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  1. Okay, just updated with: -Fixed collision -Splat-plane to kill player if jumping off building (tsk tsk) -Less obnoxious credits/branding (required for the demo) Webplayer: http://bit.ly/10rJVb9
  2. It's a cool little demo and the layout is neat Thanks! but I feel like visually it suffers a little bit if you're looking at it from a functional standpoint. Particularly I'm talking about the crates, they don't make me feel like I'm near a helipad (or a rooftop, for that matter). Ventilation equipment, rails for a window washing platform...surely there are better things which belong on a roof than crates! Unfortunately (as you guessed), those crates are all I had to work with for detail meshes in this map, ha. Various reasons, mainly being it'll be distributed to many in full sou
  3. sixbyseven


    (okay, so I made up the "PB" prefix, but it feels necessary in this forum ...) Hi folks! I'd like to share my first finished map in a loooong time. Amazingly had the willpower to stick with it and go all the way! That doesn't happen often. Probably only because I absolutely had to finish this for a multiplayer demo map (UFPS and Photon Networking). Also, the simple, old-school geo was a lot of fun to build. Stickin' to that grid, only 90 and 45 degree angles, really satisfies my OCD needs, ha. The entire map took about...5 total days, 8-12 hours a day, I think. Over about a month of o
  4. Just the environment, and then build out a webplayer so others can give it a try. If anyone needs help on that, just let me know!
  5. Hi again Mapcore-ians! I'd love to catch your creative interest in a new "Mapping Contest" I am holding, once again. The theme this time is "Classic Horror" and ought to be lots of fun! Don't Panic! If you are used to mapping with Hammer, Quake or Unreal, using ProBuilder/Prototype in Unity will feel right at home, I promise. I know many users here are not Unity users, but I would love to see your awesome-laser focused on this contest. Having lurked about these forums for a long time now, and constantly being impressed by what everyone is creating, I would be honored to have you give
  6. Oh, I see! Hmm, I'll try to find time for that, sorry about that- I should have added a GUI for customizing the controls. Well, as just an early demo, not much time for that sort of thing
  7. Hi everyone! Recently, I asked the PB community "What would make a good tutorial series?" Re-creating the iconic "E1M1" level from DOOM was top of the list, and hadn't been done yet (in Unity), so I dived in and started working! Building up the level was a great experience for me, learned quite a bit myself and had a fun time. I really hope the end result is something everyone can enjoy- especially those with the same nostalgia Building and playing this brought back great memories of sitting at the old "486" with that clunky keyboard, and no mouse... Webplayer: HD or Pixel-icious!
  8. Hi everyone! Thanks to the recent holiday rush on ProBuilder, I'm finally in a position to throw the dice and hire on some dedicated part-time help! Coming straight to the MapCore community, since I've seen so much talent and (more importantly) self-motivation here. To pre-summarize, I need someone to create fun, exciting, inspiring visuals, anything you like at all, using my tool "ProBuilder". Then, use the awesome content you create to spread the word and build awareness of what is possible with the tool, how easy/fun/powerful it is, etc. (If you don't already know ProBuilder- it's d
  9. (I don't want to be spammy so keeping it short- just so excited to have this finally out there, can't hold it back!) ProBuilder v2.2 has been a MAJOR project, but we are super, SUPER excited to finally announce it is now LIVE and ready for all! Perfect timing, as the Unity Asset Store is featuring it at 50% off in today’s 24 Hour Sale! (http://bit.ly/10TBjYR) ProBuilder v2.2 includes Full Source, the Extrude function, Edges, Bridging, Collapse Verts, and so much more, it’s become an incredibly more powerful tool. Check out the (sorry, rather lengthy) “Intro Video” at the link below- I’m off
  10. Should it be of interest, allow me to froodulate your frontal lobes with this fine funky tank: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bf_BMGveGI
  11. Yep, no worries- Prototype is just a "stepping stone" to ProBuilder. In fact, ProBuilder is about to get extremely awesome...more on that soon!
  12. Thanks iwxanthi! I really hope this new tool at $15 (vs $100 for PB) will open up good 'ol level design to everyone in Unity. Super fun to use, I find myself just buildiing away, and colorizing is great
  13. Hi again all! It's been a long time since I last posted here, very excited to show my newly-launched, Hammer-inspired, level design tool "Prototype". We've added some fancy new items like Extrusion and Face/Vertex coloring, edge selection, and other nifty bits (if you've been following Prototype's big brother, "ProBuilder"). But mostly, the workflow has been streamlined, simplified, and geared toward building test levels, prototypes (see that?), and even game props/etc. Oh, and it's dirt cheap, so everyone can use it! I've pasted the text from the Unity Forum post here, and now I need to
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