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  1. Changed the name of the site. I just finished my first list of goals for this site. I went as far as the definition of a limit. Beginning at the definition of a function I added some pages about graphs and linear transformations. I just realized that linear algebra can help understand some parts of calculus. I'm making small lists of 3 to 5 goals. If I make a long list of chapters to do, such as 20 chapters. I'm sure that I'm going to be overwhelmed by the size of it and very often what is one topic is, underneath, a combination of many subtopics.
  2. I've found that by reading books my capacity to focus has improved a lot. To read books I force myself to read paragraphs and pages and not care about the whole book or the next chapters while I'm reading one chapter. In the same way I'm writing about calculus, one specific topic at a time. I believe that making games can also benefit from this. Because imagine a game that has multiple modules and it's essentially an async process where not everything is a nice straight line. Going back and forth in multiple directions is confusing. Bottom line: math is ****** in terms of writing. I've found so many mistakes and wrong explanations for lots of concepts. That's why some textbooks are relying on a rather pedantic language style.
  3. https://www.chopstickchronicles.com/ozoni-miso-soup-mochi-rice-cake/ I have no idea were this tradition came from (yes, Japan. But whether there is a philosophy or tale behind it I don't know). I eat it every year and at least it's tasty.
  4. I'm also changing my goal for this site just a bit. After some talking in a statistics discord I've came to realize that doing each and every proof and typing hundreds of solved exercises is going to be a huge waste of time. First the theorems are already proved elsewhere, such as wikipedia or Khan Academy. And to learn calculus properly I have to do it on paper, typing latex is just exhausting.
  5. http://conceptualcalculus.wikidot.com/ This is my most immediate goal for now. It doesn't have any relationship with level design but I hope this can at least be a resource for future works. The goal for now is to cover limits, differentiation and integrals of functions of one variable.
  6. Yes. US and BR suffer from the overmedication and two categories stand out: depression and adhd. I think that the third would be related to losing weight. To make matters worse there are many more bad mental health professionals than good ones. I was watching some specialists in narcissism, borderline and such and it's incredible how many disorders are misunderstood. Very few have the means and the knowledge to treat them.
  7. I decided to abandon my current degree. I don't see the point in doing it to not work in the field. The fact that the best possible scenario is the case of completing what is left to do in 3 years (minimum. It's impossible to finish the degree earlier than this) is even more daunting. I don't learn with lectures. I learn by reading the books. The whole system ends up encouraging students to focus on grades because you have to get the grades to get the credits. Almost nobody likes to read books and almost everyone is feeling pressured to get their degree because of social reasons. I was in a group of students of statistics criticising the hours spent on attending lectures and somebody replied that 3.5 hours of lectures per day is absurd, it should have been as many as 8 hours. He said that some modules that have 120 hours in a semester could have been shortened to 20 hours without sacrificing any content. I don't think he meant 8 hours of lectures, but more time should be spent with practice within the uni's buildings. https://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/my-projects/ This guy for example. He completed the MIT's CC program in 1/4 of the time. Doing it all by himself and not enrolling in MIT itself.
  8. After failing so many times calculus over and over and over. I began to realize something of deep importance. Why do I have to study calculus because there is an exam? Why do I have to have to pass calculus 1 to learn calculus 2? Courses such as astronomy, statistics, earth sciences, engineering, all have a chain of pre requisites. So calculus 1 is a pre requisite to calculus 2. But that's a rule that means something for the uni itself. I asked myself: there is nothing that is forbidding me from reading the textbook. The book is there, on the internet, on the shelves, but it's there waiting for you. So why do I have to wait for something when nobody told me to wait? After that realization I began to doubt my degree. What am I doing pursuing meteorology? I think I just don't want it. I heard some teachers telling a class that some companies that do forecasting were complaining that holders of a meteorology degree were very good at calculations and yet, oblivious to names of cities and their location. It's curious that the whole program covers all the math and physics that would be required to describe storms, heatwaves, cold, etc but there is absolutely nothing about geography that one would learn at say, 5th grade. Another complain is about language. Students spend so much time learning calculus, physics, equations, that language is left behind. All that is making me believe that I just have to have the guts to pick up the calculus and physics books and learn them because I really want to apply that knowledge in games or physical simulations, leaving meteorology to wishful thinking. I'm already setting for myself a goal of reading books. There are bright authors out there that wrote a lot about how the brain works, how emotion works, mindset of rich vs poor and all that is important for life and yet, just ignored by 99% of all schools. I notice how teachers of calculus and physics have their phd but it seems that their whole life was dedicated to pure science and human relationships were forsaken. Some of them even suffer from that because they really wish their students would do well in a calculus exam, yet they have no idea what to do when the students are struggling and failing. Books have the power to change lives.
  9. Just watched Sam Lake talking about AW2 and they aren't changing engines. Their workflow is probably deeply tied to their own engine.
  10. By partnering with Epic it could mean UE5.
  11. He said to not bother about the rest of the book because it's uninteresting, but if you don't read the first pages you are missing the experience of having to face a very hard text.
  12. I'm reading "Small treatise of the great virtues". Finished the first chapter and going to finish the second. Boy, it's hard. Maybe not as hard as Kant, but it's paying off. I'm learning new vocabulary. There is a famous teacher here that recorded a class he gave where he talked about "having the guts" to read Kant. He dared everyone to pick up "Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals" and read the first three pages. He warned "the first paragraph is going to cause you some bad feelings. Don't let Kant laugh at you! Read it again and again and again. You have to have the guts to understand it". I never knew this teacher but I'm getting it by reading something about virtues. The previous book, about procrastination, is paying off too. I must have read some paragraphs of this book about virtues about 10x until I finally grasped it. Years ago I'd be frustrated by the difficulty of reading and just drop it. Now it's different, I'm concentrating on one page at a time or one paragraph at a time. It's working and preventing me from procrastinating.
  13. Solving the procrastination puzzle. I delayed and delayed, procrastinated, reading this book for years. I finally read it. Everything it teaches makes sense. I mean, I do everything this book describes. It's the same thing that the psychiatrist that I follow explained. Deep down it's about negative emotions and how we handle them. There are many illusions that we cast on ourselves that ultimately make we delay this, delay that, postpone in a never ending cycle of pain and suffering. It's all created inside your own mind and knowing what decisions you subconsciously make is the beginning of a process of enlightenment.
  14. I was watching a psychiatrist talking about why we delay and postpone important things. It's all related to emotions and feelings down the road. So I read the book "Ego is the enemy" and came to realize why I was able to read it without struggling to concentrate. Because I read it slowly. I never forced myself to read it all in one go. Have you ever heard about "Divide and conquer"? Pretty sure everyone has. Why not use it in everyday life? You have an article of ten pages to read. Most of the time you delay reading it, you are doing it because reading is hard or the text's content is hard to grasp. Divide it, set a goal of spending 2 minutes reading ONE PAGE. Then read the next. Depending on the case you might want to subdivide the task in "READ HALF A PAGE" and then take your time to think about it. Why is game development a complex process? Because it has so many pieces that you need to spread out the tasks in multiple areas at the same time. Everyone is doing a smaller task with the ultimate goal of completing the whole product. I remember years ago when I was failing to complete any maps. What made me complete maps was that I began to make lists of tasks such as texture, pillars, water, lights, so on. Years and years later and I still have similar issues and they all relate to the lack of direction. I need to have a clear direction before I start a map. I can relate to a teacher who once told me that during her bachelor in astrophysics she had to make a plan to concentrate on what subjects she would take per semester without being overloaded.
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