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  1. Goals for 2018?

    Shall we repeat it? Hmm... For now, I'm sticking to the same goals of past year.
  2. FIFA 2018 WC

    Italy out too, poor Buffon
  3. Max Payne... 16 Years Later

    Imagine a remake for next gen. I remember playing MP1 with a voodoo 3 lol. Both MP1 and MP2 could be fully loade on a today's video card and there would be still plenty of memory left. https://www.beyond3d.com/content/interviews/20/2 24 hours and 10 PCs to render lighting lol. 16 years later and we can have better lighting in realtime.
  4. What have you watched recently?

    The Flash season 4 is being a let down.
  5. FIFA 2018 WC

    USA is out! What a shame.... they didn't make it. In 2014 I had high hopes for Klinsmann coaching USA team...
  6. Computer graphics, my journey to understanding

    Does that course include discussing details about APIs or the hardware itself? I mean, the computing power of GPUs is ever increasing, exponentially in some aspects, but it seems that it's never enough. Toy Story, Finding Nemo or Ice Age, at every new incarnation the graphics evolve, but they still require a lot of processing power and hours to render each frame.
  7. E3 2017

    4K in games is missleading. Games have different buffers and content can have multiple different resolutions, such as textures having one resolution and shadows another. Plus, there is the dynamic resolution tech that adjusts resolution according to the load.
  8. Xbox One

    Man, there is so much fuzz about whether or not Jaguar cores are a bottleneck....
  9. What's going on with your life?

    After panicking because of low grades I got approved in linear algebra.
  10. Happy new year!

    Happy new year mapcore
  11. Goals for 2017?

    Sadly no.
  12. Goals for 2017?

    Linear algebra and analytic geometry currently. Later I'll try introduction to classical mechanics and thermodynamics.
  13. Goals for 2017?

    I made one thread in 2014 and I'm making again for 2017. - Study harder than I did in 2016 - Study english - Continue writing some study guides in math and physics - Read a book - Continue meditating - Learn to better manage my time
  14. If they can achive that level of photorealism with less than 8GB of RAM. What is it going to be like in the future with consoles with probably more than 16GB of RAM?