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  1. I'm really glad to see the positive news about this. Probably going to pick it up this weekend. Was super tempted to watch a couple of streams on twitch because I was curious to see some more, but decided against it so I didn't spoil any cool moments.
  2. I'll be there, arriving via TrainJam. Should be a good time!
  3. Looks pretty neat, would love to play it with some people. Do we have a community playtest server for UT on Mapcore?
  4. Just finished my first day as Engine QA at Epic Games!
  5. That's a serious case of pink eye. On a more serious note, I'm curious to see what Arkane does with this. Didn't really care for the trailer though. I just can't help but think of HumanHeads bounty hunter trailer.
  6. Good stuff, thank you for sharing!
  7. Czoolz


    Looking good, curious to see what the second trailer will cover.
  8. Just got an invite to play for the next upcoming test! Really excited to check this out
  9. Absolutely loved watching Mr. Robot. Glad to see a bunch of people posting about it here. Great show! Just finished Jessica Jones recently. It was enjoyable and really dark. I tend to enjoy dark shows, so it was enjoyable. Some things in the show bothered me a bit, but still a show I'd recommend.
  10. I'm excited for it! Looks good! So many big studios giving a shot at this "FPS Moba" genre these days. I'll be curious to see who comes out on top.
  11. Just finished playing through all of the episodes over this past week. Really enjoyed this game! It's nice to play this game and just relax. I'm so used to playing stressful competitive style games, this is a nice change of pace. I was constantly thinking about how the game would end/wrap up over and over again. But was rather surprised that only a few of my theories actually came true. For 20 american dollars I can't complain. Oh and I've been listening to several of the songs from this game for the past week. Really enjoyed the music too!
  12. I must admit I'm a bit concerned about this game. Seems like its been in development for a long long time now. Haven't heard much news about it either. :/ Just got to get in the alpha and im sure I'll be less concerned.
  13. Really enjoyed this talk, both in person and watching the video again. Great job guys!
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