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  1. Thanks! @SotaPoika You can get all the screenshots at a higher resolution here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/orihaus/.
  2. Wrapping up 3 of the locations now, any suggestions on what to try next?
  3. In other news, hexagons are cool: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant's_Causeway.
  4. Time for a new color scheme. Also, site launched! http://www.noctuelles.info/AEON
  5. Oh, sorry! Forgot to mention that you can get 1080p versions here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/orihaus/. I had them lowres here as I love Flickrs downscaling system.
  6. orihaus

    procedural FPS

    Time To Crate = potentially infinite due to the procedural design? I think you have objectively the best game ever created here!
  7. Thanks! Some standard screenshots this time: And as you can see, I'm having some issues with the cloud textures on the water. Not sure how to fix them, any ideas?
  8. Yes, and yes! If you'll look closely you'll notice that it's on an ocean. Still working out details for the setting, but it's looking to be set on an sea of coolant/fuel/water for a massive fusion reactor in the heart of a megastructure generation ship. Looking for ways to suggest that visually!
  9. Uploaded a sort of motion screenshot to Youtube: Fullscreen and 1080p recommended! Anything you think needs improving?
  10. All the versions I've used require you to log in on launch of both the stand alone client and editor. Unless there is a way to remove that, It's really impractical to ask all players to create Crytech developer accounts! And thanks!
  11. Thanks! And right now it's just me working on this! And no, this is Unity. I'd love to use Cryengine 3, but the free SDK is still locked, so I wouldn't be able to release. I also love how flexible the Unity modelling pipeline is, compared to CE3. And yea, there is a little bit of diffuse on a few materials, to give some depth.
  12. Hi everyone, Here are some screenshots of a game I'm working on, currently in very early embryonic stage of development. Right now I'm setting up the world design and architecture for what may end up as a Amnesia style non-combat Science Fiction horror game. Name is very likely to change. Would love professional feedback and criticism of the environment design and modelling! I should note that for the textures, I'm using PhilipK's excellent PK series: http://www.mapcore.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=15428. More screenshots here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/orihaus/.
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