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    iwxanthi reacted to Pampers in Doom WIP pictures   
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    iwxanthi reacted to Puddy in What's going on with your life?   
    Ouch guys, this is some nasty stuff I'm hearing. Mapcore is here for you!
    Me? I'm actually doing much better than a few months ago. After having repeated migraines on/off since the surgery, things are finally starting to even out. Haven't had a migraine in 2 weeks or so. I can finally focus on computer screens consistently (without migraines). Furthermore, I'm also getting used to my fairly strong heart medication. I go out for a 30 minute walk every morning. I have started to eat a bit more healthily. After being tired and weary for so long I feel happy and hopeful. Summer is around the corner too!
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    iwxanthi reacted to PogoP in The random model thread!   
    Nice one guys!
    PsychicKitten, I think the scale is a bit off on that lamp. Something about it just looks quite small and that would be hard to see in a game. Maybe try increasing the chunkiness of those support rings.
    Been working on this too much, I need a break! It's been good fun learning some proper PBR though. You have to completely change the way you think when texturing, and gets rid of a lot of hacky old techniques. Takes the tediousness out of texturing, but it's much harder to get materials perfect.


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    iwxanthi reacted to spence in Textures / Materials reference Thread   
    Here are a handful of older material images from my archives. 
    Weathered metal panel wall

    Worn old pipe from a factory and wet, rain-soaked pipes from an abandoned quarry



    Glossy paint spec/reflection

    Shiny metal sheet panels (somewhat warped)

    Marble, glossy

    Space shuttle fabric(?) panels


    Cracked rubber (tire)

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    iwxanthi reacted to [HP] in Watch Dogs   
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    iwxanthi reacted to Hourences in Unreal Engine 4   
    I have just released The Solus Project!
    Learn Unreal Engine 4 by using the content from Solus, and the things I've learned from working in UE4 for a year, and having worked on three commercial UE4 projects so far.


    Solus Overview - Part 1 to 3

    Solus Example Project
    My folder structure and naming conventions Some all purpose meshes and textures. Over a dozen of my Light IES Textures A Material Function Library with 20′ish material setups I use often. Some of my material setups My entire day and night alien sky system (!) – No weather is included in it though. The Blueprints for the player and various other key parts. Some of my sounds, effects, and so on.  
    The Solus Project in-depth preview

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    iwxanthi reacted to cashed in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    iwxanthi reacted to 2d-chris in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    made a wisp creature for a little personal project I've started

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    iwxanthi reacted to AyzOn in The random model thread!   
    Started throwing some colors on my M4 and went for a Tacticool look.:

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    iwxanthi reacted to Skjalg in Doom WIP pictures   
    Heres a link to some cool pictures from the development:
    One thing that struck my eye was a picture of Romero working on E1M7 

    Look at the editor.. looks so familiar lol
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    iwxanthi reacted to Jonny Phive in The random model thread!   
    Managed to get it working in Hammer! woo!

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    iwxanthi reacted to Jonny Phive in The random model thread!   
    Been trying to push myself to learn max recently, so after learning a lot this week (thanks to steppenwolf, xanthi and others) made my first prop! This is for a Source project. Modular arches + pillars. Now just to get it in-game!

    (shown with permission)
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    iwxanthi reacted to Squad in [CS:GO]de_zoo   
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    iwxanthi reacted to VRdepth in We are trying our best and need your help!   
    Greetings gamers, makers and technologist,
    This is Sky from Depth VR. For those of you who are not familiar with us, we are a Virtual Reality hardware team based out of Beijing.(We have absolutely nothing to do with Oculus-Rift !). We respect what other teams have accomplished but we are bringing new ideas and designs to the VR hardware world.

    We are reaching out to you today because we built our devices with you in mind and we want get inputs / feedback from you.
    Our device is a display-attached device , an optical tracking device attached to the top of the screen . It tracks your head position, according to the relationship between your eyes and the screen, the 3D effects will be done with subtle adjustments , so you will feel like that you are looking at a Real Object instead of a flat image .
    Here is What it is looks like :
    And the device itself looks like this :

    The device connects to your computer via a USB cable. You can very easily make your game showing this effect by applying our SDK in your applications. We will release specific development steps in the near future on our facebook page, and it's really simple, please be on the lookout for more exciting updates from DepthVR!
    Our SDK now supports multiple 3D-Engines :
    1.    Unity
    2.    Ogre
    3.    Opengl & Direct3D
    4.    Unreal Engine (under development…)
    5.    Other popular engines will be supported SOON !
    We are starting a kickstarter campaign soon and would love to hear back from you. You can get the latest info here :

