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    Radu got a reaction from Beck in GTA V   
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    Radu reacted to blackdog in The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium AKA what Tyler McVicker just said on YouTube   
    This came up on my lockscreen and I would be strongly convinced that it could have very well been on the reference moodboard for the Lighthouse level of HL2. In particular because of that pillar/structure closer to the camera... it really makes me think of the way Gordon escapes from the location (and from where he sees the buggy taken away by the Combine).
    Is it just me?

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    Radu got a reaction from will2k in GTA V   
    Yeah, also curious. I hope it will look somewhat comparable to those fan made videos:
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    Radu reacted to Beck in Battlefield 2042   
    For sure. We lived through the golden age of gaming I feel and it could just me being old and shouting at clouds but I don't feel like modern games suit me well. There aren't many new games I enjoy like I did back in the late 90's to about the early 2010's.
    See, this is where the specialists work. You and 3 mates. You know who your friends are and where they are since you're most likely on Discord with them. Everyone else is an enemy. It doesn't really matter that everyone else is playing the same characters like in other BR and Tarkov-like games.
    Other modes in BF2042 really could do with having classes back and everyone plays a nameless soldier unique to their faction. But I guess that won't bring in the dollars from skin sales. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Man, I really am an old man shouting at clouds
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    Radu reacted to SirSnail in de_wake (wingman)   
    by SirSnail
    Wake is finally up!
    Set on an island castle with a secret lab entrance in the back, this project was fun and a good learning experience.
    Feedback is welcome!
    Some assets borrowed from Yanzl (de_castle)
    Steam Page

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    Radu reacted to leplubodeslapin in Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game   
    @Radu, this is what we call the "Guided Tour", it guides the player for 2-3 hours after the tutorial map. It's a necessity, before we built up the guided tour, players just felt completely lost, lacking a lot of knowledges from very basic concepts of the game.
    We decided to host this through the real maps, so the player can already spend time on them and learn informations that will be useful once this phase is lifted, but for a few hours we have to force the player to go through some key steps.
    Once you get through this, you become free to explore the maps and campaign.
    But still, we can't just let the players completely in the unknown to solve the big puzzle, there are "leads" that guide the player through the process. You can do these in any order you want, and as for previous games you can disable markers and other options if you want.
    The puzzle itself isn't the only important part from the game, it's also how you want to build up an arsenal, there are optionnal missions and vignettes we created to get some extra equipement/lore/rewards (which are usually harder to solve), learning the maps can also become very valuable (finding out new paths, new locations, shortcuts ...), especially in PvP... How you want to play with the loop!

    I'm sorry that it feels like too much information is thrown at the player, I actually have to agree on that. It's not necessarily a very complex game, but it's quite unorthodox. It takes a bit of time for the player to feel comfortable with it.
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    Radu got a reaction from Buddy in GTA V   
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    Radu reacted to ics in Terror [TF2]   
    This map is now officially part of the Team Fortress 2 Scream Fortress XIII Halloween update.
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    Radu reacted to dux in Mental health / rant thread   
    Stay away/limit yourself from social media
    Start going to the gym. I go 4 times a week. It is THE difference maker. Plus who doesn't like being jacked? I clap cheeks with the lights on.
    Drink lots of water. It flushes all the shit out of your system.
    Don't get addicted to drugs/substances as a way to escape your problems/emotions.
    Talk to your mother/father/family more.
    Take 5HTP before bed (it helps level serotonin, I take it every night).
    Eat proper food. Not KFC. Not Maccy D's. Not sugar. Not takeaways. Eat shit, feel like shit. Enjoy in moderation.
    Don't force yourself to do things that used to make you happy. I lost all interest in games over lockdown. Making them was bad enough, it just made me miserable sitting in my office everyday staring at a screen. Take a break. I'm now currently enjoying D2 Resurrected.
    Read before bed, put down the electronics an hour before you sleep.
    Go for walks. I like to go for a walk almost every night. Assuming it isn't raining, welsh weather.
    Listen to lots of music. I combine this with walking.
    Ditch the porn. Holy shit if I was 17 today I'd be a fucking mess with how easily you can come across tits and ass. Just scrolling through instagram today my teenage head would explode. Fuck that shit. It is going to fuck up a generation of guys.
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    Radu reacted to GenoCide in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Progressing slowly
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    Radu got a reaction from Serialmapper in Far Cry 6   
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    Radu reacted to Minos in Trademarking New Game Modes   
    You can trademark the brand and if you manage to create a valuable enough IP you can make money from that, either by selling it to another company, signing licensing deals etc... (like Garry's mod, or even CS). If you create something inside CS:GO I assume Valve already owns part of it, since you are using their code, assets, etc... so even if you trademark a game mode, they own the code for the game you made the game mode for. How about booking a consultation with Cooper & Norman? They must know the answer  
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    Radu reacted to Serialmapper in [WIP] de_island (remake)   
    The map it's progressing, i made some custom fake door models, also some new textures

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    Radu got a reaction from Zarsky in Fallout 4   
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    Radu reacted to Minos in Spanish Town - Unreal 4 VR Environment + Tutorial   
    lol, haven't updated this thread in a long time  I've been working on this on and off throughout the year and I'm getting close to calling it done. The architecture is about 90% done, then it's time for the backdrop, foliage (all temp assets now), set dressing and polish... well I actually still have quite a bit left to do, but feels good to be over the most critical part (architecture).
    Here are some pics of where I am at:

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    Radu got a reaction from ┌HP┘ in Tribeca Games Spotlight 2021   
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    Radu reacted to Minos in Mapcore Job Census   
    I'm now a Principal Environment Artist at Lightspeed LA (updated the board to reflect it). Last time I started a new job was 10 years ago, this is very exciting!
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    Radu reacted to Corvus in [UE4] Island Environment [W.I.P]   
    More progress on the jungle part of the island. Still trying to find the balance with the foliage density. Wanna make it really dense but also very readable. 

    And a video 

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    Radu got a reaction from Zarsky in Alan Wake   
    Youtube algorithm knows what's up, just keeps recommending me Alan Wake videos and then I share them here to get you guys in the loop  
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    Radu got a reaction from Squad in Alan Wake   
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    Radu reacted to ┌HP┘ in Alan Wake   
    It did yeah, on a bonus disk. I still got mine

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    Radu got a reaction from El Moroes in Carnival Hunt   
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    Radu got a reaction from blackdog in Carnival Hunt   
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    Radu reacted to Radix in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    CSGO Ancient plants.mp4 Plants on Ancient go crazy if you have played Basalt before. 😆
    @[email protected]
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    Radu got a reaction from ┌HP┘ in Alan Wake   
    Youtube algorithm knows what's up, just keeps recommending me Alan Wake videos and then I share them here to get you guys in the loop  
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