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  1. Suddenly, laser rain from all directions! Also CWardee I remember that map. The lighting looks greatly improved since last time I saw it! I reworked an area into a vista moment:
  2. Right. Added stripey stripes on the gun for dat extra hazard. By the way, I seem to have forgotten to link o the latest update on moddb, so be sure to check it if you haven't: http://www.moddb.com/mods/repercussions-mod/articles
  3. I am everywhere. I am the air you breathe. I am the wind you feel. I am.
  4. It's a video again I'm sorry: (Never liked that pillar anyway)
  5. Have an update coming soon,including this new scene I've worked on the recent weeks:
  6. Posted from phone, will add some asap. Didn't know it's screenshots only
  7. Video of my funicular in action : Screenshots:
  8. Yeah, I just had a small break. Been playing Metro : Last Light and gave me tons of inspiration which I used for the diagonal elevator shaft's design.
  9. It indeed looks very sexy, and pretty much nailed the arctic research base from the movie! I've been getting back to mapping for my mod again, done this over the weekend:
  10. Ever wondered what portals looked like in the seventi-WONDER NO MORE THIS IS HOW
  11. I'm not quite sure how to interpret this.
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