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  1. https://www.techspot.com/news/82513-ea-teases-return-steam-after-eight-years.html
  2. Nice work. The far cry series uses Dunia, which I believe is an off-shoot of Cryengine 1, Other titles uses different engines.
  3. I cannot wait to play this, I wonder what the system specs are.
  4. Bought it, played it, loved it.
  5. The offshore money I believe will be used to upgrade your safehouse in the future.
  6. The game is so much fun. They only let down is the engine, looks very dated.
  7. silent

    World War Z

    Terrible movie. Not worth watching at the cinema.
  8. A great resource. Thank you.
  9. Simply beautiful work.
  10. I will give it a try, looks great from the video.
  11. silent


    It looks fantastic. Great work.
  12. silent

    FC3 - Shipment

    *added video and new screenshots. Hey, I have been working for the last day on a small recreation of the COD4 map shipment, I have changed slightly some of the dimensions to fit with FC3 slower paced MP. Grateful for any feedback. Thanks, silent
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