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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in Aww yisss. My mapcore shit came.   
    i was too lazy to get up and model but i photoshopped zoolander hair on my big bald head, hope this counts

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    iwxanthi reacted to Vilham in Unreal Engine 4   
    Because everything looks fucking wet, seriously that is some shit material work.
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    iwxanthi reacted to El Moroes in [CS:GO] Tulip   
    I agree with PogoP. 
    I did a quick run on it and it was what I was thinking.  The thematic is good and it's really cool to see a new setting in the game, especially an European city (is it Bruges ? Rotterdam ? Well, it's a Flemish city and it's cool and fresh). Now, you have a good base to start increasing the quality of your level (brushwork, textures, details,...).   For the historic part of the map, you could check some famous Flemish painter like Cornelis Springer to find inspiration for some textures / details or what you want...     But...it seems that you are in Netherlands so you just have to check at your windows to find what you want ^^     Oh, and your map make me think of old cs1.6 de_deadlock map from 3D-Mike (still him ^^). This map had some models for what you did in a street ^^   
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    iwxanthi reacted to catfood in [CS:GO] Tulip   
    Hey guys, I want to show you the map I have been working on for the last four months.









    This is a stable version altough there are still some rough edges that need polishing.
    If you want to give it a spin or rate the map here's a link to the workshop:
    Let me know what you think!
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    iwxanthi reacted to 'RZL in [CS:GO] Bagra   
    Skybex and I have just updated Bagra with some major visual improvements as well as some greater and smaller layout tweaks.
    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=211764046
    Then and Now Comparison between the last two versions: http://imgur.com/a/8P1bH#0
    Greatly improved architecture and visuals overall Various bigger and smaller gameplay tweaks Bombsites got reworked with improved cover Van at CT mid has been moved to act more like a wall Lighting and readability got improved, making it more easy to spot enemies  

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    iwxanthi reacted to knj in What have you watched recently?   
    Got some time for the House of Cards season 2, good stuff
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    iwxanthi reacted to OrnateBaboon in [CS:GO] de_piazza (WIP)   
    Going to call this first pass now, so a good time to start a thread. Map is rough, but solid enough to be played. Upped the sun and snow versions to the workshop to see what kind of feedback is given on the themes.I was pushing for the CEVO Banana competition, but I don't think I will have a strong enough build ready for it. Going to try though. Same images from WIP thread.




    To do:

    -> Update layout overview.
    -> Performace improvements - this is also first pass atm.
    -> Proper lighting and clipping pass.
    -> Sort out fog and post process.
    -> Second pass on all areas.
    -> Clean up corners.
    -> More smoke opportunities by breaking some buildings/castle walls.
    -> Add T "buffer" areas to deter CT rushes.
    -> Replace temp buildings.
    -> More callouts.
    -> Add more unique visual stuff, and remove a lot of the buildings from the outer parts of the map.
    -> Replace them with rocks, trees, a beach 3d sky buildings etc.
    -> Make the primary ramp rotation from B to A more interesting structure wise, as well as the CT and T spawns.
    -> Make the A site more interesting. Maybe a bridge of some sort to add a new element into the map.
    -> Replace a lot of the crates.
    -> Consider opening up the church tower again for an extra rotation/sniper area.
    -> Add/reopen extra sub routes if needed. B might need an extra T route - (need to spectate to see it - but it is on the left part of the "old" image) for a T split.
    -> Make map more intuitive.
    -> Fix the 50-50/T - Junction arches.
    -> More wallable spots.
    -> More comp viable.

    And lots more.

    I am particularly interested in feedback that will make the map structure more competitively viable/fun to play. New routes that could be opened up, and any potential boost spots worth be worth adding.
    Current overview.

    Older overview - can re add these routes if needed.

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    iwxanthi reacted to Jonny Phive in CS:GO Stickers   
    finished! and submitted to the workshop-- popped the workshop cherry lol

    Workshop Link
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    iwxanthi reacted to [HP] in Tip of the Day   
    Fuck man I had nightmares with that fucking clip
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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in [WIP] Half-Life 2: Dreaming   
    Hey guys! Mostly posting this so Mapcore can keep me on my feet and motivated even though I'm so tempted with CS stuff. It's a SP experience of course. I have about 5-10 minutes of gameplay ready, but I'm trying to go for a lot more. There isn't much story: it's you kicking ass or getting your ass kicked, that's it.





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    iwxanthi reacted to Setin in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Just finished the first part of my Portals Through Time series and tossed it up on the workshop. Only issue was I couldn't figure out how to get my custom test signs in
    there. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=248082406

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