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    Past 1,5 million cases and now the president himself is part of it.
  2. That texture isn't wood. It's stretched because the UV is wrong. I just realized that smooth stone surface doesn't match "ancient". My map is more similar to the American Museum of Natural History than to the Pantheon. I think that tourches aren't going to be bright enough. Every photo of a corridor with tourches on walls look way too dark.
  3. I'm trying to learn how to make materials. Smooth faces makes the lighting soft, but the angle is still not right. The texture maps, including the normal maps, are stretched because I'm having a hard time with UV maps.
  4. With this all map's ideias should be done. 3 skylights compared to 1 looks ugly.
  5. Square where the trims meet. Not sure. A statue fills up that dead end nicely. Not sure about the ceiling. I can have 3 circular relief decorations or just one. The ceiling can be flat, or half flat, half curved.
  6. The idea of a smaller dome with 4 supporting arches came from this
  7. Placeholder material and some trim. The symmetric design of this map makes it a good place to use the modern modular approach. The columns were going to be square, but after some research I decided to make round columns. I'm going to bevel the arches too.
  8. I'm settling down with this layout. The rest of the paths are all mirrored. I have to take measures of all corridors now.
  9. I decided to get rid of the middle ramp because it feels out of place. It was then that I realized that the syymmetrical design feels better suited for CTF, not FFA. I decided to remove the middle bridge as well.
  10. I've learned the very basics to model the basic shapes in blender. Still have to master boolean operations though. In UT I was limited to 8 - 16 sided cylinders, in UE4 I'm going up to 64. IT's much easier to work with multiples of ten than with powers of two.
  11. With BSP I couldn't go higher than 300 poly. With meshes I can have millions of triangles. I can build arches and domes now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantheon,_Rome Some references
  12. I'm using the UE4 FPS template as a base. According to its scale, 256 x 256 x 256 in UT1 translates to roughly 500 x 500 x 500 in UE4. Collision and lightmaps in this current state are completely screwed. I made some basic BSP prototype and converted to static meshes. This conversion step causes a lot of issues with lightmaps and collision. UE4 with a 1366 x 768 screen isn't good. It has so many menus and windows that you really need two screens to work properly with it. Ideas for UE4 version: - 3D trims - Flickering light effect for all tourches - Water caustics. Not raytracing, just some cool projected texture - Textures now can have displacement, normals, Physically Based - Higher triangle count, mostly due to round columns and trim https://postimg.cc/gallery/cs04sd3 A bit of achitectural research
  13. My first time ever trying a map in UE4. I'm trying to rebuild this https://postimg.cc/gallery/cs04sd3 The scale seems to be twice as large and twice as high. In UT a cube of 256 x 256 was the standard measure for rooms and corridors. In UE4 I have to round that to 250 and multiply by 2. I have to move away from powers of two. Triple height seems to be too much.
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