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  1. I played the DLC and I must say, the alternate reality Rapture City surpass Columbia. They brought back the survival horror feeling from the first bioshock and perfected the leveldesign. The way they link Columbia to Rapture is about the chicken and the egg problem. Which one came first? With multiple universes that do not share a single timeline it's impossible to know. That literally creates an infinite loop with no beginning or end. That's why I think bioshock 4 would have a hard time sticking to the infinite's multiverse. It can be a universe in its own, but at the same time I'd be bo
  2. If what Elizabeth says about constants is taken to the next level, a further bioshock game would have a villain that would naturally seek the power to rewrite reality or the power to control the outcome of all choices made across the multiverse. The quantum experiment that leads to the portals to other universes is a closed loop. The villain himself is what caused the loop in the first place. It's the villain that goes on searching multiple universes for his goal that causes his own demise because he can't forsee all possible futures. If they erase the Lutece from ever existing the multiv
  3. I have to say that Bioshock infinite does not live up to its expectations. The universe that they created is vast and can be reused infinitely, as the name implies. But they made many changes to the gameplay that dumbed down the game. Elizabeth recharges the player for free, which makes the game way too easy. The powers are way too good. I finished the game with lightning alone because it's overpowered. They forced the player to carry two weapons at most, which is a console oriented thing. The lack of different ammo types for each weapon and all powers being bought with cash further simpl
  4. Surprisingly, Bioshock infinite added some twists that made the game more fun. They clearly designed this game to be played on consoles. The girl gives you some free money, ammo and vigor that helps a lot. There is also a shield that regenerates by itself. You no longer get stuck with no cash to buy health and eve. HAving the girl is much better than having to use a camera to level up some passive bonus skills.
  5. The mechanics in bioshock 2 are a bit more polished. You can use powers and weapons at the same time, which makes a huge difference. The pipe puzzle was swapped out for something much easier, push a button at the right time. It doesn't cause the strain that the previous puizzle did. The camera is updated with no longer requiring you to swap your weapon. I wish there would be a Jedi Knight game with the same level of interaction and depth that bioshock has. [EDIT] I'm not a fan of Bioshock afer all. What I feel from this game is that it has RPG elements that add depth to an FPS game.
  6. The atmosphere in Bioshock is outstanding. The level of interaction that the player has with the environment is also terrific. Notwithstanding the game has some flaws in its design. I find the idea of managing life, cash and mana in the same way as an RPG not quite apealling. The skills add a lot of depth to the game but the way you have to care about farming $$ and resources make the game a bit dragged. By the second level you are presented with a camera to take pictures of enemies. Taking picures of enemies to level up is an idea that I found game breaking. You have to be constantnly sw
  7. After watching an hour of American Nightmare I decided to skip it. It doesn't add anything new to the Alan Wake's world apart from some new mechanics. I'm beginning Bioshock 1 remastered.
  8. Alan Wake has some issues with pacing. The world wasn't designed to be linear in the first place. That creates many dead zones that you have to traverse in long journeys that doesn't add much to the plot. The enemies are the same everywhere. There isn't much diversity and they all have the same pattern of attacks. There are also some points in the story that Alan loses all his items and weapons and the player is forced to start anew. Sam Lake really likes to begin stories at the ending scene, with a series of flashbacks throughout the game. If they ever make Alan Wake 2 they need to add m
  9. Alan Wake. It's wonderful. The atmosphere in the beginning is fantastic. I'm right after leaving the dinner cafe.
  10. Max Payne 3. The environments are really good but the mechanics are a departure from what Max Payne was. It was never a game with cover. The whole game turned into a cover shooter. The music keeps the gritty style but I'm not a fan a drums played like that. Max Payne 3 is a a combination of many elements from MP1 and 2. It follows the same ideas of police brutality, building exploding, corrupted police, etc. One thing that I didn't like is the pace. The added cutscenes that completely break the pace and it seems to be caused by the game having to fit onto consoles' tiny RAM. The
  11. Watching 20 minutes of someone walking in Korea, Japan or any other beautiful place makes your mind calm down. It's amazing. Would you live in this city?
  12. Translating the story: He is a specialist in Krav Maga, personal defense and public safety. (the guy to the left). He is telling the story of how he was in a car with his wife driving it. Two random guys driving a BMW insulted him, his wife and zigzagged in front of them in an attempt to really provoke he and his wife. At a certain moment both guys stepped out of their car and approached his car in an attempt to start a fight with his wife and/or himself. He stepped out and using his arm extended fowards tried to persuade both guys to go away. At that point there was a crowd watching
  13. Hey you that work as an artist for famous games. How do they decide which and how many maps to make for OVerwatch, Apex, Fortine, CSGO, etc? Say a game is aiming at WWII setting, how do you decide which cities or places to go? How is the creative process?
  14. 0kelvin

    Goals for 2021?

    Not really a goal. I was going through many youtube channels about psychology, narcissist behavior or personality disorder and something new stroke me. Some narcissistic parents, politicians or toxic people on toxic relationships have an overwhelming focus on the image they have towards others. One very damaging behavior of narcissistic persons is that they hide weakness or run away from them, trying to live in a world that they belive is right for them. It's a neverending race to win at all costs. they seem to forget that you can't be the best forever. Often they aren't the best, but the
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