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  1. They could do some balance changes or fix some things, buth they aren't. For ex: once you put a gem in a socket you can't remove it, you can only destroy it with a certain recipe. The mercenaries AI has some mistakes and their path finding is prone to getting stuck here and there. They didn't fix it in ages. They are keeping the original graphics and you can switch to them. But the original graphics were very low res and won't look good on very large screens.
  2. The thing that makes me uninterested in this remaster is the fact that it's a remaster. All hacks, exploits, game logic is still the same from 20 years ago. They aren't changing anything in the game's system. In spite of that there is one thing that was enticing for me: they are keeping the same data that allows for mods, the same structure. If they fully support the mods, then the community could greatly expand the game.
  3. Some war going on now that Control is smaller on PS5 due to compression. At the end of the day I belive that the difference in SSD implementation between the PS5 and Xbox mean 1 or 2 seconds at best.
  4. Years ago I tried this same concept in quake 3. There was an open source render that could comput raytracing and export the lightmaps. But the steps were overly complicated and with issues with lightmap's edges bleeding.
  5. 0kelvin

    Goals for 2021?

    You know something that dawned on me during 2020? Sometimes you criticize something or sombody so heavly that it starts to mirror yourself. I mean, the criticism backfires. That was never a goal for me. It just happened. That would be a good goal. Spend less time on criticism, invest more time in yourself.
  6. 0kelvin

    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    I could live there!
  7. And the benchmarks began. Ppl laughting at how, sometimes, xsx has worse graphics or framerates. Oh well, spec war is ludicrous as always.
  8. is that name related to i4games, the community of ut players?
  9. Added mapcore. 2048 x 512 size.
  10. Supernatural season 15 finale. They wrote a finale that does not make sense. If God knows it all, how can God not know his own ending? They just made a season that pays homenage to previous seasons and characters by recreating some scenes or moves. God in supernatural is portrayed as a psychopath, power hungry, sadistic person that behaves as a child. Real life psychopaths can be cold hearted, sadistic and such. Impulsive like a child. But they over exaggerated the childish part. All angels and deities in supernatural are enemies, selfish and asses. God is the mother of all, the worst one. In the end God was just another deity to be defeated.
  11. I'm following a youtube channel called (translated from portuguese) "Don't lie to me". He has thousands of videos scrutinizing the body language and psychoanalysis of politicians, psychopaths, celebrities, etc. He's amazing! His videos are very long, sometimes as long as 2 hours. It's incredible how the same emotions and body language that apply to psychopaths are also present in relationships, adverts, newspapers, TV, pretty much everything. He wrote this book https://www.amazon.com.br/manipulate-persuade-millions-people-English-ebook/dp/B08CL236JZ The concepts that he presents are very much applicable in the gaming industry.
  12. Made 5 versions for 5 tracks from Goldeneye Source's OST. The black logos and trademarks were too low contrast due to the map being mostly dark grey. To fix that I inverted them to white.
  13. Released. I used bondage.mp3 from Goldeneye Source. Edited first post. https://postimg.cc/gallery/rkHyS93
  14. Finished lighting and geometry.
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