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    I'm starting at DICE on Tuesday
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    My first thought when visiting the site was that it was hard to read the category titles. I would have the font changed. Some of the text overlaps as well. The "y" in fantasy overlaps part of the word environment, same with the "p" in workshop.

    I believe this was mentioned in some other portfolio critiques as well, but you should show some of your models in a game engine. This shows you know the pipeline of chosen engine, which is very important.

    Id make your email on the bottom right a link, just so its easier for people. The less work people have to do the better.

    I currently have your website opened in a tab which im sure many people will also do. All i see is "Neil, Jones, Neil Jones..."
    I would consider changing this, something like "Neil Jones Environment Artist." Of course that might not really fit in the limited space of a tab so you might have to consider another title or get creative with it.

    Other then that the layout and design is simple which is nice. Your title and your name is clear and present on all pages.

    Hopefully this helps a bit.
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