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    Radu reacted to Buddy in Half-Life Alyx   
    Hehe, these are my old bread scans. It was fun to see that in half-life, lol.
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    Radu got a reaction from Minos in What are you playing now?   
    I played Paratopic back in may. It's a short, discontinued, dream fever like experience. It's similar to Thirty flights of loving, as you have to piece together the different sequences in order to figure out what exactly happens. However, that fever dream aesthetic really sticks. There's a particular scene that's been playing back in my mind similar to a recurring nightmare. You're driving a car in this deserted city while the radio is playing a dark rendition of classic music.
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    Radu got a reaction from blackdog in Half-Life Alyx   
    Ah man, this would have been the perfect gman face

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    Radu reacted to leplubodeslapin in The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium   
    Oh yea Half-Life, oh yes that game
    sure sure

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    Radu reacted to blackdog in The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium   
    Do you want Arkane’s Ravenholm game to be released? Make some noise
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    Radu got a reaction from Lizard in Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game   
    Honestly, I disagree. I think the 60-70s aesthetic that they're going for is pretty appealing nowadays, maybe even making a comeback similar to how the 80s have. If you've followed popular media in the recent years, we've had films like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,  Bohemian Rhapsody,  Rocketman, The Nice Guys, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. etc. And in the games industry we've got titles like Wolfenstein: The New Order & The New Colossus, as well as the old classic No One Lives Forever. So there's definitely a high appeal for this period just like there is for the 50s or 80s, each with their own quirks. 
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    Radu got a reaction from [HP] in Control (Remedy)   
    A year later, considering giving this a second try. Also, this:
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    Radu got a reaction from Zarsky in Sauna 2000   
    Kickstarter page: 
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    Radu got a reaction from Zarsky in Half-Life Alyx   
  10. LOL
    Radu got a reaction from blackdog in Sauna 2000   
    Kickstarter page: 
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    Radu reacted to Lizard in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Its a "Wip, post your level screenshot thread" man... Maybe create your own thread or something. As for the grid snapping, try ctrl+b.
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    Radu reacted to Lizard in [CSGO] Engage   
    Can you finally realise that foreign special forces do operate on foreign soil very often?
    As for the map... Like I said to Rzl the other day it looks incredible. I love the animated assembly line and all the small details. I also left Rzl some feedback on lighting and  how to improve visibility of critical paths. I feel like the map is evenly lit from every direction causing the map to look flat without depth in most places. It creates the problem where you can't really tell whats playable area and whats not. Map having big elevation changes doesn't help with this issue. Other than that I tools incredible and I remember it plays well too.
    Congratulations on the release guys! 🥰
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    Radu got a reaction from PogoP in What are you playing now?   
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    Radu got a reaction from PogoP in What are you playing now?   
    Well, I did it, I beat Dark Souls! Man, that was one hell of an adventure. Would recommend.
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    Radu reacted to poLemin in [CSGO] Engage   
    I agree with what is being said here. The map looks stunning - in a positive and a negative way.
    The particular shot shown above, is something I encountered when playing it as well. You get thrown into this area when leaving CT spawn, and it's unclear were the sections of gameplay relevance are. The connector to mid is hidden because of the U-Shape, The door is kinda hidden due to the orthogonal angle you are approaching it at and the stairs to your right are only in the corner of your eye. The bright light at the back of site draws attention, but only leads to a seamingly meaningless corner. I think the lighting overall looks beautiful, but it doesn't really support gameplay. It's hard to read which parts of the map are important and which are non-playable areas.
    Again, this is criticism on a very very high level. The map is great, looks stunning and I had a lot of fun playing it (granted when it was a greybox, but only a few things changed since then). Congratulations to the team! It's definitely something to be very proud of 👏
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    Radu reacted to Tisky in Overwatch   
    @Minos @[HP] I want answers 😁
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    Radu reacted to catfood in [CSGO] Engage   
    Hello all!
    This post is a little late on Mapcore because I have been moving and working on other projects also but I still wanted to share the release of Engage with the Mapcorians for who missed the release on the workshop.
    Two years ago BubkeZ and RZL came to me and asked if I wanted to work with them on a layout BubkeZ created in 2010 for CS 1.6 called de_engage and obviously I said yes.
    The three of us then started to look at this old layout and discussed what needed to change to make it viable for CS:GO and improve on the original design.
    RZL then made the first blockout with all the changes we discussed and handed the greybox level to me and I took it from there.
    The result:

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    Radu got a reaction from Beck in Half-Life Alyx   
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    Radu reacted to Minos in What's going on with your life?   
    Life is a bitch sometimes and slaps us in the face, but these moments are also moments of growth and evolution. Sometimes these changes (like the job change) will lead you to an even better job in the future. Best luck to your mom, hope she recovers quickly!
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    Radu reacted to Serialmapper in Random Photo Thread   
    My first timelapse 😁. One foto each 10 seconds on a time interval of 50 minutes.
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    Radu got a reaction from zombi in [WIP] Arcadia - danger zone   
    Yeah, it's starting to come together nicely. I like the town area with the different building shapes and height variation. Overall, good composition. Keep it up!
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    Radu reacted to zombi in [WIP] Arcadia - danger zone   
    Few more screenshots.
    There are 2 balloons in air as landmark points

    Finished clocktower

    Car ferry without car and ferry




    Red lantern from Croatia

    (there is festival on island and it's cool refrence to Woodstock)

    Lighthouse house

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    Radu got a reaction from blackdog in What are you playing now?   
    Well, I did it, I beat Dark Souls! Man, that was one hell of an adventure. Would recommend.
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    Radu reacted to AlexM in What are you playing now?   
    Started playing a game called Yomawari night with my partner.
    I expected a kind of cute anime game. It's actually quite horrifying.
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    Radu reacted to untor in Swamp   
    Hi Mapcore! 

    We are make Swamp update! 
    What's new? 


    And new screens from map:

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