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  1. My little Antarctic Station themed TF2 map is coming along pretty well. Loads of particle effects and ropes blowing about in the wind. Pretty happy with the results so far. Still need to do some fog controller magic for inside the major buildings and the deathpit, though.
  2. TF2 Arena map distraction from another project. Modded some existing particles & a skybox to fit a "whiteout" in Antarctica theme.
  3. Thanks for catching that out, I forgot to go back after doing that triangular ceiling to the roof. This is just enough to prevent viewing 2/3rds of the point. In other news, flank corridor. Length subject to change.
  4. Few hours in Hammer over the past few days. Been going between this and a project in Unity.
  5. I've finally released what I hope will be the last version of this map. It was originally a uni project, but a TF2Maps.net contest popped up, so I ended up polishing off the map after my trimester ended to submit it, where it was awarded second place. After the shenanigans I endured through today, I really don't want to touch HDR settings in the Source engine for a long time now. Download
  6. Really should have learned of this community sooner Now I've finished uni studies permanently, I'm finally getting back to (re)making a particular TF2 level I made recently into something infinitely better. I loved the Market assets that were made for a entry into that Valve Artpass contest a while ago, was surprised that nobody has taken an attempt at the theme.
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