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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I think the fact that you can suddenly put snow everywhere sort of illustrates the problem. You haven't committed to a geographic location for your map, and as a result all of the geometry feels sort of pointless and lacking in identity.
    I do think its well made geometry, though, which leads me to believe that if you can find a geographic location and only use props which are appropriate there, and tailor everything to that, you will have more success.
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    iwxanthi reacted to Thrik in Aww yisss. My mapcore shit came.   
    Shieeeeet. Took a while, but I guess it is made on demand.

    To address a question I've had a few times: other currencies as a buying option isn't possible right now due to SpreadShirt's 'one currency per store' set-up. I've been giving the store a couple of weeks or so to make sure everything goes OK (so another vendor can be used if there are problems), and intend to create a version of the store in Euros and possibly USD too. This might also speed up delivery as I believe they're produced in different places depending on the currency. More products will be added at the same time.
    Thank you very much for the support so far, 15 sales apparently which is great! It makes me warm and fuzzy to know there are a whole bunch of you out there with MapCore gear.
    Oh shit, wouldn't be complete without a Vine. :cool:

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    iwxanthi reacted to dkm in Wolfenstein Returns?   
    Latest trailer!

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    iwxanthi reacted to AlexM in MapCore Job Census   
    I start my first job in the AAA games industry Monday at United Front Games. So excited and so nervous. 
    Edit : It's so awesome that studying up for this job involves playing sleeping dogs, modnation racers and tomb raider
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    iwxanthi reacted to PogoP in The random model thread!   
    This really is nothing spectacular, but I have been messing aroud with incorporating Ndo2 into my workflow, and I've gotta say, it's much more powerful than I thought it was. Modelled this basic model in Max and did most of the normal map detail in PS. Gonna try and use it more from now on. Gonna be messing around with Ddo next I think

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    iwxanthi reacted to cincinnati in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    this is a shot from the map i scheduled for testing on the 15th.
    it's a recently renovated port of a source map that is set in a recently renovated metro station.

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    iwxanthi reacted to El Moroes in Source 2 demo with a re-do scene from HL2   
    Hey guys, here is a in-engine rendering of what we'll have with Source 2   I let you appreciate it.     I can't wait !
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    iwxanthi reacted to Guillaume201 in Importer Hub for CRYENGINE   
    Hello everyone, I'm new here!

    I would like to introduce a new tool especially designed for all the artists working on CRYENGINE that I have created recently.

    This tool is an easy-to-use texture and mesh importer that allow to improve dramatically the asset pipeline for CRYENGINE.

    Direct download - v0.4 - All releases

    Key features
    Import files with a simple drag and drop
    Import textures from the clipboard
    Specify a custom output folder
    Custom links allowing the launch of exe, files, folders and web pages with command line arguments
    Settings stored after the application close
    Multiple file import

    Before installing the program, be sure to use a 64 bits version of Windows with the .NET Framework 4.5 and the Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 installed. Once downloaded, extract all files in one place.

    Also, be sure to have set your CRYENGINE build path in the Settings Manager. You can find more informations in the official documentation here: http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC3/Settings+Manager

    Note that the Magick.NET-x64.dll file is only required for the conversion of PSD and TGA textures. This means that you can run the program without this dll if you don't need the support of those extensions.

    Assets import
    With this tool you can import your files with a simple drag and drop on the application or by selecting them in your folders.
    You can also import your textures from the clipboard, simple as a copy and paste!

    Technically, this tool converts the textures in an understandable format for the Resource Compiler and opens the CryTif interface without Photoshop or any additional software.
    For meshes, the files are directly sent to the Resource Compiler so they share the same limitations. That works great for static meshes in fbx.

    The Resource Compiler used is the one defined by the Crytek's Settings Manager tool.

    By default, the files are stored in the same directory than the input file. However, you can set a custom output folder affecting all the imported files!
    For the textures provided by the clipboard, a dialog box lets you choose the filename and the output folder.

    Custom links
    Not exactly related to the asset pipeline, this tool allow you to define up to six links available directly in the interface.

    For each link, you can define its title, its target path and some command line arguments.
    This links can be used to open or execute every files, folders and web pages!
    Also, you can use the [sDK_FOLDER] variable for retrieve the SDK path defined by the Crytek's Settings Manager.

    Supported files
    Textures: jpg, tga, psd, png, bmp, tif
    Meshes: fbx, dae

    License and source code
    The Importer Hub for CRYENGINE is free for any use and open source under Creative Common license (CC BY 4.0).
    In short, you are free to do whatever you want as long as you leave the credits.

    This tool uses the Crytek's Resource Compiler and the Magick.NET library with the following license: http://magick.codeplex.com/license

    You can access to the full source code on GitHub here: https://github.com/Guillaume201/Importer-Hub-for-CRYENGINE

    Do not use spaces or non-ascii characters in the filenames and paths of your meshes and textures, the Resource Compiler don't support them.

    I hope you will find this tool useful and don't hesitate to give me your feedbacks
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    iwxanthi reacted to Rick_D in designers / devs: important skills you can't learn from tutorials?   
    1) self-reliance and problem solving as a first step - educate yourself to help yourself in the future. the internet has so many resources freely available that people should never need to ask a poorly worded question on a forum ever again.
    2) that said, asking others for help shouldn't be seen as a failure, the input you get from your peers is invaluable, and fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing is vital to any endeavor.
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    iwxanthi reacted to Fuzyhead in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    Just found some screens from my second UDK project I worked on during my time at university (Rocks and plants are from other persons).


