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  1. We are glad to give something back to the CS community We also added a 14 slot custommap only publicserver. Just send me a note if you want your map added! connect
  2. Hi, we have just started our first free 10-man/PUG server, powered by the Splewis Pug Setup Plugin. We are really interested in new maps that are suitable for competitive play. I have seen so much talent around here and it is a pain too see how many good maps get so little exposure. So we decided to lend the custommap community a hand: If you want your map available on the server, just send me a PM here or a mail to [email protected] If the map fullfills some minimal standards (technically playable in 5v5, thoughtful layout, available in workshop) we will add it. For example, you could giv
  3. shnytzl


    Very excited to see that you are still working on de_lite, I am really looking forward to it!
  4. shnytzl

    What I'm Working On

    I was really hoping for a snowy competitive map...
  5. shnytzl

    CS:GO Stickers

    Hi, so last night the CS:GO stickerworkshop was released, which means that there is another possibility to be creative as an 2D artist. Let's collect them all in one thread, shall we? I'll start with mine, please have a look: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=230885207 Greetings, shnytzl
  6. that is a fabulous question, I'm confused by myself
  7. ah well, I joined as spectator and not as a player with noclip... that was the problem. Thanks!
  8. yeah it works, but the workshop itself is hidden. But a message in your steamcommunity is created that you've just uploaded a new item to the workshop. You can also view your map and set the visibility (friends/public).
  9. Hi, I'm currently working on a Fight Yard map for my Team: fy_lanii. It is my first map ever, I've spend quite a lot of time on it so far. Please don't be too harsh I think it is important for fy maps to be visually clean, as the fighting itself should get the main attention. In contrast to other fy maps I wanted to imply a certain style of gaming with my map. This means: I placed boxed to hide to animate the player to fight his way forward. The starting distance between the first contact is also quite long, to make the player move closer. I never liked fy maps that became some sort of ai
  10. Hi I'm working on a map and wanted to add a Radar. I've followed the instructions shown here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/...evel_Overviews Unfortunately, when I'm trying to work with cl_leveloverview, I get a black screen (Game is still working, but I cannot see the map). I've tried different values. When the value is low enough, I get a green screen with some parts (to be exact: The lowest func_detail parts) of the map. I am not able to see the whole map, no matter what value. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Marc
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