castle are very good. The level design does guide the player in the right direction. I was going to try RTCW but I decided to not to. I just watched the gameplay and the game is exactly the same old wolfenstein 3D with newer tech. The level design looks good but plays bad. Whoever was playing it spent 50% of the time lost in the levels and shooting at things that do nothing.
  21. Finished translating and added bibliographic references, sorted by topic.
  22. https://sites.google.com/view/leveldesigner/english-version?authuser=0 English version. I still have to finish translating everything. I'm pretty sure that I have made many many grammar mistakes and the like. Most of the examples are FPS games because that is were it all began for me. I didn't write anything specific to RPGs, 2D games, platformers or RTS.
  23. If the game still has the same save system with checkpoints and chapters that you have to play from the beginning it'll be a huge down for me.
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