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  1. It's procedurally generated and permadeath… "Inspired by roguelikes". Nice.
  2. The full story, more or less: http://www.twitlonge.../show/n_1rk99tp He was scamming people for a sex change surgery.
  3. Cool! Let us know how you fare, simple games should be really quick done with C2. I'm actually experimenting with the free edition right now, I think I've already ran into a few limitations… For instance, I can't seem to manipulate the cursor to simulate weapon recoil. Might seem intrusive, but c'mon. It's a game. But yeah, nothing earth shattering yet.
  4. Woah, I missed this news entirely. Admirable guy, he suffered through a lot but persisted until the very end. Cancer cost him his jaw and bound him to the wheelchair, yet he stuck around to bring his reviews to the world. Even tried to host a new show despite his condition. Two thumbs up to this man.
  5. Has anyone mentioned Memento? Because, Memento. So much better than that steaming horseshit called TDKR. Nolan, you sold out!
  6. I share your concerns, which is why I wouldn't make a memory intensive game with this. I figure it should be great for making simple game "prototypes", like how Derek Yu made Spelunky in Game Maker. I believe you can export to .exe now, it's just a WebKit wrapper though. Also, I just missed the offer! That's what I get for assuming it would last the whole day, I guess: Why even choose an arbitrary time like that? Jeez… Screw this, I'm waiting til the next offer
  7. You have a good point Corwin, knowing Unity might come in handy later… Then again, knowing a wide range of tools tends to help me understand them better (I noticed this when going from PHP > Java > C#). Unity also seems pretty barebones, while C2 has lots of basic game functionality bundled. It seems more "designer friendly" overall, which is a definite plus for me as I don't have other programmers to work with at the moment. I understand the desire to know the inner workings of a program intimately, but it's not practical for me at the moment. Thanks for your response, reading it helped me reflect on my priorities. I'll still be going with C2, but not ruling out Unity for the future
  8. Pressed on time here guys… I think I've decided on the Personal edition ($71.40). I've bought game collections for more than that, so I guess it's reasonable… I really just need something to prototype in, but the free edition might still be too restrictive for me. If anyone wants to convince me otherwise, though, let me hear your wisdom I'll wait until tomorrow night before buying, so you'll have time to respond.
  9. So as you may have seen in the I'm planning to learn game development. My first priority is to design and prototype a 2D game. Construct 2 seems to have almost universally positive reviews, but I don't have much experience with it yet. The free edition also isn't fully featured and prohibits commercial use, but the tool is on sale until Monday. Do you guys think it's a wise bet to jump on the offer? Do any of you have experience with C2? I've been burned by impulse buys before… If it's any help, my games will use heavily procedural level generation.
  10. Edited my last post for clarity. I would work in 3D if I had the experience, but 2D is probably the wisest for now. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them both out @OP: I commend you for starting a game project at your age, god knows I could've been more productive a few years ago. Mind telling us more about the game you're working on? What's your role in the project?
  11. Actually, I've got the 2D engine thing covered, Construct 2 is currently "collecting dust" on my harddrive. Probably wouldn't use a 3D engine like Unity for 2D unless I was making a 2.5D game. I might need a reality check, my head is in the clouds. Better start simple before I go for the 3D "dream game". Too bad Construct doesn't support traditional programming to the same extent, at least Unity would let me exercise my C# outside a schooling environment. Sorry for the hijack
  12. This thread came at an opportune time for me, as I've been struggling with the same choice for a bit. Unity seems the most flexible, and I'm learning C# anyway so that's convenient. I'm also going for a procedurally generated game, if I manage to get this thing off the ground. Then again, I'm just an armchair game designer at this point. A 3D game might be a bit ambitious for my first project. What do you guys think?
  13. Well shit, another one? But who am I to talk, I haven’t played any of them The videos I saw showed some nasty bugs, poor AI and a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwOvuY0UbFM, so that kinda turned me off. But I guess the parkour redeemed the whole experience?
  14. I know what you were going for, and I agree with your sentiments. These are merely my suggestions to improve the flow of your future articles. The way this article changes its focus between analysis, persuasion and helpful advice, hampers the sense of direction I get when reading it. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. If you want me to elaborate further, feel free to send me a PM.
  15. In the spirit of the subject matter, I’ll give some constructive criticism ;-) I pretty much agree with most of the article, and I think you give some good advice. However, I believe the article lacks focus. After reading through the whole thing I’m uncertain if your goal for the article is an analysis, a how-to, or an argumentative essay. Also, anecdotes from personal experience would help to provide some backdrop or to drive your points home. Bear in mind, I’m not a professional writer. This is just what I could think up by analyzing the article. Looking forward to the rest of this series!
  16. Beefeater

    The Last Stand!

    We have a situation lol
  17. Glad to hear you’re still working on the features, Thrik! Looking forward to the upcoming content! This is just what I had in mind. Are you basing it on the PM page? Seems like a good base, it’s got drafts and everything. A lack of quality never really crossed my mind when I read your articles. If you’re an amateur then I’m honestly impressed.
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    The DNA thing astonished me when I watched the movie. “Their DNA is identical!” *facepalm*
  19. Some background: I was first introduced to this site via Pericolos' procedural FPS thread. I was drawn in by this friendly little community, but stayed lurking for a long time. With the launch of the new site, though, I felt it was a good time to get involved As a relatively new member, I can definitely say the redesign of the site was a “selling point” for me, the “Features” section and community features in particular. Spronyvan and Thrik have succeeded in bringing us some really informative and insightful content so far. With that in mind, I’m a little disappointed that there haven't been any new articles in months. The “Features” section of this site has a lot of potential, but I fear it may not be getting enough attention at the moment. I was looking into contributing articles myself, but to my surprise I couldn’t find any function within the site to submit user content. This is a bit of a bummer; why isn’t this integrated into the site already? I know, Thrik can probably help me via PM to get things published. I just found it weird this isn’t integrated. So anyway, anyone else want more Features? Discuss! (Oh, and the Wolfenstein article’s comment section is filled with spam. Comments miss a Report button…)
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    Prometheus was a disappointment on many levels for me. As it turns out, a lot of the stupid nonsense made more sense in the original script, before Damon Lindelof (of Lost fame) fucked it up. I still would've liked a different take on the space jockeys, but I can definitely see how the changes to the script ruined the execution.
  21. Say hello to the New Year, same as the Old Year
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    procedural FPS

    Will Bramta bring us anything for Christmas?
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    It's a movie about some dude who goes to some planet, and then he's like, captured by the natives, and he learns that they're the good guys so he betrays his former allies. And we all know the hero will win in this one too, lol. Also, I can never take bad-guy/badass Morgan Freeman seriously
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