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    iwxanthi reacted to Rick_D in Zoo Tycoon   
    prison architect: petz edition
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    iwxanthi reacted to knj in GTA V   
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    iwxanthi reacted to Rick_D in GTA V   
    why are they buying a little kid GTA, why not get him some guns and maybe a hunting knife
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    iwxanthi reacted to Mazy in GTA V   
    Gah, as if I don't want the game bad enough already. I gotta stop watching these.
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    iwxanthi reacted to knj in GTA V   
    soo true !
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    iwxanthi reacted to Rick_D in Splinter Cell: Blacklist   
    New gfx card and it runs pretty smooth now, i don't have to do stealth because it doesn't run like shit anymore. think i am going to restart it and fucking murder everybody.
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    iwxanthi got a reaction from Rick_D in CS_AGENCY   
    Up and running on the GC server:
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    iwxanthi reacted to Puddy in CS_AGENCY   
    It's time my brothers!  It's taken a while, but it's finally up on the workshop! Creds to Rick for all the amazing assets and art.
    Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=174668691&searchtext=

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    iwxanthi reacted to [HP] in GTA V   
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    iwxanthi reacted to Beck in GTA V   
    I loved GTA IV so I'm set.
    My body and soul and penis are ready.
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    iwxanthi reacted to knj in This is.. Japan World Cup 3   
    Just watch and . . . i don't know what

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    iwxanthi reacted to Beck in Breaking Bad   
    My mind has gone blank...

    Great episode though!

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    iwxanthi reacted to blackdog in What have you watched recently?   
    Now You See Me great pop-corn movie, very very entertaining   

    but as usual in this type of movie, the epilogue is a letdown.
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    iwxanthi reacted to Pampers in Battlefield 4   
    Levolution is the stuff I've been working on
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    iwxanthi reacted to Mazy in Battlefield 4   
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    iwxanthi reacted to Thrik in Battlefield 4   
    jesus fuck
    Forget everything I said earlier I'm ordering the premium package six times right now.
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    iwxanthi reacted to [HP] in [UDK] Yet another post apoc scene...   
    Hey mapcoreans! Posted this on Polycount, so I'm posting it here as well.   I haven't posted any personal work here for god knows how long, feels good to do it again! So, this is my first UDK scene, I've been meant to try this engine out for years (ever since the UT2k3 days) and now I finally had the will and time to do it, this engine if fucking awesome!   This scene started as a brain fart, following Snefer's DVD on eat3d, but I kept working on it for a few more weeks. I'm already planning my next scene, will keep ya all posted, can't wait!   Oh, and tomorrow I'll post some breakups and some WIP screenshots I have laying around.   Thanks!   [uDK] Post Apoc scene - cam 1 by HelderP, on Flickr   [uDK] Post Apoc scene - cam 2 by HelderP, on Flickr   [uDK] Post Apoc scene - cam 3 by HelderP, on Flickr
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    iwxanthi reacted to Thrik in Battlefield 4   
    I think the most exciting thing in that trailer for me is the tiny clip of China at the end full of lush, green vegetation and sweet-looking caves.
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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in LawBreakers   
    So I've done the world a fucking favor and analyzed what we know about this new game

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    iwxanthi reacted to The Horse Strangler in [CS:GO]de_blackgold   
    Designed as a tight, fast paced defuse map, BlackGold is set on top of an off shore oilrig. Take the role of Terrorists who have snuck on board and are planning to destroy the oil drill and crane, or Play as the Counter Terrorists flown in to stop the destruction of the Rig.









    Workshop Page
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    iwxanthi reacted to 2d-chris in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I see you took a screenshot from doom 3
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    iwxanthi reacted to selmitto in Crytek UK - Multiple Positions Available   
    Thanks for the extra motivation, guys! <3
    Ginger, I'm outside the EU. I'm from Brazil. But I'm willing to move away from here! I mean, relocating to work at Crytek would be more than a requirement for me. It'd be a pleasure 
    I'll do some updates on my CV and portfolio to include my latest works (being credited as Beta VIP on the game Monaco and currently developing the game Grasp, making clear that I'm currently involved in a game dev project). I had planned to update those after completing my game, but I should at least try to apply as a Designer at Crytek UK! 
    I hope The Almighty Hurg helps me with that 
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    iwxanthi reacted to [HP] in Evolution of gaming consoles   
    Not sure if it's worth it's own thread, but what the hell, I had a blast scrolling through this! Which ones did you own?
    (Source: http://www.onlinegamedesignschools.org/consoles/)

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    iwxanthi reacted to Evert in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I don't see why you wouldn't allow yourself more than 2 hours per scene though?
    Make a scene that is amazing on it's own and not amazing for being made in 2 hours
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    iwxanthi reacted to Thurnip in Blade Runner Sketchbook   
    I wasn't sure about where to post this, in cool pic topic, blade runner sequel topic (from 2011) or in 2d forums.
    So, i posted it here, maybe we can have some additions to this topic, with more concept from blade runner.
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