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    iwxanthi reacted to spence in designers / devs: important skills you can't learn from tutorials?   
    I don't know if this is really applicable and I don't know if it's even something that can be taught, but I think fostering a sense of self-discipline and self-motivation is something lacking in education. Having recently started going back to university to complete a degree it feels like a lot of fellow students I meet that want to break into games development think that they can get there without any sort of extracurricular practice or development and I don't find many sources that reiterate that it requires a lot of work and self-motivation to bring projects to completion, especially if one finds themselves working with a small development team or on a particularly ambitious project. I think this really applies to every aspect of life and education and not just game development, but it's really relevant here because of the scale and complexity of game development projects nowadays.

    Regarding concrete teaching I agree with what you have mentioned above. However I don't think sketching is necessary for everyone because I think some folks have an easier time getting their ideas out in a software package than they do on paper, and this can help with understanding the end product, how all the pieces will fit together, and any potential complications early on. For some people I can imagine sketching works better, though. Whatever is fastest and helps get the ideas down quickly and early is the key, IMO. 

    Regarding finding inspiration, and what helps with making things. Students should be encouraged to keep a journal/scrapbook (digital or otherwise) of ideas or things they find interesting, inspirational, whatever. If something seems really super awesome and really inspirational but the purpose isn't readily apparent, it's better to squirrel it away for reference and make a decision on its usefulness later, than to forget about it entirely. Encouraging ancillary creative activities is also useful because if you eat, sleep, and breathe making games, things can get a bit stale after a while, and doing a different creative activity for a while (I find, at least) often sparks new ideas and renewed motivation. Plus by doing other creative things you build up skills in something else while having fun. 

    I'm sure a lot of this is really obvious. I feel really strongly about my first point though and I think schools would be producing graduates of not only a higher quality, but also better suited to the workforce they wish to enter, if they were to foster this sort of attitude early on. 
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    iwxanthi reacted to spence in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I've been working on an airport map for a while, but haven't been happy with the way it's been playing. I wanted to make use of the plane asset, though, because it's been really fun to build and work with, so I built a hangar to house it yesterday and did some more work on it this afternoon. Early days, though. 

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    iwxanthi reacted to Steppenwolf in Facebook eats at the Occulus Rift, leaves $2b tip   
    You gotta be fucking kidding me. As i see it VR will be something very sensitive to privacy. Ther's a camera involved, ppl gonna watch porn etc. I don't want that shit connected to FB and the NSA! And i don't want ads in my view or whatever crap they come up with. Way to hurt VR hype in its still fragile infancy!
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    iwxanthi reacted to Squad in [CS:GO]de_zoo   
    Yup, animal sounds will definately be in to help creating atmosphere!
    Bulletproof bushes have been fixed now, might still need some finetuning, but I'll see after next playtest.
    Some aquariums have a few fishes in them at the moment (func_fishpool), but it seems they sometimes get buggy when playing online (fishes swimming out of the aquarium). Custom animated fish/animals would really be awesome
    Definately! If there's a dedicated artist out there that is willing to help out, don't hesitate to contact me
    True, just wanted to make a map in a more modern setting after Ali
    Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions!
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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in Game development team needed...   
    Reply to this topic
    Be aware that this topic is locked. You have permission to reply to locked topics.
    ...and I'm loving it.
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    iwxanthi reacted to General Vivi in Game development team needed...   
    I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread so this guys ideas don't get stolen.
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    iwxanthi got a reaction from Squad in [CS:GO]de_zoo   
    Looks really nice. Though giving it an abandoned style might work better because of the missing animals.
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    iwxanthi reacted to knj in DE: HR - Dr Megan Reed's Office   
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    iwxanthi reacted to Skacky in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    I found some pics of maps that never saw the light of day. They're all long gone now. :<











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    iwxanthi got a reaction from ChA1NsAw in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    Where can I sign the petition to get 747 remake released?
    Anyway here some of my stuff:
    Mountainbase, was going to be a DLC map for Nuclear Dawn. Though I never finished it, due switching projects. Few weeks ago I released the VMF to the community, so it might see the light of day in some form.

    Downtown night version. The idea was to have a more interesting Splashscreen in ND. So I took a slice of the original Downtown level and made it into a night version. However it causes so many bugs on lower end machines. That we decided to remove it only a few weeks after it was published.

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    iwxanthi reacted to shawnolson in Wall Worm Sky Writer - Making HDR skies for Source in 3ds   
    I've got a new tool out: Sky Writer - Render your 3ds Max scene straight into Source as an HDR sky.

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    iwxanthi got a reaction from FMPONE in DE_CROWN wip by FMPONE and Volcano   
    Can't freaking wait. Nice work
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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in DE_CROWN wip by FMPONE and Volcano   
    Hey guys
    SO been keeping a little secret for 9 months or so. Here's an article in PC GAMER about it, with a couple of screenshots. 
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    iwxanthi reacted to Rick_D in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    nobody makes maps for the money, they do it for the love of the game and the craft. anyone who does it otherwise is a hollow shell of a sellout.
    brb just need to pump some more gas into my Maserati.
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    iwxanthi reacted to Jord in Axis Game Factory - £3.59 @ Bundle Stars   
    Thought this would be useful for a lot of people. Bundle Stars currently has Axis Game Factory included in it's latest bundle for £3.59. Seems like a great price for what you get in the bundle or even for Axis alone. £15 on steam usually. After checking I think this is just the standard version, not premium (£60 version).

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