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  1. Hello all, I decided to make a level of my own for the stealth tutorial project published by Unity on their own website. The idea was to use existing assets from the unity asset store and other sites. This was because i wanted to focus on Level design more. I would appreciate if someone could play it and give me feedback on it. The level can be played here, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31348926/Unity_Stealth/index.html The goal of the level is to find the keycard for the exit lift and escaping through it. Some screenshots from the level below, Although the game is not a fully realized one it has the basics going for it and could be built into a complete game. Currently I am thinking about what can be done to make it more complete. If anyone wants to contribute some ideas for it I would appreciate it. Thanks Veerdhawal Khanvilkar
  2. Can you give some more details on the project? I am interested.
  3. Thanks Kendhrin! nice to have a feedback from the developer of the game for which I made the levels. I will try to get some modular sets if possible or will try to get my hands dirty with modelling of my own modular set . Also, I choose Nexuiz for the very same reason you mentioned about top tier engine knowledge. I know I haven't used the full potential of CryEngine 3 in my levels and I am still working on the levels, specially the Facilty level. It's feels good to get feedback from all of you. It really helped.
  4. Thanks e-freak! I get now what you guys are trying to say. I will polish the three levels as you suggested. I guess i was more engaged in designing the level instead of actually implementing it. I did download a level very similar to mine for FC3 and realized the huge difference between the both . What do you think about sharing the design on the portfolio like i did? Is it alright to do so or should i avoid it? I am asking this because most of the portfolios i have checked don't share their designs and for a level designer its the design that should be showcased right? Thanks again for the feedback.
  5. - Why do u think that investing in a domain name is must and not using a free web hosting service? I am a little tight on budget and even though i can buy a domain, i cannot afford a professional web developer to build my site. I plan on buying a domain from the same web hosting service and migrate my web site to it once i can afford it. I have checked out some portfolios for new level designers who have used similar kind of services. - I agree with your views on this, I have updated the site now and removed the animations for page transitions. I have also removed the extra pages that were not necessary. - Well the first two levels(Nexuiz levels) are arena levels. For the first one i did try to use the existing assets from the game. I have used the props in such a way that the player can orient himself while playing. The level can clearly be distinguished into three different sections. This level is on steam workshop and i got some positive feedback on the level too . For the second level, i agree with your view about it being just blocky thing. I tried to use some downloaded textures in a manner that would make sense while playing for the player. I do agree that props are missing from the level. I will try to think make some changes to it. Actually the props are not randomly arranged on a flat terrain. I tried to adapt it to the design i made. My focus was on three different areas for the level. I will add some props to the level though to spice it up. And yes i do intend to work on many more levels. Lets hope they turn out good. Thanks for the feedback you gave. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hi, I have completed a Domination multiplayer map for Far Cry 3. This was a new experience for me as initially while planning this map, i hadn't taken the open environment nature of the game into consideration and had designed the level as a level with walls and buildings with narrow ways similar to my previous levels. I had to adapt the design for the open environment when i got down to implementing it in the FC3 Editor. My main goal was to have three different themes in one map, Caves, Temple ruins and a town/village/settlement. A walkthrough video showing the environment of the level, It would be great if anyone can play this map and give their feedback on it. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am a level designer by profession and realized it recently that my professional work alone won't allow me to get noticed. So I started working on building a portfolio of personal work and have created a website for my portfolio. Mostly my focus is on level design and less on the art. I also want to increase my skills as a level designer which can only be done through constantly creating maps for different games. Portfolio It would be great if all of you can give me feedback on improving it further. In coming months i will be creating many more levels for different games. Also i am looking for a new job as a Level Designer where i get to work on bigger projects. Thanks
  8. Sorry i forgot to give the workshop link. Here it is http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=115232394&searchtext= yeah uv tiling texures on solid does take time but if you follow a pattern in the dimensions for the solids then it becomes a lot less work. Also the whole level is symmetrical so i had to only UV tile one room and one corridor and then just copy them. You are right about the props, adding some props to the level would have required me to model some 3d models. but as i said i cannot UV Unwrap them even if i can model them in 3D Max. It would have been nice if we had some sci fi props set within the game which we could use.
  9. My Second level for Nexuiz. This time i wanted to design a level with closed rooms and have two floors in the level for the player to explore. The whole level is made using the Solid tool of the editor. The textures are from www.GameTextures.com and http://www.philipk.net/index.html. I wanted to create 3D models for the rooms but i don't know how to Unwrap and texture models in 3D Max. So i sticked to just applying textures to the solids and then adjusting the UVs of them. Also i haven't figured out how to change the skybox with a custom skybox texture. Please feel free to give your feedback on this. Thanks
  10. We've made level design academy with the editor so I think you can grab it from torrents but maybe there will be another academy session so the official download links will be online. I couldn't find the level design academy on the torrents. But i found these two links which suggest that the level editor of Call of Juarez can be used with Dead Island. http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/categories/level_design_tutorials/recommended-level-design-editors.php http://deadislandwiki.com/wiki/Mod:Map_Editor Can you confirm this? Also if you have the link to the level design academy, point me in the right direction.
  11. Besides what FMPONE said, play lots of game from different genres and try to understand the gameplay and how the levels are made. Research is the key. Also it would be better to choose either Level Designer or Environment Artist when you start. Doing both at the start will only increase your confusion. I recommend you take a look at www.worldofleveldesign.com. Also take a look at beginning level design book. Its is good for beginners. You can also start meddling with UDK just to get a hang of it.
  12. I picked up Natural Selection 2 finally. Can anyone tell if there is a level editor for Dead Island? If so i will be picking it up or else will get it later. Steam sales always empty my wallet.
  13. I loved THQ as a publisher, they atleast tried to do different kind of games and took risks to bring innovation to the table. We still be getting Company of Heroes and Homefront 2 is from Crytek. So that's a good news. They needed one anchoring game franchise which would have hold them together.
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